This morning – in a hearing on National Security before the Senate Intelligence committee – Democrats continued to push Russian interference in the 2016 elections by saying over and over again, they are actively working to undermine our Democracy.

To date – no evidence of this has surfaced and there hasn’t been any evidence about Russian collusion with President Trump either.

Here’s what we know so far in the ongoing soap opera of Russians “meddling” in our elections.

According to a variety of trails including the Nunes Memo, Washington Post, New York Times, Anon boards, Wikileaks and the constant contradiction of testimony and commentary the only group interfering in any elections are the Democrats.

Back when Democrats started pushing Crooked Hillary as their candidate, it was the Democrats who initiated opposition research against President Trump as most campaigns do when facing an opponent. When they did this, they – being the crooks that they […]

The Unmasking of Lieutenant Colonel Royston Potter

If you’ve ever watched a person identified as Royston Potter on YouTube and Twitter, you may have thought there was something really quirky about this guy. Many have wondered about the military service claims of Potter and tried to find out what’s this guy’s background and why does he say he’s some sort of top secret, in-the-know high level Lieutenant Colonel and if he is such, why such a freak out when Q, an Anon poster and B, his trusted conveyor of simplicity after they both used the term “DEFCON ” which sent Potter reeling over the edge of sanity?

This has been a puzzle for me ever since I was able to find an eye-witness to an event which happened at Langley concerning the CIA and Potter decided to try and discredit the report without vetting or asking a question of myself or anyone who works with me, including the eye-witness […]

BREAKING: 7 Mysterious Shipping Containers Being Tracked By SERT, QAnon Hints and Julian Assange

Yesterday, we saw a Twitter post which we’re trying to confirm right now and it’s a post originally done on Reddit by FBIAnon talking about 7 shipping containers being tracked through Canada.

According to the post, these containers are en route to the United States and the SEALS and SERT are tracking them. SERT stands for Special Emergency Response Team in case you didn’t know.

These containers are said to have weapons on board of massive power and apparently ISIS is behind this shipment.

We think that this was scrubbed by Reddit to deter people from finding out about this. This is what Dan Bongino was talking about earlier today when he said, we have trouble confirming information. He was talking about Iran but in the situation we’re in, it’s the same thing – we’re being blocked once we find out something because the information is either explosive and will get […]

EXPLOSIVE: Pedophile Ring Linked To Adrenochrome Drug Trafficking

I’ve been watching social media for a couple of days and noticed today the term “LOLITA EXPRESS” was trending on Twitter. I found that somewhat interesting since there’s been a lot of talk about sex scandals recently even in the main stream news.

About a year ago, I did a story on Pizzagate and some wanted to just push it to the side and say it’s ridiculous, however, since this is once again the topic of discussion, we’ve uncovered some more evidence pointing to the reality of child sex trafficking, abuse and murder which might put some of this in perspective if that term can even be used in this twisted depravity plaguing our government and the world.

Much of this story started out with the publishing of John Podesta’s emails by Wikileaks. The reason these are important is because Podesta was Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chairman during her failed attempt at taking […]


Donald Trump Exposes The Obstructionist Swamp Politicians

If the 2016 election didn’t show you people are sick and tired of career politicians, the last 6 months of President Trump exposing the obstructionists should have gotten your attention. Over and over again, voters have cast their ballots for the same old people wondering why nothing ever gets done in Washington, DC. With the short amount of time since the Inauguration in January, Democrats have vowed to obstruct anything and everything coming from Republicans. This is a given.

What isn’t a given is on the Republican side. These people are just as bad as the Democrats. Seriously? What’s the difference? Republicans say they want to work together. They also say they’re listening to the American people. In truth, they’re not doing either of these things.

Speaker Paul Ryan double talks everyone to death whenever he holds a Press Conference. He makes a bunch of promises, […]