James Comey 1In one of the biggest bombshells to rock the entire campaign of Hillary Clinton, New York Police Department (NYPD) Special Victims Unit (SVU) detectives and prosecutors investigating the laptop found in possession of former US Congressman Anthony Weiner have revealed one of the largest sting operations ever perpetrated by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI.) This is purely my opinion but I believe you’ll agree.

Approximately four days ago, leaks were beginning to be posted on Twitter from a “source” in the NYPD saying they, along with the FBI had conducted an elaborate sting to catch the Clinton’s and Attorney Loretta Lynch as well as others in their crimes. What was interesting about the tweet was it said agents had told Bill Clinton, Lynch was going to be in Arizona on June 27.


Baiting Clinton, knowing he wouldn’t be able to resist talking to Lynch giving her his “recommendation” for dealing with Hillary’s emails, Bill just happen to make sure he would be in Phoenix at the same time as Lynch.

A few days later, FBI Director James Comey made a very bizarre statement regarding Hillary’s private server which she ordered, used during her tenure as Secretary of State and then tried to scrub with Bleach Bit following a subpoena from the House Oversight Committee during the Benghazi Hearings.

On July 5, Comey laid out a very damaging case against Hillary which most thought would end in his recommendation to Lynch to indict her for her blatant disregard of the law concerning her private email server and protecting National Security. Conservatives and Republicans were astonished while Democrats breathed a sigh of relief when Comey said he would not indict Clinton, thinking the issue was dead.

Little did they know, this was just the beginning of the sting operation.

Since that time Wikileaks Julian Assange and his associates, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, Mike Cernovich, Guccifer and Guccifer 2.0 along with a variety of hackers and whistleblowers have been dropping one bomb after another on Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President and the end results have culminated to an extremely damaging file found on Weiner’s laptop as well as multiple allegations backed up with damaging documentation in video, audio, print and digital media.

During investigating Weiner for sexting a 15 year old girl, agents found a laptop which appears to be the missing computer Clinton’s lawyers and closest confidants said was missing from their evidence they were supposed to turn over to the FBI. They had indicated they’d moved several times and it had gotten “lost in the mail.”

The missing laptop seemed as if it was just another careless antic of Clinton. A few months later, in October, a laptop used by Weiner and Huma Abedin, his wife, turned up having over 650,000 emails from Huma’s cell phone. Indications and source confirmation point to this laptop as being where Clinton stashed her missing emails and made an archive. Abedin had told the FBI she didn’t have any other devices except the ones she had already turned over.

Twitter post about Soros, Benghazi, gun running, Clinton and Obama

Twitter post about Soros, Benghazi, gun running, Clinton and Obama

Obviously that was a lie. Weiner had the laptop. Within those files agents found another file labeled “Life Insurance.” Inside this file were three more files. One was labeled “DNC Nuclear Arsenal,” another labeled “Intimate XXX” and one more.

Inside the “Intimate XXX” folder was the mother-load of information revealing trips to the Bahamas aboard convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffery Epstein’s private jet to have sex with minors. It implicates Hillary, Bill, Huma, Anthony, several former Congressmen and a Democratic Senator in the ring including pictures of their sexual abuse of minors.

This information is so damaging, main stream media is not talking about it although they never hesitated one time to accuse Donald Trump, Hillary’s opponent in the Presidential race when Democrats made false claims of sexual misconduct.

Here’s what I suspect is going on here.

Comey knows the Clinton’s are one of the most corrupt couples on the planet. He knows about their gun running, money laundering, sex with minors, pay to play schemes and more. It’s well known amongst Washington DC politicians and journalists. He also knows both Barack Obama and Lynch are part of the entire dirty corruption which is running very deep, rooting itself to screw the American people.

He also knows Hillary Clinton and Obama had to allow Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi to be murdered by terrorists so they could continue gun running and funding ISIS because of the Qatar-Turkey Pipeline they’ve invested in. Stevens was about to blow the whistle on the entire gun running operation and it’s connection to the pipeline.

The only two countries standing in the way of the Clinton-Obama money are Russia and Syria. This is why Hillary is so hell-bent on putting Trump in the forefront of the Russian and Syrian opposition. She wants to hide what she’s actually doing. This is a normal tactic of Democrats. They blame others for the exact thing they’re doing.

Comey knows about the pay to play deals with the Clinton Foundation and after all of this corruption and destruction within the highest levels of the government, I believe he doesn’t want Clinton to be President because the devastation to the United States would be extremely grave. He’s no fool and he’s not weak.

Hector Morenco Twitter Feed about Qatar-Turkey Pipeline

Therefore, on July 5th, after pulling off a setup with Bill and Lynch, he had the perfect opportunity to put the entire process into the public eye. He did so by making the case for prosecution of Clinton and saying, but we’re not going to do anything about it. We’re letting her go. He also was very well aware Lynch had just said, she would take whatever he recommended although it was the wrong thing to do.

He caught them all red-handed in front of the American people and the only thing Democrats and the Clinton campaign could do was back track and double talk trying to give is a load of crap he was hoping we wouldn’t buy.

Letting the chips fall where they may, knowing he was going to get the grilling of his life, Comey went before the House Oversight Committee, answered the questions appropriately, gave himself a way to re-open the case and took the heat from all sides. He knew the trap was already set and he knew he was about to blow the lid off the entire corrupt system which has been plaguing our country for years and finally rid us of the Clinton Crime Syndicate forever, hopefully putting her and others in jail.

Again, Comey isn’t stupid. He was well aware there was more information about Clinton on Weiner’s laptop because the FBI and NYPD were working together on the sexting case. His agents, working closely with all the entities figured out Clinton’s missing laptop was the one in Weiner’s possession. Once the connection was made, it was easy to put together a sting to expose these crooks for who they really are, a menace to our society.

Although Comey has donated to the Clinton Foundation, it was years ago and he might have honestly thought they were legit. Many people have donated to them thinking they’re legit. How did they know the Clinton’s have been pocketing money forever and selling their influence all around the world.

benghazi-hillary-unfit-presidentSo, putting all the pieces together, from Benghazi and the four dead Americans, the growth of ISIS, the continual sexual scandals, the pay-to-play deals, the money laundering and gun running and every other crime under the sun, Comey linked it all.

He put himself on the line and his reputation to catch the biggest corruption ring in American history. Because he took the heat, because he wasn’t afraid of Lynch or the Clinton’s, he let many in his organization resign or complain, knowing this is for the greater good of the nation.

That being said, he’s put Lynch in a headlock. She’s even had to plead the 5th on the ransom money given to Iran for four hostages when Obama told the American people they’d given $400M in cash which turned out to be $150B in unmarked foreign cash flown to Iran in the middle of the night under cloak and dagger circumstances.

Lynch will have no choice but to indict Clinton this time.

Comey knew it wasn’t about the National Security emails which was extremely bad and against the law. It’s about the connection between the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Campaign, a pedophilia sex ring, funding terrorists in the Middle East, starting WWIII and much, much more. He is aware if he takes down these corrupt “leaders” who got to the top by lying, cheating, murder, stealing and corruption like we’ve never seen in this country, he helps save our country.

Although I once thought Comey was compromised by Lynch and the Clinton’s, I believe this sting was the plan all along.

You can follow the dots. You can trace the steps and it certainly makes Comey’s July 5th statement make a whole lot more sense.

That’s what I believe is going on here and in the coming months, we’ll see if that’s true.

The deep corruption cultivated by Hillary Clinton and her circle of crooks is astounding. More astounding than any corruption one could have imagined. I knew it was bad and I thought it was this bad. Unfortunately, I was right.


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