Listening to Reince Priebus, chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC) and watching the process in which the candidates are chosen, it is clear our votes don’t count.

For years, I’ve heard people say our vote doesn’t count and I would think to myself this can’t be and refused to believe it. However, in the last 25 years, I’ve come to realize our votes really don’t count. Priebus has repeatedly told us the bound delegates are going to vote after the first ballot and if no one has 1,237 votes they’ll go to the next ballot. This makes the delegates unbound and now it will become a free-for-all. He’s told us without telling us, we don’t count.

In fact, right after Donald Trump announced his candidacy, we were talking about how the Republican party was going to cheat him out of the GOP nomination for President in the 2016 race. I said I didn’t believe it would happen and there’s no way the Republicans could be that dirty. For God’s sake, I’ve been a Republican all my life and now you tell me they aren’t actually representing me overall?

So, in order to see for myself, I decided to become active in my local chapter of the Republican party to confirm one way or another, if my vote really counts and I can guarantee you, your vote doesn’t count in a caucus. In fact, your vote is completely useless.

In Colorado, the top GOPs at the state level on the Executive Committee decided to take away the votes for Presidential candidates from the membership of the Republican party. This makes it so the delegates from Colorado can basically be free agents voting for however they want to regardless of the people they represent.

reince-priebus-fox-newseditedOn that note, we had the caucuses at the local level, of which, I was a Precinct Chair Person (PCP) meaning, I would facilitate the caucus process in my small area. That put me in a position to know what was really going on here at a caucus since previously, I had come from a Primary state.

During this “learning process” it was very apparent the powers that be told the local chairs they were not able to take any straw polls for Presidential candidates or the elected delegates from each precinct would be bound to vote for whoever had the majority and they wanted them to remain free agents.

I thought this was odd because I didn’t feel comfortable electing a bunch of delegates who didn’t know which of the candidates I wanted them to choose. Our precinct had only 4 delegates to send to the County Assembly to represent us. One guy who was elected as a delegate made no qualms about the fact he was going to vote for Cruz no matter what the rest of us said. Somehow, he was elected as a delegate even through his arrogance.

Then I went to the County Assembly where all the delegates from the precincts were in attendance and were elected to go to the State Assembly. We had no idea what they believe or who they are voting for because they weren’t allowed to say who they would be voting for. I can understand this because I could tell by the rhetoric, some of the Cruz supporters would be vicious to the Trump supporters if they were put on the carpet to confess their preferences.

voter fraud 1I know this because I was wearing a Trump sticker and had Trump cards on my table promoting him as the candidate of my choice. I could see on the table other candidates had their information so I put out Trump information. Fair is fair.

During the State Assembly, there were some people who came up to me and told me they were Trump supporters but for the most part it was hush-hush because of the disapproving looks the Cruz supporters were shooting in our direction.

You’re probably wondering how I know they were Cruz supporters. Because they made it quite clear with an, “I’m voting for Cruz” and a look at me like I was the plague. That being said, one woman was really angry with me and I didn’t understand why until she stood up and tried to make a motion that the delegates should say who they are voting for. She thought I was a delegate and was eavesdropping on a conversation I was having with a Carson supporter who was now going to have to move to another candidate.

She wanted me to say in the open room that I was going to support Donald Trump which I would have had no problem saying since I was wearing the sticker and making it quite clear. I think she wanted it on the record for some reason like I’m some sort of closet Trump supporter.

They at least voted that down because it would have been binding to the delegates and since you never know who is in the room, you’ve got to go by the rules.

Again, I could see our votes and voice made no difference. Because if we’re standing there and these people who are delegates are complete elitists going to represent us at the State Assembly they should be representing the people not themselves.

That really makes me mad since I can see by the poll numbers, the majority of the people are supporting Trump by and their interactive map calculates the votes as they come in instantly. It’s clear Colorado supports Trump at this juncture and we should be able to vote our own choice.

politicianSome might say, why don’t you just become a delegate. Here’s why – one of my good friends is very close to the upper echelon of the GOP and it is clear the directive to get rid of the votes for our people in Colorado came from the National RNC.

It is also very clear to me the 37 delegates have already been chosen since some of these delegates are sending out campaign materials like they’re running for a Senate seat. It’s a lot of money to be a delegate. We’re talking thousands and thousands of dollars. When you’ve got that much money invested in just being a delegate, you know it’s rigged and they don’t care what we say.

Thus we have Ted Cruz going to be attending the Colorado State Assembly to try and schmooze the delegates to his corner. It’s no longer about the people they represent. It’s not about the voice and vote of the people telling them how to vote.

It’s about wining and dining a delegate to sway them to their side. These guys are free agents and have no intention of listening to the people they represent. This is exactly what happens in Congress by lobbyists and special interest groups. Nice to know our people prefer to have “the treatment” over doing what’s right.

In fact, I put a resolution on the table at the local level which was about getting rid of the caucus process going to a straight primary so we could at least have our vote on the record. My vote would have been on the record as voting for Donald Trump at that point. I don’t need representation by a delegate.

But again, our vote still doesn’t count even in a primary.

And again, you say – what? I thought my vote counted in a primary!

Nope, it doesn’t. Because the delegates can still do whatever they want.

Now, we’ve got (as of this writing) 736 delegates for Trump, 463 for Cruz and 143 for Kasich. Any person with a fair half a brain in their head can see Kasich doesn’t have a prayer. Hold the phone – yes he does.

voter-suppressionWhat Kasich knows is the GOP really would be backing him if he was more popular. Right now they’re standing behind Cruz because they think he might be able to stop Trump by getting enough delegates to at least give the illusion they aren’t cheating the votes. Kasich’s just hoping to steal the nomination by waiting in the wings for his chance. What a scumbag!

At the Republican National Convention there are a series of ballots (voting) which will be cast by these elected “delegates” from each state and they will continue voting until they find someone who will get the 1,237 votes needed for the Presidential nomination.

The delegates who are bound are only bound for the first or second round of voting. Once those two voting rounds are passed, it’s a free-for-all.  All delegates are now unbound, rules will be changed, they’ll put some pinhead in place and the votes we’ve all cast and the process we’ve been going through for the past few months will be null and void. Pouf – gone!

This is where Kasich is hoping he will get the nomination since he’s an establishment player and most of the delegates at the convention will be representing the establishment where the money is. They’ll be thinking about that schmoozing they got from one person or the other and voting for their own interests and not those of the people. Remember, in politics, one hand washes the other and deals are made every day under the table and behind the backs of the voting public.

This has been the process for years and most of us were unaware since the rules change every year. We just assumed the Republican party was fair since they keep pretending their virtuous and polar opposites of the Democrats.

wine and dineIn reality, there’s nothing different from the Democrats here. Their votes don’t count either but at least the Dems already tell their membership they could care less what the people say, they’ve got over 400 Super Delegates. For them, the game is out in the open and their people are so stupid, you can tell them whatever you want and they believe it.

That being said, the reason this process has been exposed as the corrupt, inefficient and fraudulent system that it is, directly relates to Trump. He is the person who has brought out all the corruption to the forefront.

These snakes can barely stand the fact they’ve been exposed and now are coming out in the open. People like Karl Rove, George Will and Mitt Romney have shown they know about the corruption and don’t care as long as things go their way.

Be assured, the GOP will cheat and they will steal the nomination from Trump if there is any possible way. The people need to be prepared to revolt and revolt hardcore.

We are getting ready for a revolution and it’s not because of Trump. It’s because our votes have been stolen and they don’t count. It’s because the establishment politicians and pundits have told us to our faces we don’t count.

I’m ready for that revolution, are you?[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


Patti · April 6, 2016 at 11:13 pm

You bet I am ready! I am disgusted. How can they talk of Freedom when they’re stealing it from us?? I will FIGHT.

stickers · April 13, 2016 at 3:13 am

This is a topic that’s close to my heart…
Thank you! Where are your contact details though?

    April LaJune · April 13, 2016 at 5:31 pm

    You can contact me through or my contact form which I’ll make sure is on the tab.

Megadrox · April 13, 2016 at 5:56 am

I could not resist commenting. Perfectly written!

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