23130808_10159574046310092_3457673322472449294_nToday, more of these sealed indictments were dropped numbering a little over 30 so far, and they’re sequential – meaning, they were all filed one right after the other in this deepening story surrounding Tony Podesta, John Podesta, The Podesta Group, Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the 2016 Presidential election which also involves Saudi Arabia.

For those of you who are just now understanding what’s going on here, we’ve been following the corruption going on in with the Clintons ever since she decided to run for President and Wikileaks started dropping bombs that told the world how the collusion and manipulation of the Democrats was trying to not only undermine the entire election process but also cut the throat of Bernie Sanders, the main opponent of Hillary in the 2016 election. This total undermining of American Society is so deep it is now global and has been pushed by Obama for the past 8 years. Watch the hashtag #TheStorm on social media which has to do with Anon Q.

If you’ve read any of the Podesta emails, you know it’s laced with pedophile references which go back to the child sex trafficking, the Lolita Express, the missing children in Haiti and the funds which the Clinton Foundation was supposed to give to the people effected by the massive hurricane which left many homeless.

Following this story, it’s really not hard to put the pieces together. In that article, I was able to link the Saudi Arabians to the Clintons and the child sex trafficking. The link to that story is below with detailed information about this and if you read that story, what I’m saying here is making sense.

So we’ve got Tony Podesta arrested, making a deal with the feds. He’s hooked up in the Pedophile ring and displays artwork in his home depicting the torture of children. Then we’ve got emails from John Podesta in the Wikileaks Podesta emails which link both Tony and John to the Spirit Cooking woman Marina Abramovich who had them for “dinner” and there are photos of Lady Gaga and other well known people who are participating in these disgusting “events.”

In addition to this, we’ve linked Tony Podesta to a website owned by Charlie Sheen called Winning.com where Tony was a moderator using the email aggravation@winning.com. That came from the background check which I paid for on Tony Podesta and apparently is known by various journalists who aren’t reporting this. It’s not like this information is hard to link.

Then today, we have a report that Charlie Sheen raped Corey Haim on the set of the movie “Lucas” when he was just 13 years old. Of course Sheen denies this but it’s being reported in the main stream news. Does anyone see a pattern here?

Now, we’ve got these Saudi Arabian princes who have been arrested by the Saudi King and also have some of them have charges against them of child rape throughout various countries around the world. We’ve also got these same Saudi’s donating to the Podesta Group and the Clinton Foundation which is where the money laundering charge is coming into play. This charge is what’s going to be leading straight to the largest take down of government entities, political figures, celebrities and you’re going to find the majority of these people are Democrats and liberals, some will be Republican.

What’s been going on here is the Saudi’s gave money to the Podesta Group and the Clinton Foundation which was funneled to the Clinton Campaign. In exchange, the Saudi’s were running children and sex slaves from various countries with the blessing of Hillary during her stint as Secretary of State. These princes are supposedly really being charged with human trafficking which includes these children according to 4Chan sources.

The money laundering charge is just the tip of the iceburg and Tony Podesta is going to be squealing like a stuck pig. He knows all this stuff. The Saudi Princes are linked to the Podesta Group. These Saudi Princes are linked to Mandalay Bay Shooting and the media and FBI are trying to cover all this up.

I’m not really a big fan of Alex Jones but one of his guests reminded us that the February raid in Yemen that killed a couple of Navy Seals and uncovered a bunch of Intel is linked to John McCain and his involvement in all of these events.

Back on Feb 2 John McCain came out with a statement against President Trump saying that he didn’t know what he was doing and was basically trying to diminish the Intel which the Trump Administration uncovered in that raid.

Through the back channels, we’re seeing all the players here are political figures in the Deeop State backed by liberal celebrities who are pushing a globalist agenda, trying to destroy America and move towards this New World Order. Every now and then, a political statement will be made that mentions the New World order so if you think it’s not real, you better think again. They’re using celebrities to lull the masses to sleep because people seem to flock to actors and musicians when they make political statements.

So the Saudi Prince Ala Wa Leed was arrested this weekend and is being held apparently in the Ritz Carlton in Saudi Arabia and the entire country is in a civil war – this is according to the sources both inside and outside Saudi Arabia.

These guys are using John McCain as their little pawn and he’s willingly spreading false information and it also appears this “brain tumor” that was a sudden event is laying the groundwork in case Democrats and liberal politicians in the Deep State have to use the “mentally unstable” card which has already been rumored about McCain.

You’ve got to understand, these people are in a circle of corruption and it’s all about power and money. You can link one after the other through their associations and business dealings. This is a huge global corruption ring which includes the Clintons and corrupt United States politicians.

Their entire world was shaken up when President Trump was elected and he’s been giving out signals to them that he isn’t playing their game anymore. He’s been sending messages through his speeches and social media postings to China and Russia that he knows what they’re doing and we will not tolerate their attacks and undermining of the United States.

The main stream media is in on all of this information and is purposefully squashing the stories and evidence of what’s going on. They’re reporting half truths and lies.

The events like Mandalay Bay and the Texas Church shootings are going to get worse as American Patriots and President Trump resist their attempts and expose the evil that has been infiltrating our government for years.

The past weekend was explosive and if you don’t understand the Podestas are in the middle of this and have the goods on Hillary you need to go back and study.

Follow the back channels and then do your own digging. Connect the dots and look at the relationships. It’s all a twisted trail of corruption, war, attacks, undermining, human trafficking, drug running, gun running and this is what our government officials have been doing for the past 50 years.

In my opinion this is the last great push of Christianity.