This week has been a very heavy news week with the unsealed indictment in the Uranium One saga, Diane Fienstein committing a blatant crime, exposing the testimony about the fake Trump Dossier to compromise an investigation because her friends are being rounded up in groups, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and John McCain being the traitors we know they are, the Hawaiian Emergency Alert System going off, Assange posting a chessboard in conjunction with all the other checkmate postings, Q confirming our reports on the airports relating to the military operations which relates to to people running from their indictments and also the confirmation of the report we did back in November in regards to the Las Vegas shooting and Steven Paddock’s involvement as a gun runner.

So let’s just start at the beginning here and see if we can just touch on these things and make some sense out […]

The Unmasking of Lieutenant Colonel Royston Potter

If you’ve ever watched a person identified as Royston Potter on YouTube and Twitter, you may have thought there was something really quirky about this guy. Many have wondered about the military service claims of Potter and tried to find out what’s this guy’s background and why does he say he’s some sort of top secret, in-the-know high level Lieutenant Colonel and if he is such, why such a freak out when Q, an Anon poster and B, his trusted conveyor of simplicity after they both used the term “DEFCON ” which sent Potter reeling over the edge of sanity?

This has been a puzzle for me ever since I was able to find an eye-witness to an event which happened at Langley concerning the CIA and Potter decided to try and discredit the report without vetting or asking a question of myself or anyone who works with me, including the eye-witness […]

BREAKING: 7 Mysterious Shipping Containers Being Tracked By SERT, QAnon Hints and Julian Assange

Yesterday, we saw a Twitter post which we’re trying to confirm right now and it’s a post originally done on Reddit by FBIAnon talking about 7 shipping containers being tracked through Canada.

According to the post, these containers are en route to the United States and the SEALS and SERT are tracking them. SERT stands for Special Emergency Response Team in case you didn’t know.

These containers are said to have weapons on board of massive power and apparently ISIS is behind this shipment.

We think that this was scrubbed by Reddit to deter people from finding out about this. This is what Dan Bongino was talking about earlier today when he said, we have trouble confirming information. He was talking about Iran but in the situation we’re in, it’s the same thing – we’re being blocked once we find out something because the information is either explosive and will get […]


Interesting reports all week including one out today which says the United States has deployed troops worldwide with almost 10 thousand sealed indictments set to take down the Ka Zar E-An mob.

I’ll leave that link below for you to read.

This web is so tangled between the child sex trafficking, drug rings, Uranium One deal, the spread of ISIS, the pedo rings, false flags, bank scams and the recent deaths which some of you have been tracking including the mayor of San Francisco who dropped dead right after the Kate Stine-lee verdict.

Then there are the strange flight diversions from Canada and LAX. Mainstream media was reporting one flight to Tokyo was diverted back to LA as some sort of glitch and then later said that two people were using one boarding pass.

As a person who’s worked at the airport I can tell you there’s no way two people can use […]


The situation in the United States is getting more and more volatile as the Trump Administration exposes the Deep State and brings to light what some of us have known and reported on for years.

Thursday, President Trump issued a very important Executive Order which has to do with the Abuse and Human Trafficking going on in the world and those who are going to be targeted will have their assets frozen and confiscated.

Just by this one order, President Trump is putting a world of hurt on the Deep State and those who are deliberately trying to enslave Americans.

What is currently going on is a full force war on American soil and most Americans are completely unaware, going to their jobs every day, putting their children in indoctrination camps called “Public Schools” and “Christian Schools,” going to church on Sunday where they can listen to an indoctrinated Seminary Graduate interpret Scriptures […]