pedophile code chartTalk about crimes! Hillary Clinton has been a very busy criminal with ties to some of the darkest crimes any human being could even imagine. Mike Cernovich, independent investigative reporter, revealed yesterday the connection between Clinton, her husband, Anthony Weiner’s file found by FBI marked “Intimate XXX” and the seedy world of child sex trafficking that is making voters sick all across the United States.

With just four days before Election Day, more Wikileaks documents have uncovered a pedophile code used by multiple communications between John Podesta and others involved in what appears to be a child sex trafficking ring. As you read some of the questions and answers in the email threads, they seem strange until you decipher the code. For example, there’s a lot of references to “pizza” scattered throughout the emails.

They’ve also referred to Spirit Cooking, pizza, cheese, pasta, walnuts,  sauce, realtors, maps and more. These terms lead directly to occultism, sex with children and more disgusting, vile behaviors which are certainly far from anything we’d previously thought about Clinton’s involvement in corruption and criminal activity.

The emails on Wikileaks are so damning, main stream media is trying very hard to ignore this bombshell.

Here are a few of the emails:

“The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that could be pizza-related. Is it yorus? They can send it if you want.” – Susan Sandler

Podesta replies, “It’s mine, but not worth worrying about.”

Interpretation: The cleaner (fixer of evidence) found a handkerchief that has semen on it and could be related to a sex episode with a girl he had in the house.

Podesta Ped 3Another email talks about a “gift” received around Christmas time. It sounded very odd and cryptic until you get to the last line.

“Lo and behold, instead of pastas and wonderful sauces, it was a lovely, tempting assortment of cheeses. Yummy… Ps. Do you think I’ll do better playing dominos on cheese than on pasta?” – Herb

The last question was so absurd it doesn’t make any sense until you apply the code. Herb is asking Podesta if he thinks he’ll be able to dominate a little girl (cheese) or little boy (pasta). This is disgusting to say the very least.

For those who don’t understand who Podesta is, he’s Clinton’s campaign chairman and he’s got close ties to the White House and Obama. He was the Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton and a Counselor to Obama.

The Spirit Cooking dinner is just another aspect of this sick world Clinton’s campaign chair is involved in. Wikileaks email has a communication between Podesta and Spirit Cooking “artist, Marina Abramovic. It says:

“I am so looking forward to our Spirit Cooking dinner at my place.” – Marina Abramovic

With the close relationship Bill Clinton has with convicted billionaire pedophile Jeffery Epstein and the ties above, it’s getting to the point where this twisted crime ring is one of the most disgusting, filthy, vile groups of people ever to be in the government of the United States.

Spirit Dinner Wikileaks 1Here’s Hillary’s circle of friends:

John Podesta – involved in pedophilia, occultism and manipulating government policies including rigging elections, money laundering and foreign money contributions to a political campaign and so many other crimes they can’t be listed here.

Jeffery Epstein – convicted billionaire pedophile

Qatari Prince Hamid bin Abdal Sani – convicted of pedophilia involving 16 under age girls. Qatar is where Hillary has invested in the Qatar-Turkey Pipeline. They gave Bill Clinton a $1M dollar check as a “birthday” present for a 5 minute meeting. See chart below.

Anthony Weiner – under investigation for “sexting” a 15 year old, also admitted to “sexting” multiple women

Huma Abedin – connected to the Muslim Brotherhood

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz – accused of rigging Presidential nomination against Bernie Sanders

Donna Brazile – accused of giving Clinton debate questions prior to event

Laura Silsby – admitted kidnapper of Haitian children. Haiti is the largest child sex trafficking country and is in close relationship to the Bahamas where Epstein has his “private island.”

Clinton Sex Trafficking ConnectionThis is just the tip of the iceberg. Not only are all of these people key players in Clinton’s circle, they’ve covered-up the email dump pretending as if “dump” meant they’d make the emails public.

Clinton’s continual scandals are coming to a head with this connection to the sex ring and human trafficking for their own pleasure. It makes sense now as to why she’d want to be involved in Haiti. That’s where the kids are. Those children would never be missed, would never be tracked.

Bring in Weiner’s laptop with the file marked “Intimate XXX” containing photos, videos and more evidence of the Clinton involvement with the child sex abuse. Back this up with NYPD sources and Anonymous’ post about November 5th which is set to drop a huge bomb backing up the “XXX” files and it’s undeniable.

This is just one arm of the FBI investigation which is slated to take down the entire corrupt government including former Congressmen and Senators.

The web of deceit, corruption and crime woven by Clinton and her friends has taken a dark and sickening turn. My guess is she’ll do what she always does when faced with this kind of scandal. She’ll arrogantly laugh and pretend it never happened while screaming and hitting people behind the scenes.

Hopefully, all the whistle blowers involved will be safe and not be added to the Clinton Body Count list.

Videos below describe Spirit Cooking and the Clinton Pedophile Connection:

Spirit Cooking – Marina Abramovic

Steve Pieczenik – Former Dept of State official