clinton foundation 1Democrats are scrambling very hard to justify the behavior of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation’s large donations as well as transactions between Bill Clinton and conveniently timed approvals of foreign deals by his wife. Most people speculating about the non-profit don’t understand how a 501(C)3 operates and what’s legal and what’s not.

Let’s clarify a few things. Number one is non-profits don’t have to specify how much money they actually give to their advertised recipients. Quite a few of these do-gooders only give less than 10% of their donations to helping any people they say they’re assisting. This makes the Clinton Foundation pretty much the same as any other organization.

Considering this, these “non-profits” spend quite a bit of money on high salaries calling it “Administration” when in reality, they could most likely find people to take these jobs for a lot less. There’s nothing against the law for a non-profit to pay it’s top executives high salaries. In fact, Planned Parenthood President Cicile Richards rakes in almost $600K a year.

Another thing people most likely don’t know is non-profits have to budget their money and justify their pay-outs. For example, Bill Clinton charges speaking fees to his own foundation for obnoxious amounts defying any speaking fees any celebrities or gurus charge. In fact, the reason for the suspicion is the amount of money vs. the content and length of the “speeches” he’s given. The question is what could Bill possibly say that’s worth $250K let alone $22M in 2015?

clinton foundatoin 2Those have got to be some hellacious speeches! Of course some of them were only about 20 minutes or less, so whatever he said, it was pretty concise also.

On top of the speaking fees for Bill, the Foundation can also expense anything that goes with it, including room, transportation, food, staff, etc. There’s no law that says they can’t pay whatever amount they deem necessary to put on event or to pay for a room. There’s nothing forcing a non-profit to save it’s funds other than the donors who just keep giving money to the Foundation.

That being said, one thing a non-profit absolutely has to do is allocate all it’s money every year. It doesn’t necessarily have to spend it but it does have to earmark it for whatever it needs for the following year. This is why it’s so easy for the Clinton’s to “donate” to their own foundation and then reap it when they want to use the money.

They can hide their money in the Foundation very easily making the cash not only deductible on their taxes, they can let it earn interest in the Foundation’s bank account saving it for later.  The only requirement is the Clinton Foundation absolutely has to fund something they say they’re going to do which is why less than 10% of the money ever goes out of the non-profit.

This is why when Democrats say the Clinton Foundation does so much good and it’s ethically challenged, there’s not a whole lot Conservatives can do about the amount.

Let’s take Haiti as a good example of a way to rake in big bucks and distribute very little. In that situation, Hillary went on-air to make a plea to the American people to give money to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake which killed around 230K. Americans contributed somewhere between $30M and $200M although reports have even said they raised almost $2B. Whatever the figure, it wasn’t small and controversy surrounds what actually happened to the money.

The one thing we can say is the Clinton Foundation doesn’t have to give much to Haiti. If they gave 10%, at the lowest figure it would be around $300K while the rest of it went to Administration fees for the non-profit. Again, this isn’t illegal, but it’s unethical as are all the transactions of the Clinton Foundation.

As far as the Haiti debacle, Bill went to Haiti touring the area and they ended up building a factory far away from the actual area which was destroyed.

ClintonToxicWeaponsThat being said, the reason I and many others speculate this is a money laundering scam is because orchestrated donations which conveniently granted favors to foreign businessmen considered criminals and enemies of the United States were timed perfectly with Hillary’s Secretary of State position.

Democrats have been defending the Clinton’s for years saying there’s not evidence of wrong doing either in the Clinton’s personal or public lives. However, the evidence points to them pawning off their crimes on others who have either met with conveniently timed deaths, prison or refuse to testify against them. Bill Clinton was also disbarred for committing perjury when he testified in the Paula Jones case and over Monica Lewinsky.

Bill Clinton was fined $25K for lying about Jones. He was fined another $90K for lying about Lewinsky. Now both Bill and Hillary are on record as liars but so far, only he has been convicted. Why should anything be different with the Clinton Foundation?

I’ve said it for years. The Clinton’s are lawyers. They know exactly how to skirt the law and pin the blame on someone else if they get in trouble or legal eyes start questioning their transactions. It’s  the perfect scam really.

clinton foundation 3Put money into a sheltered entity, call it a non-profit, use a tiny portion of the money for “good will,” then draw interest on the money under the protection of the United States government and when you want some, charge a speaking fee, avoid taxes until you have to and if you have to.

It’s actually quite brilliant. It’s not illegal. It’s not ethical. It’s not moral.

It’s also true the Clinton Foundation is under investigation by the FBI but if we’ve learned one thing about the Obama Administration, they’re going to protect the Clinton’s no matter what they do. It must be really nice to be a career crime family with the blessing of the United States government under a corrupt administration.

But then again, we’re talking about one of the most corrupt families in politics in the history of the United States.

Would we expect any less?



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