In a move to discredit the Center for Medical Progress, the Grand Jury in Harris County, Texas decided to indict the whistle-blowers who made the undercover video of Planned Parenthood atrocities showing the doctors discussing the selling of baby body parts.

By ignoring the illegal selling of baby body parts and the gross negligence which exposed the disgusting attitudes of the abortion clinic physicians, the courts have now let everyone know they are biased and liberal. Citing the use of illegal documents to obtain access to the abortion clinic, the District Attorney Devon Anderson decided to indict these two brave journalists. Furthermore, they said the journalists intended to “defraud” the abortion clinic.

This is a disgraceful event which is typical actually in the world of politics and law. There is no longer a moral conscience in the country in the justice system or the political realm.

baby body parts 5In fact, the only people being defrauded are those going to Planned Parenthood and not told the truth about what is happening and what they are really doing. Most of the time they won’t even tell the mothers these babies are alive and can feel pain. They don’t tell the mother they are going to crush the baby and harvest the parts.

Because of this case we now see, Prosecuting Attorneys can railroad people who are exposing criminal behavior and are continually prosecute cases covering the tracks of criminals. This is becoming normal court behavior and over the past two years, I’ve seen it happening more and more. I’ve seen it in the courts with my own eyes and tried to complain to no avail.

Planned Parenthood is plain and simple, an abortion clinic.

baby body parts 3Their own President Cecile Roberts said in front of the federal House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing, that none of the 700 clinics in the entire United States have mammogram machines although breast cancer is a predominant and dangerous cause of death to women with many organizations advocating for a cure.

In her testimony, Roberts said the clinics do breast exams and refer people elsewhere for the mammogram. However, while she was testifying, she acted ignorant when she was shown the number of actual breast exams has gone down while abortions have gone up which directly contradicts her statement saying Planned Parenthood provides women’s healthcare.

The main practice of Planned Parenthood is abortion. It’s not birth control or general health. It’s abortion. Everyone knows it. Everyone’s known it for years. In fact, everyone always refers to the place as the “abortion clinic.” No one ever talks about going to Planned Parenthood for general women’s health exams.

Claiming they provide affordable healthcare for low-income neighborhoods is a false statement since every community in Amer
ica has access to all kinds of healthcare options at reduced and free rates for low-income residents and don’t have anything to do with abortion. Those who vehemently advocate for Planned Parenthood are completely ignorant of the options available to women and act as if this is the only option women have. It’s a lie.

law corrupt 1The gross injustice of the legal system is clearly driven by political agendas of the left and the criminal corrupt element of our society. No longer are the courts fair or balanced. There is no common sense. Jurors are being strong armed to side with the Prosecuting Attorneys in many cases. These people who sit on the jury are continually being coerced by loud-mouthed liberals such as Black Lives Matter and Gay and Lesbian groups as well as the Democrats. These cry baby whiners have no justice and give us no peace by their lack of common sense, Constitutional knowledge and the basics of morality and ethics.

Those who are doing good works are continually in the news being ridiculed and punished for exposing the evil of our society. Killers and terrorists are let out of prison by our very own President. The Attorney General of the Untied States tries to silence and threaten the First Amendment rights of the American people by telling them if they speak bad about Islamic Terrorists she’s going to prosecute them.

hickenlooper 1Governors of States like Colorado’s Democrat John Hickenlooper can appoint corrupt judges who continually lower bonds for Hispanics and drug dealers, some who have committed horrific crimes like attempted murder of school children through a terrorist act in Antonito, Colorado. He’s also advocated ridiculous laws which send innocent people to jail, costing the person thousands of dollars when a false report is written by a vindictive person. The law says if a call is made about domestic violence, someone has to go to jail. This means if your neighbor calls the cops on you for yelling at your TV and thinks there’s a fight, somebody’s going to jail. It’s true, it’s happened and know them personally.

Look at Hillary Clinton for God’s sake. She not only altered thousands of documents, she’s continued to lie about them, lied about Benghazi, lied to the American people, lied to the families of the Benghazi victims, lied about her server, lied to the federal committee investigating her and lied to the FBI. She’s told people to alter documents. She’s manipulated documents through old fashioned “cut and paste” methods. Is she being indicted? It’s been years and she’s the front runner for President in the Democratic Party! These are much bigger problems than a whistle blower telling the truth.

hillary corrupt 1Obama and Hillary together have done more damage to the entire United States of America, our national security and have committed treasonous acts against the American citizens and still, have no consequences.

These two did people a favor for us through their investigative journalism and they are being indicted much to the glee of the baby killers of Planned Parenthood and their blood thirsty supporters.

Folks, this is our demise. This is how far we’ve fallen. This is not the country of our forefathers and until the people who believe in the Constitution and the actual justice system start standing against the evil tyranny which is overtaking our country, we’re done.

Killing babies is fine. Reporting on killing babies is not fine.

baby abortion 2Exposing baby killers discussing their selling of baby body parts is not fine.  Putting money in the pockets of politicians who cover up the selling of baby body parts is fine.

Telling the truth about murderous doctors who talk about crushing the heads of live babies through abortion is not fine. Pretending they’re not doing anything wrong is fine.

Calling out Planned Parenthood for selling baby body parts for money isn’t fine. Planned Parenthood calling their monetary compensation for selling baby body parts “reimbursements” is fine.

What planet are we living on?


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