4In a stunning turn of events, Democrats and former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch are in the hot-seat as evidence is emerging the Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya who met with Donald Trump Jr., was originally denied entry into the United States for a court case and then given entry without a visa. Not only this, Veselnitskaya is also involved with the firm Democrats used to conduct opposition research called Fusion GPS. She also worked with the creator of the famous “dossier,” former British agent Christopher Steele, who was commissioned by Senator John McCain to try and discredit President Donald Trump during his campaign.

What’s even more disturbing if you look at the dates involved in this next episode of the Democrat’s continued Russian soap opera, is the Trump-Veselnitskaya meeting took place on June 9, 2016. This was prior to any statements by President Trump who had jokingly asked Vladimir Putin to find Hillary Clinton’s 33K missing emails which Democrats used to fuel their Russian collusion story and claimed Russians hacked the emails of the DNC, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chairman and Clinton emails. All of these stories seem to be falling apart in public as evidence mounts of Democrat collusion with Russia to take down President Trump’s campaign.

It appears from the evidence, Democrats had planned the Russian collusion story long before President Trump had said anything about Putin and Clinton’s emails which happened on July 27, 2016.

Prior to these events, Veslenitskaya had been granted “parole status” to enter the United States in 201trumpjordonald_041717gn4_lead5 but expired on January 7, 2016 prior to the meeting with Trump Jr. She was in the United States illegally at the time and it is unclear how she gained entry without a proper visa. These are just some of the questions which will be asked in a congressional hearing.

Since the Obama (Traitor44) Administration was in charge and Lynch was at the helm, it also appears as if entry was granted to Veselnitskaya for the sole purpose of meeting with Trump Jr, to begin the Russian collusion narrative which has been pushed throughout President Trump’s campaign and is still being talked about in the media today.

Evidence points to the collusion between Traitor44’s administration, Lynch and the Clinton campaign to setup Trump Jr in order to push a false story and put him in the position of committing a crime. Reports are surfacing that Veselnitskaya was to meet Trump Jr to give him opposition research information against Hillary Clinton. When he met with her, the attorney acted as if she had no idea what he was talking about turning the conversation to Russian- American policies on adoption.

Seeing nothing of value would come of the meeting after 20 minutes, Trump Jr ended the meeting and left. Nothing was said, nothing was done and no information was given by the Russian.

imagesThat being said, Democrats failed to get what they wanted and no crime was committed.

Because I know the Democrats really well, I’m sure the Russian attorney would have talked about the policies for a while then turned to a tit-for-tat or quid-pro-quo scenario which would have been a crime. Unfortunately for the Democrats, they didn’t get their prey that day.

Fast forward to July 27 and President Trump jokingly asks Putin to find Clinton’s emails. This was a coincidence since Democrats were at first blaming the Republicans and then after the statement focused their attention on the Russians who had nothing to do with the hacking of the emails of any Democrats. However, the opportunity to tie Trump into the Russian collusion narrative was on the table now since Democrats love twisting people’s words and making stories and problems where there are none.

This was just one month after the meeting with Trump Jr and during the planning stages of an alternate scenario Democrats hadn’t completed yet. Once President Trump asked about the emails they didn’t need to talk about the meeting until now. Democrats knew this meeting took place when it happened. They used pawns to arrange it and when it didn’t work, they scrapped it. It’s too coincidental. All of this on the Democrat’s side and no crime committed?

john-mccain-hillary-clinton-However, there very well could be a crime committed called infiltration depending on where the meeting took place. The meeting took place in New York State which appears to have laws against infiltration. It was a failed attempt by Democrats but it was most likely an attempt.

In fact, Democrats remind me of the kid on the playground who continually taunts you and pretends they’re touching you while putting their finger an inch away from your ear and say, “I’m not touching you.” When you get frustrated with their crap and push back, they don’t like it when you hit back hard. We’re there now.

Because of the time frame and the links between Fusion GPS and the Steele Dossier, it is very clear Democrats and McCain along with Traitor44, Lynch and Clinton had planned this Russian story long before Trump Jr met with Veselnitskaya.

not touching youIn fact, it probably won’t be long before Veselnitskaya breaks and tells us what deal was made between her and Lynch which allowed her entry into the country. I also suspect some of the information regarding the collusion between Traitor44’s adminstration and the Clinton campaign were destroyed in the 33K emails deleted and never retrieved. Isn’t it amazing how evidence and people seem to disappear just as crimes ares of Clinton and Democrat are about to be revealed.

Watch for everyone to plead the 5th with the exception of Trump Jr who has nothing to hide if everyone can make it to the hearing alive.

Never underestimate the power of a Democrat and their sniveling cohorts like McCain to commit crimes and play dirty. There is no race in the country, large or small, Democrats can win fairly. It won’t happen, has never happened and anyone running against them in any race better watch their backs, their reputations and be prepared for the fight of your life. This is what they do and this is who they are.

Welcome to politics!




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