536985.grid-6x2Yesterday, we saw a Twitter post which we’re trying to confirm right now and it’s a post originally done on Reddit by FBIAnon talking about 7 shipping containers being tracked through Canada.

According to the post, these containers are en route to the United States and the SEALS and SERT are tracking them. SERT stands for Special Emergency Response Team in case you didn’t know.

These containers are said to have weapons on board of massive power and apparently ISIS is behind this shipment.

We think that this was scrubbed by Reddit to deter people from finding out about this. This is what Dan Bongino was talking about earlier today when he said, we have trouble confirming information. He was talking about Iran but in the situation we’re in, it’s the same thing – we’re being blocked once we find out something because the information is either explosive and will get people killed or it’s going to thwart the efforts of the Deep State who is colluding with Main Stream Media, Google and Social Media.

I’m not going to tell you where they’re supposed to be headed but this should be an alarm since the event yesterday in Denver was about distracting us from something bigger and this appears to be it.

And also, yesterday, we had a post by Julian Assange which was cryptic and had a key attached to a video. The video itself seemed to be making fun of the cabal if you look at the lyrics which you can do on your own.

That being said, we figured out Assange is in the United States under the protection of the Trump Administration and is working with President Trump to bring down the Deep State. We believe he has been given immunity and asylum and is cooperating fully to bring forth information that can literally save our country and the world from the New World Order for a bit.

Hours after we were discussing this, an Anon post said exactly the same thing. Assange was a major influencer in getting President Trump elected by revealing many truths about Crooked Hillary and her campaign and also Traitor44.

This same drop coincides with a number of posts on Twitter by Qanon and another person who goes by B. Whether Anon and Qanon are the same, we can’t confirm but the intel seems to be good as we can see that main stream media is reporting the protest in Iran while this post says it’s no longer under the Control of George Soros – and for those of you who aren’t familiar with Soros, he is a Jew who turned on his own people and was the facilitator of many Jews being killed by the Nazis – he fled after the war to the US and why he’s not been tried for War Crimes – I don’t know but it appears as if his “connections” are some of the same reasons Crooked Hillary and Traitor 44 are still on the loose.

Now these little “hints” were dropped on Twitter Yesterday and I’ll just go through them really quick and you can compare them to the Anon Post and the events we’re watching unfold.

Look at the twitter posts.

And right now, as I’m posting this, there are several flights with the transponders off, no call signs, nothing, leaving Florida we believe headed for Gitmo again and I’ll wait to tell you who we think it is, but suffice it to say, we think it’s the Facilitator…

I’m posting the link to the flight tracker below.

Now these flights are flying at 40 thousand feet which is very unusual for any planes, in particular private jets. You can see in this picture the line which shows where the transponder is turned off. Right now there are 3 planes in the air that we can see and are not showing call signs flying really high especially when you think about the short distance of travel. Usually they don’t fly like this.

Look at these. Here’s the screen shots from the phone browser.

What’s odd about all this is the desktop drops the planes completely and on the phone browser, it shows no call signs. Total manipulation folks!

Alright, now if you’re paying attention, you also see in these “hints” given by QAnon there are between 30 and 50 Congressmen who won’t be returning after this little break.

I’ve had this confirmed on multiple levels from various sources who are well connected in the government and I have a tendency to believe these sealed indictments are what’s pushing these guys out of office.

I hope this is the case. Not only is President Trump continuing to drain the swamp, his close circle is efficiently and swiftly changing the destruction Traitor44 tried to cause and almost got away with.

Without Assange and people like him letting us see the truth about these people who are supposed to have our best interests in mind it’s possible the Deep State would have gotten away with their plans.

Keep vigilant, keep reporting and keep sending us information. We try to verify all reports and use sources we believe are the best we can get to ensure we’re giving you as much information as we can so you can keep yourself and your family safe.

As I said last time, President Trump is working diligently on our safety and bringing down the Deep State, he considers this a high alert situation and knows they’re behind this plan to bring down the United States and instate a One World Government..

Thanks everyone and Happy New Year…