I never buy Apple products and here’s just another reason why I won’t. Apple thinks they’re protecting their customers from the United States government when in reality they’re protecting their own wallet since the criminal’s phone of choice is an iPhone.

Defying all logic and Patriotism, in a show of defiance against the Federal Government, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is using a poor excuse for not giving over the information on a terrorist’s iPhone.

Back in December 2015, two terrorists killed their co-workers in a mass shooting in San Bernardino, California. In a feeble attempt to stand on non-existent principles which are idiotic, Apple is trying to protect criminal’s information which could protect more people in the United States from terrorist attacks.

Now, dragging themselves through the courts and continuing to say “privacy” is the issue, Apple and those supporting Apple’s decision are being complete traitors. These traitors actually carry their personal information on their digital devices. Really people? Are you really that stupid? Oh – yes you are since we’re having this discussion.

Let’s get one thing straight. Now that the criminals are well aware Apple intends to protect their private data, their sales will go up. If you were a drug dealer or terrorist wouldn’t you want a phone encrypted and a company to defend that encryption to the death? After all, 72 virgins are awaiting Cook on the other side so hey – wouldn’t want to give that up!

terrorist iphone 2And another thing, who would keep their personal data on their cell phone or any device for that matter knowing the Federal Government can whenever they want, horn in on your business? It’s bad enough having to do your banking online but personal info on your phone?

You know what I have on my phone? A bunch of apps that will let me see my email, open a PDF if I want to read, an app to watch TV, Twitter and a browser for Facebook since they really want to know where I’m at all the time and that’s a no-go for me.

I’m not banking on my phone. I’m not keeping medical records on my phone. I have a purse with a wallet and they can track my Social Security number through my fingerprints if all else fails or my dental records should someone try to bump me off. My job isn’t to make it easier for me to be tracked. I do like some privacy although I’m almost 100% sure I’m on the watch list for being a radical person who likes the United State Constitution, doesn’t like drug dealers in my backyard and pretty much wants everyone to just chill and go by the regular Constitutional laws without using an anal scope up my neighbor’s backside just for the fun of it.

So what’s Apple doing? Protecting their investment.

No one – and I mean no one – is going to build a program they can’t open and hope to God it sells on a phone which costs the person around $600 or more to buy. How in the heck can you know if it works if you can’t open it? Maybe it’s a fail all the way around but you can’t know that because you can’t see it.

Some might say that’s the point, but knowing these hackers and coders like I do – there’s always a way and they have the program.

Plus, let’s just say Apple complies, cracks the phone and there you have your information. You think they won’t send out an update to your iPhone the very next hour which will put something in the encryption to make it just as tough as it was the minute before the made the code?

Wow – yes Apple – we’re really that stupid.

terrorist iphone 1And the other reason I won’t buy Apple products is because they refuse to share their technology driving the price of digital items up which yes, is free enterprise to a point, but it’s also greedy and I can’t stand greedy people. You’d think Apple would be backing Republicans on that point but nope – they like the Democrats because they can control them.

Apple’s also part of the Bildeberg’s and I’m not going to even go into that. If you don’t know who they are – just search it and get with the program.

I’m with Donald Trump – time to boycott Apple and expose them as the traitor’s they are. Aiding and abetting the enemy, even through technology is a major crime and Cook should be in jail. He can share a cell with Hillary. Maybe they can text each other across the room with their iPhones.


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