With the organized liberal protesters who violated the Free Speech Rights of Donald Trump and his supporters in Chicago last night, we the people are going to take back the rallies and not one more of them will be cancelled.

For those who aren’t aware of what happened, the organization MoveOn.org along with father of evil, George Soros who is an Hungarian Jewish corrupt piece of crap trying to control the entire country with his Demonic Democrats and a platform of promoting hate and violence through inciting riots and blacks to pretend they’re protesting against whites, instigated a violent riot against Trump’s supporters who were going to his rally at the University of Illinois. Both Soros and MoveOn.org pay people, mostly blacks, to go to events, organize radicals tell them to burn flags, get in the faces of police, and if need be, commit violence.

Trump protester thrown out 1Earlier today, Facebook (FB) postings about the recruitment of protesters were proof Soros and MoveOn.org were behind the spectacle and violation of the rights of the people at Trump rallies. Later, Soros claimed responsibility for the protests and both Democrats and Republicans who hate Trump condoned their behavior.

As I was reading the reports of individuals who wrote their stories posting them on FB, one theme was common. People were caught off guard and stunned by the violence and vulgarity of the Black Lives Matter group, Bernie supporters and outright liberal loonies.

Part of the problem is Republicans and other conservatives have a tendency to not want to make waves, go about their lives not disturbing people and aren’t used to having their rights violated. This is why loud liberals keep getting away with their continual disruption of peaceful events and march in the streets and aren’t arrested.

Donald TrumpWhat I’ve discovered is these antagonists are just loud. That’s really all they are is loud. To the average person who has some sort of dignity about them, loud people are scary. The psychology behind these protesters is to incite fear within the person hoping they will run and hide.

This is why you’ll see the number one protester, Jedidah Brown, who has been protesting since Ferguson, Missouri and the Michael Brown incident, get within inches of a cop’s face. He has been trained by MoveOn.org and Soro’s people to push the boundaries. He’s been told he’s black and they wouldn’t dare arrest him. If they do, he’ll be bailed out shortly, have a great lawyer and eventually get off because he’s a poor little black kid from the hood.

You’ll also see these protesters will put their chests out and try to butt people if the loud doesn’t seem to be working effectively. They’re doing it because they know if they push hard enough, the other person will eventually swing, inciting a fight and then they can say the Republicans are violent.

Just look at the videos. They do it every time. When we don’t play their game and we’re not afraid, they run away crying and mad.

So here’s what we do at Trump Rallies. We take a lesson from Kansas City who just over-ran and threw out multiple protesters.

Every protester trying to grab attention was met by a resounding chant of the people. They were chanting either, “TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP!” or “U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A! and the protesters weren’t heard and were escorted out. If there were bleachers and metal stairs, the supporters could stomp their feet on that metal in the stadium and chant at the same time, clap in unison while chanting.

Trump supporters 1It’s much scarier to be faced with a wall of people who are all on the same page getting louder and are organized than a bunch of chaotic liberal loons who have no idea what their doing except for getting a paycheck for their disruptions.

And here’s another thing these liberal loonies don’t seem to get. We’re all in favor of the 2nd Amendment. Are they such puppets that they are unaware at any time during a Trump Rally, those of us who have permits to Conceal Carry will be exercising our rights if we’re threatened with bodily harm?

As for Mr. Trump, he should be suing Soros, MoveOn.org and Black Lives Matter along with Bernie and anyone else who is inciting a violent riot against Trump and his supporters exercising their right to Free Speech. I’m pretty sure Trump will be doing this as those claiming responsibility clearly broke the law.

From today on, it is imperative the supporters of Trump stick together and make sure we are unified as we are embracing Independents and former Democrats fleeing their parties and positions to add their names to the list of Donald Trump supporters.




Susan Forrester · March 13, 2016 at 3:08 am

I totally agree. The supporters need to be louder than the protestors and let them know they will not tolerate their disruptions. Throw them out indeed.

Elsie Colliton · March 13, 2016 at 3:37 am

I am in total agreement with this. It is so unfair that Donald Trump and his supporters can’t exercise their first amendment. These protesters are going to the rallies looking for trouble.

Maria Cairol · March 18, 2016 at 1:58 am

Hi Trump we will
Continue the fight until you get to the
White House . Those people are totally idiots.

Thank you And Let’s go Trump

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