colossal 5Americans, mostly Democrats, who’ve been hooked on entitlements for the past 8 years fear their freebies will be cut off if President Trump and Republicans repeal the failing Obamacare mandated by Traitor44 and his fancy dancing political puppets.

Liberals don’t understand free markets help stimulate the economy and provide healthy competition within industry lowering prices. Senators like Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), use fear-mongering to push lies to their constituents about healthcare.

Millennials don’t understand entitlements aren’t mandatory and the government has no responsibility to provide health insurance to citizens. Before Obamacare, healthcare was a benefit of the jobs. The only people how had government heath insurance were federal employees including military. Obama has made the country a nation of freeloaders wanting handouts.

This entitlement generation doesn’t seem to understand there’s no money fairy. Working tax payers are the people paying for all of their entitlements. They seem to be unaware insurers are in business to make money, not lose it. No one goes into business to lose money and break the bank.

1224obamacareAlthough it would be great to have insurance for pre-existing conditions, it’s just not feasible. In fact, pre-existing conditions will hurt the insurance industry and could destroy it completely. This is why many of the companies who were carrying Obamacare said, “we’re done!”

People don’t understand how insurance is calculated to give you a rate for coverage. It’s calculated by actuaries who determine the amount of risk and unknowns by using the number of healthy people to those who are unhealthy. Adding people with pre-existing conditions skyrockets these rates.


For example, if 1 out of 20 people has major surgery, the rate calculation is based on what it might cost to take care of that one person. The 20 people share the risk through their premiums. The bigger the pool of healthy people and the smaller those who are sick, the lower the premiums and vice verse.

It’s rocket science to a point because insurance companies have special jobs just for actuaries which are a form of accounting.

That being said, Democrats who are pushing people will be dying and everyone is going to be without health insurance are flat out lying to their liberal lapdogs.

imagesWhat will really happen if healthcare is scrapped and the government gets out of this intrusive part of our lives, insurance rates will go down. People will no longer have their paychecks sucked dry and they’ll be able to shop around for their own health insurance.

In fact, in Kansas there’s Atlas MD which is the perfect community co-op and a great model for healthcare. Doctors work directly with service providers and are able to negotiate great rates on outpatient care and prescriptions. Democrats don’t want people to know about this direct method. It cuts out the lobbyists who put money in their pockets through under the table deals putting the power in the hands of the people.

Without power over the people, Democrats are basically nothing.

That’s why government healthcare is a farce. It’s pathetic and it needs to be repealed and stopped.

People who paid into Social Security should get their money and part of that was Medicaid. When I was a kid, that’s what our taxed wages were for: retirement and our healthcare when we got older.


BernieSanders-Healthcare2Now, it’s a mess because of misappropriation of funds and putting government hands in the kitty.

Senator Bernie Sanders and his flock of socialists are stuck on stupid. They’re pushing single payer healthcare which would throw everyone into a Charlie Gard scenario.

Those backing this plan, fail to see the government will have control over who actually gets healthcare and who doesn’t. One hospital will be in the area. You will be forced to use it and there would be no choices. It’s the same lie Traitor44 pushed when he said, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

NOTE TO BERNIE: We already do have access to healthcare. Every person in the United States is protected, by law, and can get services at any hospital or clinic on a sliding scale. Another one of your ridiculous lies! You might want to put a math course on your “To-Do List” and get a clue.

Democrats are not willing to work with Republicans on healthcare because it would erase the last chunk of Traitor44. This huge debacle they’ve made of their reign over the American people would come to an end. If they did work together, they’d be putting the people first which is never the goal of a Democrat. They’d also have to admit they failed. That’s not in their nature and won’t happen. When you hear, “we’re willing to work with them” it’s just lip service.


health-insurance-in-india-dr-suraj-chawla-16-638When you hear, “Republicans have had years to come up with a different plan.” There were different plans in the private sector. Employers could offer healthcare benefits to attract employees. When things are mandated there’s no competition. When I hear, “Obamacare needs to be replaced,” I’m furious. There’s no need to replace anything. We need to let it die an let the people chose their own way and it will be done as it was before.

Take care of the vets. Take care of the elderly who were promised their care many years ago. If you give those who paid into Medicare and Social Security their money, they’d be able to afford to make choices. They don’t need government money management which plunged our country into the worst debt ever seen in the history of the United Stats.

Leave the rest of us alone.

images (1)Liberals who love living off the government seem to think the money fairy sprinkles cash on them. They have no idea where it comes from and just say, CHARGE IT! Democrats “charged it” so much, we’re now in a $21 trillion debt deficit and President Trump has to not only manage a government which is larger than life created by the left, he has to reduce the debt in the process.

It’s time to take charge of our own lives and stop relying on the Government Mac Daddy Traitor44 and his predecessors left for President Trump to clean up.


The Entitlement Generation needs to have a reality check which they won’t get until Mommy and Daddy are in the grave and their fortune has been spent on Jack and Mary Jane.

It’ll be interesting to watch the little cupcakes fret about their government support decline while being forced to get a job. Employers are already having a headache and older Americans are being recruited to fill jobs once left for college kids.

Being a soft cupcake, run to your safe space, college grad of the left indoctrinated propaganda machine doesn’t seem to pay as well as it used to.




The Washington Post – The Senate’s three big lies about health care

The Hill – The biggest lie about healthcare? Hint: it involves the government

READER NOTE:  April LaJune has studied and was a licensed Life Insurance agent in Missouri as well as studied Casualty Insurance in Colorado.


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George McCullough · July 20, 2017 at 5:59 pm

I agree that the government should not be in charge of health care. I also believe that our cowardly politicians are not going to find it in themselves to bring health care back to the free marketplace. Check out my blog at themcculloughreport.blogspot.com for more of my opinions and some of my adventures.

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