donna-brazile-megyn-kellyThe Democrats are getting nastier and nastier, more corrupt every single day as they realize they’re losing this election BIG LEAGUE! Every day across main stream media they plaster rigged polls and false stories trying to hack away at our Constitution, our Freedom and our Representative Democracy which the American people believed functioned as it was supposed to. Liberal commentators give their biased opinions pretending as if the words coming out of their mouths are well thought out, when in reality, they’re calculated propagandist statements designed to feed their Lucky Charms lapping dolts a load of crap they digest with vigor.

Fox News is just as bad as the rest of the propagandists. They have people on their “fair and balanced ” opinion based shows feeding the public the Democrat’s agenda in “light mode” using talking puppets like Juan Williams, Julie Roginsky and Jessica Tarlov who continually deny the reality of a completely corrupt system.

They show clips of a corrupt Obama (I like to use my friend’s term B.O. because he seriously stinks!) saying things like Donald Trump is saying our system of voting is tearing down the very Democratic system we’ve built. What these lying, criminal Democrats wont’ tell the public is the system they’ve built over the years is one of utter manipulation which favors criminals like Hillary Clinton. They fail to tell the American public this “system” they’ve built is designed to destroy America and bring down our country to depths which will infringe on our rights.

In the last few days I’ve heard over and over again from liberal Loony Toons, “you’re just mad because you’re not going to win.”

Let me tell you something right here, right now.

Our Founding Fathers came from a society that was so corrupt and manipulative they literally left Europe and came here to form a “more perfect Union.” That Union was to ensure we are a free nation with rights for our people. They made provisions within their documents (The Constitution, The Federalist Papers, The Declarations of Independence, etc.) for the American people to get rid of corrupt criminal politicians and if that be by the means of the Revolutionary War, then so be it.

democrat corruptionThat’s what is getting on my nerves. We’ve grown a nation filled with tiny snowflakes, little cream filled cupcakes and delicate flowers who think if they raise their voices and hold signs, we’re just going to cave to their crying and whining. Loud doesn’t bother me. Violence does, and it’s being instigated by criminals like George Soros, Robert Creamer, John Podesta, Donna Brazille and Hillary Clinton along with their evil minions.

This election is now about the American people versus a corrupt system of government, media and political parties.

Does it matter what ticket Trump ran on? Not really. We would have supported him regardless of the party.

What we did was we brought the Republican Party to it’s knees by threatening to leave them and go Independent. The Bernie Sanders supporters brought the Democrats to their knees by building up an old guy who spoke their language, unfortunately they didn’t know about all the corruption and really didn’t think the pre-installed “Super Delegates” would seriously steal their candidate, threaten his wife and dupe them from the majority choice.

Some of the Sanders followers are beginning to wake up to this blatant corruption because of Julian Assange of Wikileaks, Guccifer and Guccifer2, James O’Keefe and others who have infiltrated their criminal enterprises and exposed the extreme corruption which makes the American government look worse than anything the Soviet Union ever did. At least the people knew their government was against them. Americans naively thought the government worked for them and that’s just not true and hasn’t been true since my entire “journalistic” career.

Let’s just look at the real figures. Trump has literally millions of supporters who are crushing Clinton.

Here’s the Social Media figures as of right now:


Trump – 11,618,202

Clinton – 7,334,553


Trump – 12,636,912

Clinton – 9,908,740

America First App (Trump’s Official Campaign App) has 64,643,140 who have downloaded and are following him.

Let’s look at the rallies:

IMAG0478Trump pulls in thousands of supporters. Between 3K and 20K per event. Clinton has stopped having rallies because she can’t even pull in 1K. The last time she thought she was going to stun the world with Al Gore, she could only pull in 750 people. The lying media wouldn’t even pull back so we could see the crowd.

The polls that immediately followed the debates have Trump winning with thousands of votes from a percentage of 71% to 96% and yet, today, we have laughable commentators saying the outlook is dismal and if the election were held today, Clinton would win.

I’d like to see who the hell is voting for her because they sure aren’t showing up at events. They’re not following her. Her social media numbers have barely moved and she’s behind there also.

Taking in to consideration these polling places are run by liberals, heavily sampled with liberals and published by liberals who are part of the corrupt media, how can we seriously trust any of them?

The double talking from the media is astounding. The blatant corruption is astounding. It is literally separating the men from the boys, the stupid from the smart, the Lollipop Kids from the Common Sense Americans.

If Trump hadn’t run for President, all of this would have been kept under wraps. There would have been no exposure of the absolute, undeniable corruption, lies and collusion between the Clinton Campaign, media and government.

We’re at the point of tyranny in our country. The government doesn’t fear the people anymore. Why should they? They’re using the propaganda machine represented by a guy in a nice suit who puppet talks to the American people through appearing on opinion outlets of CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, online biased sources, and anyone who benefits monetarily from association with a crime syndicate known as the Democratic party.

Frankly, I’m sick of it. Christians and Conservatives have turned a blind eye thinking God will do all the work for them. The Amish, Quakers, Mennonites and the like pretend to be so Godly and pious and won’t even exercise their God given right to vote! Evangelical Christians say, “I don’t like to get involved in politics” leaving the country to the rest of us to carry the burden for them while they live in La La Land wondering why the country is going to hell in a hand basket.

voter fraud 2At least with the figures above, we know we’re winning in a landslide. I can assure you, when the Democrats fight harder, we’re winning. We’re winning so Big League they’re losing their minds with hatred, trying to thwart us at every turn. They hi-jack our free speech by having corrupt judges tear down our free speech websites, cut off our Internet access, censor our posts on Facebook and Twitter. They block our way to peaceful and lawful events by perpetrating violence on us and filming it so the weak and frail are afraid to wear a t-shirt, hat or button. They vandalize our property to intimidate us and run around in the night in the dark to beat and kill us to pretend we’re the violent ones.

Time and time again we see videos on main stream media portraying Trump supporters and Patriots as if standing up for Freedom and the Constitution is un-American. We’re not naive and we’re not stupid.

We’ve got an arrogant ass in the President seat using tax payer funds to campaign for a crook. Are you kidding me?

Well here’s the good news. In 2012, B.O. won with 65M votes, Romney lost with 60M. Trump already has 64M just on his app and that’s growing.

Democrats and “big name liberals” will scoff at the numbers saying, “elections aren’t won by social media” although that’s not true. How do you think Obama won in 2012?

Trump’s IQ is so far above the rest of these idiot baby whiners, once we smack them upside the head with our landslide win, they’ll be scrambling.

And yes, Virginia, we should be using our 2nd Amendment rights against a corrupt government system which has duped the people of this country for far too long. We should take back our country and we shouldn’t ever accept any election which has massive voter fraud.

That would be un-American.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


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