troops1Interesting reports all week including one out today which says the United States has deployed troops worldwide with almost 10 thousand sealed indictments set to take down the Ka Zar E-An mob.

I’ll leave that link below for you to read.

This web is so tangled between the child sex trafficking, drug rings, Uranium One deal, the spread of ISIS, the pedo rings, false flags, bank scams and the recent deaths which some of you have been tracking including the mayor of San Francisco who dropped dead right after the Kate Stine-lee verdict.

Then there are the strange flight diversions from Canada and LAX. Mainstream media was reporting one flight to Tokyo was diverted back to LA as some sort of glitch and then later said that two people were using one boarding pass.

As a person who’s worked at the airport I can tell you there’s no way two people can use the same boarding pass. It’s not even possible to do that since each person is scanned and the system will alert you if something is wrong. This means someone had to be bribed for two people to use the same boarding pass. It’s just not possible.

This was a deliberate flight to Tokyo with someone who is most likely in the sealed indictments trying to escape their inevitable fate. And then we have the mysterious flights in and out of Guantanemo Bay and General Mad Dog Mattis going down there this week.

So here’s what I believe is really going on with this ridiculously evil tangled web made by the corrupt New World Order which has a grip on every country on earth.

child-traffickingWith these sealed indictments, it’s scared both the weak and the powerful. The powerful are trying to escape and the weak are talking. That’s how the Trump Administration knows where all these people are going.

The drug rings, pedophiles and sex trafficking are what has blackmailed these criminals. There are numerous reports of powerful government officials being photographed in compromising positions when indulging in their favorite deviant behavior from pedophilia to Spirit Cooking and now we’re finding out some more disturbing behavior which Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton seem to be engaging in – that’s from the latest dump of over 2800 emails by the FBI from Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

You can find those emails in various places online.

So with the provisions to indulge political figures, high powered business owners, banking officials, gang members, etc in their deviance, people like the Clinton’s, Traitor 44, George Soros, the Bush’s, MS 13, the FBI and CIA have been doing this back and forth blackmail depending on what they want to do at the time.

It’s really not hard to see how all of this is related.

Just this last week we had a Twitter feed which talked about the link between Hollywood and the Pedophiles – and this reaches worldwide and includes Lion’s Gate Studios based in Canada which can be directly related to the Pickton Pig Farm also in Canada where Robert Pickton was feeding prostitutes to the pigs after making snuff films. These films also included child sex trafficking victims and blackmail to push the Uranium One deal. Yes, it’s a huge tangled web of deception and deviance to gain power and money.

When these political figures are engaging in deviant behavior, it’s obvious there will be some “deal” down the road which will gain someone money and power. This is what the Clinton’s did and are involved in and so are the people surrounding them.


This web is so diabolical, it’s difficult to comprehend for the average mind what’s really going on and how widespread it is.

Peter Schwitzer is correct. Always follow the money. When you follow the money, the rabbit holes are deep and entangled. It takes multiple people to untangle the evil that’s gripped our country and the world.

We’re literally watching President Trump, the only President in the history of the United States – pull the plug and drain the swamp which was created by the left, pushed by the left, supported by weak Rinos and infiltrated every system in our lives including schools, churches, government, banking, entertainment, media, healthcare – you can practically throw a dart at anything you’re currently engaged in and it has been corrupted by evil.

This year there are going to be a lot – a lot of arrests and people resigning – more than you can imagine. More than on the list I gave you last week. The reason is – these sealed indictments. They talk and walk or they go to prison. That’s most likely the option which has been presented to them since it’s the only option that would gain any information.

And also, we’ve seen more people are jumping on board with my theory which I’ve stated from the beginning that Mueller is working with the Trump Administration. I’ve even seen it in Main Stream News this week.

Like it or not – this team is the one that is behind all of this cleanup. Mueller is in the best position to expose corrupt FBI agents. He’s the one who is able to collect enough evidence to get rid of these people. So this theory is not far-fetched like some of these trolls in the comments section would like you to believe.

That’s where we are folks. We have allowed it as Christians by not standing up and fighting against corruption. By burying our heads in the sand and saying we don’t want to be involved in politics.

I hate to break this to you folks, but anytime you’re involved in a group of more than one – there’s politics. It’s the way we function and it’s the way the church works.

Therefore, the next time you hear one of your Christian friends say, they don’t get involved in politics, you can thank them for the state of the world and remind them that silence is compliance and condoning whatever is happening.

We’re facing one of the biggest challenges we’ve ever faced in any of our lifetimes as far as good verses evil. Which side are you going to be on?

I’ve been fighting against corrupt religious and government politics my entire life so this isn’t really new to me. What is new is we finally have a President who’s doing something about it and has put people like me in the position where we can be even stronger whistle blowers and expose these crooks.

After you get the information – the choice becomes yours at that point – what will you do when it’s time to stand up?

I’m not going to be Peter – just saying—-


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