CNN’s habitual lying about President Donald Trump has become one of the most egregious acts of a “journalistic” news organization going off the deep end. Their latest antics are not only documented in actual photos, CNN put up a gigapixel image on their website which proves their lying about the crowd size attending the Inauguration of the 45th President of the United States. In their report, CNN said yesterday, crowd sizes were around 20K. Since this false report, Google and other online resources have buried this “fake news” story. Click here to see the interactive photo:

In the “Gigapixel” interactive zoom-in photo on their site, CNN showed the enormous crowd which filled Washington, DC from the Capitol Building where Mr. Trump was speaking, to the Washington Monument. Just within a tiny portion of the image are 30K people. Inauguration Crowd 3Apply a quick math calculation to the photo and a grade schooler can see, CNN either has no clue how to count or just blatantly lies in order to make headlines.

Unfortunately for CNN, the American people attending the Inauguration on January 20th were able to see the crowds were much larger than reported. Fox News’ Sean Hannity estimated attendance at the Freedom Ball, one of the three evening celebrations for Mr. Trump, was around 30K in number.

Estimates for physical crowd size are still being tallied however main stream media continues trying to sway public opinion with unsubstantiated numbers comparing President Trump’s crowd size to Obama’s in 2008 and 2012. Before CNN posted their “fake news” story, reports were coming in that the crowd attending the Inauguration were historic in numbers and not being deterred by liberal violent protesters which numbered in approximately 200 the night before and 300 seven blocks from the Inaugural Parade.

Protesters tried blocking attendees at several checkpoints throughout Washington, DC, however Bikers for Trump assisted Washington DC Police with efforts to protect citizens from the violence, chained protesters and violence perpetrated by anarchists. Reports from the DCPD estimated 90 protesters were arrested during the violent outbreak which left businesses vandalized and Trump supporters and police injured.

CNN is not in the habit of retracting any stories they’ve posted, doubling down on their “fake news,” although they have been caught lying repeatedly about President Trump’s words, twisting the meaning of what he says, criticizing his outreach to the public through Social Media usurping their reporting as well as trying to use propaganda terms like “Fake News” which ultimately backfired turning the tables on them after multiple stories were proven false.

Citizen journalists have caught CNN churning out fake news, altered photos and biased commentary posting real time photos and videos directly to Facebook via Periscope and YouTube.

Public outcries are calling for the Trump Administration to revoke media credentials for CNN and favor bloggers and alternative news reporters over main stream media sources as seen through various online petitions, social media posts and citizen journalist podcasters like James O’Keefe of Project Veritas and Julian Assange of Wikileaks.

Inauguration Crowd 2


Inauguration Crowd 1




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