In the latest attempt to advocate for Gun Control, the Foundation Against Guns in Connecticut ended up actually promoting a very good reason for people to not only buy guns but learn how to use them.

Thinking they would scare people into not wanting guns, the ad shows two masked intruders coming through a sliding door with the words, “These men are breaking into your home to kill your daughter and rape your dog. Do you really think shooting them will change their plans? Guns are not the answer. Dial 911 and wait.”
I’d ask how these people can be this stupid not to understand their own ad, but by actually writing it and putting it out there, I think we’ve already gotten our answer.

Here’s my answer to their question, “do you really think shooting them will change their plans?”

Yes, I do think shooting them would change their plans. Two dead guys […]

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Today, Obama decided he was going to shove his “Gun Control” Executive Order down the throats of the American people. Not only did he shed a tear, he also lied when saying most Conservatives and gun owners agree, more extensive background checks are needed in order to stave off mass shootings.

What Obama failed to say was out of the “30,000” gun deaths which he spouted, most of those happen in black neighborhoods perpetrated by black gangs in retaliation for criminal activity. Instead, he appeared angry at anyone who would stand in his way.

Since being re-elected to the position of President of the United States, Obama has continued to mock, scoff and ridicule anyone who would oppose his ludicrous positions. In several speeches over 2015, Obama continued blaming guns, manufacturers and Conservatives for any and all violence related to guns.

However, over the past year, most of the gun violence in main […]

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