The other day I said I was going to be doing a video on Monday. Couldn’t do that because I had a friend who was stuck up in a mountain about an hour and a half away. So – just an FYI, friends and family come first.

So let’s get into this. There’s a lot happening in the government right now including Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi trying to be obstructionists but as you can see, they’re doing it as lightly as possible and frankly, it’s all a smoke and mirrors last stand of some total idiots who will be out of office very soon.

We’ve gotten some interesting information about the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting. Just recently I was sent a video of a person who is talking about the real Anonymous, hacking the computers of the Las Vegas Police Department.

Normally, I don’t really pay much attention to […]

EXPLOSIVE: Pedophile Ring Linked To Adrenochrome Drug Trafficking

I’ve been watching social media for a couple of days and noticed today the term “LOLITA EXPRESS” was trending on Twitter. I found that somewhat interesting since there’s been a lot of talk about sex scandals recently even in the main stream news.

About a year ago, I did a story on Pizzagate and some wanted to just push it to the side and say it’s ridiculous, however, since this is once again the topic of discussion, we’ve uncovered some more evidence pointing to the reality of child sex trafficking, abuse and murder which might put some of this in perspective if that term can even be used in this twisted depravity plaguing our government and the world.

Much of this story started out with the publishing of John Podesta’s emails by Wikileaks. The reason these are important is because Podesta was Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chairman during her failed attempt at taking […]


For the past two days, the Internet has gone overboard on the story about the Marines at Langley with a lot of misinformation and copy cats who have embellished and added things to the story. As far as I know there are only two reports which seem valid. The people who reported hearing Osprey’s in the area for 30 minutes and another report which was posted on 4chan saying the information was confirmed by the Pentagon through an NSA source.

Therefore, let’s clear up a few points. Overall, there are 22 hundred Marines in the entire MEU and there would be no reason for the entire force to show up to let the CIA know the President is charge. One unit of this kind would be enough. The rest of that information is bogus and ridiculous.

Secondly, as stated in the previous video, I also said after we confirmed the Marines were […]


Looks like the Mockingbird Media is out in full force along with Deep State operatives after yesterday’s report of the Marines being at Langley. As you can see by the comments section, when you’re right, those who want to try and misinform the public – pounce on you from every direction. If they don’t, you know what is being reported is total BS.

We have had others confirming what we know and stepping forward to say they have also seen the Marines at Langley, that being said, some of you have questioned why President Trump would call for them to be there.

Last week on 4chan Q Clearance who we believe is close to the President, posted about rogue CIA operatives who would try to stage a coup against the Trump Administration and also to look for some sort of false flag in various locations around the country to detract from what […]

MS-13 Arrests Linked To 1800 Sealed Indictments, Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Obama

There’s been a huge round up of MS-13 gang members which is interesting since we know there are now over 1800 sealed indictments. Yesterday, President Trump tweeted out from his Twitter account mentioning this crackdown and it was ignored by the media.

The reason it’s significant is because it coincides with this massive indictments and how the justice department is making strides in cracking down on crime. I haven’t heard one word about these arrests on any news channel and I haven’t heard any of them mention the FBI raid of the Cadaver Clinic in Oregon.

Two pretty huge stories and their focus is on the sexcapades of the Democrats and trying to drag Republican candidates into their mess. The evidence against Roy Moore is pathetic and ridiculous but the media won’t let it go.

For those of you who are new to this stuff, MS-13 is a very well organized gang who […]

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