During a broadcast of Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace blatantly lied to the audience showing a side by side photo of Obama’s Inauguration and President Donald Trump’s Inauguration. The first photo was of a full crowd during Obama’s Inauguration speech in 2008 while showing the 2017 Trump Inauguration while crowds were beginning to come to the event.

Reince Priebus, former Chair of the RNC and now White House Chief of Staff for the Trump Administration caught Wallace trying to compare two very different events which were not fair in reporting. Wallace did not show a photo of the Inauguration held on January 20th during President Trump’s speech although his own Fox Network panned the crowd showing a robust and very full crowd stretching from the Capitol Building to the Washington Monument exactly as both Priebus and Sean Spicer, Trump Press Secretary had said previously.

Wallace continued to pushing Priebus, raising his voice and trying to be stern while Priebus pushed back saying, “You’re trying to compare apples to oranges.”

cnn PHOTO 1Proof of the large crowds at the 45th Inauguration of the President of the United States Donald Trump were shown throughout the day (January 21) by Fox News and other media outlets.

Also, within the same conversation, Wallace tried steer the conversation to President Trump being petty because of the dispute with the media over crowd size while Priebus pointed out, the actual problem has nothing to do with crowd size. Priebus told Wallace the dispute has to do with the continued false stories put out by main stream media and their refusal to report the truth.

After the exchange, Wallace would not give on the comparison of two different events, false reporting by media or the blatant lie he’d just told to the American people on his broadcast.


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