Rachel Maddow, the biggest laughing stock on TV as of March 14, 2017

Rachel Maddow, the biggest laughing stock on TV as of March 14, 2017

Leave it to MSNBC to make a mountain out of less than a mole hill. Their “host” (and I use that term loosely) Rachel Maddow, of The Rachel Maddow Show hyped a “report” which she was going to finally reveal the tax returns of President Donald Trump. Highly anticipated by hungry Democrats eager to find dirt on the President tuned in just to find out, Maddow had a great big “nothing burger” said several pundits after watching the Big Show, which equates to a face plant.

Not only did Maddow not have one thing to report which was new information, after showing two pieces of paper, which were supposed to be the 2005 tax returns of President Trump, she proceeded to say he paid $38 million dollars which was about 25% of his income. Furthering her push to expose the President, she continued by cluing the audience in about her legal right to publish the tax returns and pinch herself saying she is real, not fake.

MSNBC not paying taxes

MSNBC “stars” not paying their taxes. Right to left, top to bottom, Al Sharpton, Melissa Harris-Perry, Joy-Ann Reid and Touré Neblett. All of them have something in common. Care to guess what that is?

Maddow, being the crack “reporter” she is, failed to tell the audience the “tax returns” she was pushing were published March 17, 2016 in the Wall Street Journal with a big headline, “Donald Trump Got A Big Break On 2005 Taxes. (Wall Street Journal, March 17, 2016, Donald Trump Got A Big Break On 2005 Taxes) Whoops! Still today, Maddow hasn’t acknowledged this was already old news March 18, 2016. Nothing like having a breaking story from a year ago.

Trying to tie President Trump to the Russians, Maddow found nothing on the tax returns as she perused the documents but commented on a transaction which supposedly happened in 2005 on a piece of property he allegedly sold to a Russian official. Without any facts to back her up, Democrats will most likely take this and try to run with it although she received much criticism from the entire political spectrum via social media and on-air political commentary.

The premise of Maddow’s show on MSNBC seems to be trying to tie non-existent “alternative facts” through an invisible thread from Russia to President Trump. The only fact based tie he has had with Russia’s Putin is the one time during his campaign he was talking about the Democrats pushing “the Russians did it” hacking narrative basically saying, “while you’re hacking, can you find Hillary’s 33,000 deleted emails?” The joke went over the Democrat’s heads and for the past 8 months they’ve been bombarding us with this insanity.

Maddow pretends she’s all about exposing the truth and think it’s only fair everyone pay their share of taxes as she blabbers on about nothing for an hour daily. Really? Hmm, well let’s see now, does she really care about taxes or is she all about trashing President Trump?


Democrats gather to say “The Russians did it”

Furthering her denial of truth, this “ace reporter” failed to mention her colleagues at MSNBC who haven’t paid their taxes at all. This includes blowhard race baiter Al Sharpton who owes the IRS around $4.5 million, Melissa Harris-Perry and her hubby who owe around $70,000, “Touré  Neblett, co-host of “The Cycle” owes the IRS $59,000 and  Joy-Ann Reid, former anchor and regular contributor to the “Lien” Forward network, owes New York almost $5,000 in back taxes,” according to Brietbart. (Breitbart, April 22, 2015, Four MSNBC Do Not Pay Their Taxes) Interestingly, these four have something else in common which doesn’t escape the eye. Besides being Democrats, they’re all the same race. What does this say about 1) Democrats and their race and 2) race equals entitlement.

I’m still wondering why Wesley Snipes had to go spend 3 years in prison for tax evasion and Al Sharpton is still spewing a bunch of race baiting crap on MSNBC and isn’t heading off to do his time.

After trying to indoctrinate us with “the Russians did it” for so long, the Democrats have nothing else. Maddow is their little darling instigator and “fake news” pusher along with the rest of the cast from MSNBC and CNN. These two networks are the laughing stock of the journalism world of real reporters of which are few and far between.

President Trump rally in Michigan

President Trump rally in Michigan

Speaking of facts, there’s nothing pointing to any ties between President Trump, his administration and the Russians. If the Democrats wanted to be credible, you’d think they’d come up with something legit. Not something constantly proven false. In fact, I don’t know about you, but I think it’s a clown show over there and frankly, I’m getting really tired of turning on the TV and “the Russians did it” is on the commentary once again.

Every hour of main stream media has been devoted to “the Russians did it” and with people like this incredibly ridiculous idiot Maddow pushing fake news while denying they’re specifically trying to push a log chain of fake news at us, people who want to be informed are turning to citizen journalists to figure out the truth.

Thank God we’ve got a President who uses social media to tell us what he wants to say and hold rallies like the ones in Michigan and then in Tennessee today where he can speak directly to the people. The only way to weed out this continued Democrat swill is to look at the documents for ourselves and listen to the exact words coming out of his mouth. Other than that, there is no way to know the truth.

But thanks for a good laugh yesterday, Rach! You’ve done the impossible and topped Geraldo Rivera as the biggest loser still on TV!


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