In the latest attempt to advocate for Gun Control, the Foundation Against Guns in Connecticut ended up actually promoting a very good reason for people to not only buy guns but learn how to use them.

Thinking they would scare people into not wanting guns, the ad shows two masked intruders coming through a sliding door with the words, “These men are breaking into your home to kill your daughter and rape your dog. Do you really think shooting them will change their plans? Guns are not the answer. Dial 911 and wait.”
I’d ask how these people can be this stupid not to understand their own ad, but by actually writing it and putting it out there, I think we’ve already gotten our answer.

Here’s my answer to their question, “do you really think shooting them will change their plans?”

Yes, I do think shooting them would change their plans. Two dead guys on the floor can’t kill my daughter or rape my dog, so let’s get that straight right now.

Gun Control 1The bullet from my gun can travel much faster than the cops on their way to my house regardless if I’m across the street from the Police Station or an hour away. ┬áThe average response time, according to easily researched statistics online, say the cops aren’t getting to my house any sooner than 10 minutes. If they’re really speedy, it could be nine but this is only if you’re in the city.

If you’re out in the country, the average response time is about an hour unless you’re having a heart attack and then it could be as soon as 20 minutes.

In either case, you’re daughter is dead by the time cops show up. ┬áThe rest of your family will be in jeopardy also and if you’re lucky, you’ll all live. If intruders are going to kill one person, they will most likely kill everyone. If you can’t stop them, you’re dead.

Therefore, the ad which was put out by these morons in Connecticut really is a great statement on why you should buy a gun and learn to shoot it.

There is also a misconception put out by the propaganda of these Gun Control groups which is not only annoying, it’s completely irrational and dangerous. These groups believe if they can just ban guns, criminals won’t have guns either.

gun mass shotI’d like to see the statistics on their argument since the only statistics I can find are the fact, armed societies are safe societies. Kansas has no regulations on guns anymore. They decided to get rid of gun permits and conceal carry permits. They don’t care and you don’t even have to register your guns.

Have you heard of any mass shootings in Kansas? Neither have I.

Also, the towns and neighborhoods advocating gun ownership have seen a drop in crime. Kennesaw, Georgia put a mandatory gun ownership law in place, later challenged and they lost, but only on the “mandatory” issue. They still advocate gun ownership. In Colorado, Nucla has also made it mandatory for heads of household to own and maintain a firearm. Several neighborhoods in Texas advocate gun ownership by posting signs they are armed. These areas have virtually no crime.

The most violent gun crimes are in cities advocating gun control such as New York City, Baltimore, Maryland and Chicago, Illinois.

Is this really rocket science? Apparently it is rocket science for some.

What’s most unfortunate is the liberals advocating for the reduction of our rights including the 2nd Amendment are so indoctrinated by stupidity, they can no longer reason. They are also unaware, the biggest advocates for their right to be complete blathering idiots are the Conservatives.

gun free zoneThat’s right! The Conservatives, Republicans, Tea Partiers, whatever they are, continually advocate for the right of every American citizen to be the stupidest person on earth. Do we like it? No – but hey, under the United States Constitution, you have the right to remain ignorant – what you don’t have the right to do is push your stupidity on me!

Thanks Foundation Against Guns in Connecticut for the great ad – you’ve proven the point of gun owners everywhere – yes – a bullet between the eyes CAN change the plans of an intruder!

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littlemike · January 11, 2018 at 1:41 pm

Clearly FAG is a spoof on the ridiculousness of gun control groups.

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