dead-voters-north-carolina-ncPundits and commentators delivering news bites and tainted discussions apparently have forgotten the Colorado GOP completely usurped the voters deleting resolutions passed by the counties and magically forgetting those supporting Donald Trump on their State delegate list.

This isn’t rocket science and it’s really easy to check. Each county in Colorado would have had opportunities to submit resolutions which are supposed to be taken to the State Convention and put before the “delegates” to vote on either passing or rejecting pushing them through to the National Convention as the case may merit.

Looking at the Colorado GOP site, there’s quite a few Resolutions that are missing from our own county, La Plata County and there’s only 8 pages of really short sentences which doesn’t even include the entire resolution. Where’s the rest of the resolutions and why are La Plata County’s resolutions not included.

I personally know of at least two resolutions not on the list. One was the resolution our county submitted concerning the Executive Power which a handful of people used to get rid of the vote of the people. That’s not even close to being on the list.

Here’s what it actually said:

Resolution for the Colorado Republican Party to Institute Vote of the Membership for Major Changes


Resolution for the Colorado Republican Party to Institute Vote of the Membership for Major Changes

Whereas, the leadership of the Colorado Republican party represented by 24 people decided to remove the vote for Presidential candidate for the 2016 from the entire registered membership of the State of Colorado and,

Whereas, the leadership of the Colorado Republican party has continued to make major changes to the function of the Republican party as well as the voting process of the registered membership and,

Whereas, the decisions of the leadership of the Colorado Republican party do not reflect the will of the people in the State of Colorado who are registered members of the Republican Party, therefore be it resolved;

That the Colorado Republican Party leadership will no longer make major changes to the function or processes of the Republican party without the vote of the registered membership and,

That the Colorado Republican Party leadership will not change the voting process of the registered members without a vote and majority consent of the registered members and,

That the registered members of the Colorado Republican Party are in charge of the party and the leadership will comply to the vote of the people concerning any major issues brought to the party from the Republican National Committee or any other resolutions, policies or issues concerning the voice and the vote of the people.

Where is this and why is it not included on the list of resolutions? Because it doesn’t suit the elitists running the Colorado GOP.

Time and time again, this type of resolution has gotten buried or blamed on a “computer glitch” or “technical error” and thrown to the wayside.


CLEVELAND, OH - NOVEMBER 4: A voter fraud sign is seen at Lupica Towers November 4, 2008  in Cleveland, Ohio.  Voting is underway in the US presidential elections with Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) leading in the race against the Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).  (Photo by J.D. Pooley/Getty Images)

Where’s the stories about this? Where are these resolutions going and why are they being usurped by the GOP? We can’t even get a phone call through to the office and when we leave a message, no one returns the call.

And then there’s the matter of the people who are known Trump supporters being denied their delegate position at the actual State Convention. These people are not delusional. It’s happening and because of the inability to prove a thing, the person who was voted to be a delegate spends the money to book a hotel, make sure they have transportation and pay their badge fees online and then get to the venue only to be denied.

Really? Do you people who are negating these chosen, voted on delegates think that there’s some collective inability to get the fact you’ve been elected as a delegate? It’s really not rocket science to figure out if you’ve been elected to this position at the time of the county assembly.

These people show up to the County Assembly after being elected at the precincts and sit in their labeled chairs after signing in at a table with a person who is monitoring the Check-in process. As they sit in their seat, the Chairman calls for the vote on the delegates, people vote and then are counted, told they are a delegate and they know right then and there if they are going to be a delegate to the State Convention. There’s no Letter of Election sent to them in the mail, there’s no Magic 8 Ball. They know before they leave the County Assembly.

VOTE-FRAUD 1So what part of this isn’t getting through to anyone not living in a caucus state? What part of this is eluding those living in Colorado who are pretending there’s nothing shady going on here?

People chosen as delegates to the State of Colorado’s State Convention drive themselves to the venue, go to check-in and all of a sudden, they’re miraculously missing from the list. It’s also a miracle they happen to be those verbally supporting Trump.

Seems like there’s a lot of coincidences in the Republican party. Like how convenient it is the missing resolutions happen to be dealing with the ability of the people to vote or getting rid of the Caucus process. Hmm, every year?

Then of course, it’s also a coincidence the party leaders have verbally stated over and over again on an hourly basis using media to let us know loud and clear, they hate Trump. They are spending millions of dollars vigorously working to make sure their Communist propaganda tactics are being spread. And all of a sudden, the Trump delegates are POUF! Gone!

reince preibus 1And it’s a coincidence totally that Reince Priebus goes on Fox News and vehemently says Trump will not be the Republican nominee, announces a “contested convention” and then all of a sudden Colorado gets a great idea to get rid of our votes for Presidential nominee on the Republican side. Wow, that’s a lot of coincidences.

And to put the cherry on the top, Steve House, Chair of the Colorado GOP, pompously says he didn’t do anything wrong. House did everything wrong in this.

True, there are rules. We don’t know where they’re posted because the GOP and the State of Colorado GOP won’t post them anywhere we can see them. Apparently they’re no secret according to Priebus, House, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, CNN, everyone everywhere who pretty much hates Trump is making sure to tell the people of Colorado the rules are there.

Hmm. Go look at the Colorado GOP website: – you won’t find them on any of their tabs or navigation so that’s a no-go. You’d think this would be a good place to make sure people can find and download them easily, but no.

Then go look at the GOP National Website : which features “The Official Guide to the 2016 Nominating Process” which pretends to tell you how the nominating process works, but has no rules. You can hover over the states but so? That doesn’t take you to any of the state’s rules.

colorado_gop_logo_0There’s nothing here. I had to dig deep just to find the By-Laws of the La Plata County Republican Central Committee just to figure out what the hell the board is supposed to be doing because they seem to be completely disorganized.

And this is typical. This isn’t something new, it’s just something most people don’t know because they don’t physically get involved in the political process.  They just assume people who pretend to be Conservative are actually trying to do what’s right according to Republican ideology.

Little do they know these people have no intention of actually doing anything Conservative. Underhanded and manipulative, yes. Which brings us to the rules which they keep saying have been in place for over 80 years.

Whoever heard of putting a rule in a set of rules saying you can change the rules whenever you want? That would never fly regardless of the situation. But wait, both the Democrats and the Republicans have that rule which is why you play the game first under whatever rules they have when you start and then if they don’t like the results, can change them favoring whoever they want as the nominee.

This may be why Priebus so pompously acts as if we don’t matter, because we don’t and he knows it. Could be why he said, “if you don’t like it sit down and shut up.” Or today when he said, “give us a break.”

Why doesn’t Priebus and the elitist GOPe give US  a break. We’re not stupid and we’ve tried stopping this for years.

We can’t speak to Priebus because he’s just as protected as Hillary Clinton. He won’t answer the questions just like House won’t answer the questions. And if anyone thinks Priebus and House haven’t talked about what to do about Trump, you’re even more naive and probably shouldn’t be voting in the first place.

silenced 2I wish stupid people couldn’t vote, but in the United States of America, everyone eligible has that right. Elitists who think the popular vote shouldn’t be a factor in this country, you apparently didn’t read the Constitution. I didn’t read where it said, if you’re rich and powerful, you get to vote. That’s not the case.

Don’t be telling the people of America their vote counts when in reality, you prefer them to “sit down and shut up” and do what they’re told.

Maybe you forgot, America was founded because people like you tried to usurp the voice and vote of the citizens. Do you really want to have another Revolutionary War?

We’re ready. Are you?



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