Just how stupid does Obama think we are in the United States? Today, he did another big flowery Mac Daddy speech like we’re some sort of idiots who don’t understand the significance of terrorists in Guantanamo Bay.

So far, since he began his total destruction of America, he’s not only increased crime in cities all over the nation with Democratic leadership, he’s successfully started race wars which didn’t exist to this degree, given speeches in favor of black criminals, destroyed our military, destroyed our economy, fudged job stats, continually chastised the Conservatives who don’t agree with him and let terrorists out of prison who have gone back into their Al Qaeda fight against us.

Vowing to kill the infidel, Obama is hell bent on letting people go who have stated very clearly through videos and statements they’ve made, “we’re going to kill you.” Is this not clear enough to him?

In this morning’s chastisement of the Conservatives and Republicans and everyone else who doesn’t agree with Obama, he said letting these criminals go makes the United States safer. LOL – are you kidding me?

He also said his Generals all agree with him. Umm – that could be because you, Obama, fired anyone who disagreed with you in order to find a bunch of butt kissers who will say and do whatever you want them to do in order to keep their jobs. Seriously? Do you really think the majority of the American people are going to listen to another blowhard speech telling us you know better than we do?

Financially, Obama said we’re spending a ridiculous amount of money each year to house these terrorists. He was actually trying to say we’re going to “save” money like this is of some great importance when our national security and safety is at stake.

gitmo 4What he has failed to say is the cost of the facility is because with the downsizing of the prison population, he’s not cut the staff, he’s overspent on stupid projects like a dirt hole of a soccer field which cost  $750,000, they are given their “special” Halal meals which cost more than maximum security prisoners in the United States have and  all the exercise equipment, library books and everything that could possibly make a little terrorist warm and cuddly in his prison cell. That’s where the money is actually going. It’s not because of some sort of real expense which merits astonishment.

Again, Obama plays Americans for a fool thinking we’re just going to not question that “man behind the curtain” just letting him pretend he’s the Great and Powerful Oz while we blindly obey his Mac Daddy commands.

Furthermore, Obama said keeping these criminal terrorists in Gitmo was against what America stands for. Again, he clearly thinks because the Almighty Mac Daddy pops off a stupid statement we’re supposed to believe it. America stands for keeping terrorists out and citizens safe. Freedom comes with a price and that price is we’re going to defend ourselves and put terrorists in prison with eventual execution.

Sorry, we’re not buying it and I didn’t buy it from the moment Obama started his first Presidential campaign as a Democrat.

Everyone with a brain in their head is very well aware if you’re telling me you’re a Democrat, I already expect you have no morals, no ethics, can’t comprehend logic, most likely are a pompous loudmouth and will back whatever is wrong and evil until you die. I also am very well aware being a Democrat means the Constitution of the United States which is our law and not a living document, is of no concern to them until they want to push an issue and twist it to their whims.

Obama 3What could possibly sway me to think a Democrat running for office has anything to say that would be even remotely on the side of “the right thing?”

That being said, Obama looks straight into the camera every time he speaks, continually saying anyone who doesn’t agree with him is divisive, trying to undermine him and doesn’t have the best interest of the country in mind. He thinks the condescending smirk and rhetoric will mesmerize us into Zombie-like states and all of a sudden, we’re moving in the direction he’s pushing us.


Not only are you a disrespectful liar, you’re continually pushing your destruction agenda as “common sense.” You’re a better liar than Hillary, but I beg to differ Obama. You say you have the “best interests” of the country in mind but  in fact, not only do we Conservatives have the best interest of the country and it’s people in mind, we are very well aware of your agenda and we know your goal is to destroy America.

In your own book you are very clear you believe America is an arrogant country which needs to be knocked down to the level of any of the other country around the world. You also explain this is the “dream from” your “father.” It’s not the dream of a better America and you never have had any intentions of making America strong and helping blacks and minorities.

These words are your words. Your own words from your own writings. The only stupid people in America are those who haven’t woken up to your rhetoric and the truth of the destruction you’ve caused.

And to think that the Republicans or the Conservatives are going to just continually go along with this evil is a misnomer.

If you think the only Conservatives sit in the Senate or House, you’d be mistaken. There are actually more of us out here in the civilian world than sitting in those cherry picked seats representing us. We can vote each and every one of the people who are now holding office out and put in someone who will do what we the people tell them to do. Democrats and Republicans can and will get rid of these destructive forces.

gitmo 3Closing Gitmo and spreading out the terrorists who vow to take over our country and kill Americans isn’t going to keep us safer. This isn’t even a logical statement. You think letting serial killers out of prison is a great idea? Why don’t you take them home for a while and let them stay at your house, Obama.

But I’ve got news for you Obama and you’re little theater of puppets, we’re armed. We have a little thing called the Second Amendment which allows the citizens of the United States to stand against a tyrannical government of which, you’ve accelerated for the past seven years and things are coming to a head.

We the people will protect ourselves against these terrorists. You can spread them around, pretend ISIS and Al Qaeda just needs a hug and the Conservatives are creating a conspiracy but facts don’t lie. You’re not Hitler although you’re trying to be and we’re not having it. We’re not marching to the ovens. We’re not allowing the Nazis to invade. We’re not creating a socialist, communist or any other society other than Capitalism and we’re certainly getting rid of you and Hillary. You can pardon her if you like, but you’re still on the hook when you leave office.

I’d love to hear a response from Obama. I’d love him to knock on my door and sit down and we’ll have a little chat for all the people to see. That will never happen because one thing I know about Democrats, they won’t come to a Conservative arena and answer tough questions.

Obama hasn’t done it. Hillary refuses to do it. Bernie whimped out when asked directly and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz flat out pretended she didn’t get the question.

Hopefully, with the way things are going, we’ll have a Republican in office named Donald Trump and then you can leave the country with your celebrity friends and others who will get out.

The less stupid people we have in the country, the better we can flourish.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


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