James Comey 1Watching the House Oversight and Reform Committee grill FBI Director James Comey for five hours on his absolutely law defying decision to not recommend charges against clear criminal Hillary Clinton proved today the connection of corruption within the Democratic party, media and federal law enforcement is very deep.

As I listened to Jason Chaffetz, US Representative (R-Utah) and Trey Gowdy, US Representative (R-South Carolina) among other Republicans, it was made crystal clear Comey has ruined his reputation, refuses to cooperate with the law, is obstructing justice, is protecting Clinton and has no intention of being reasonable ever with the committee.

Any small town detective with the same evidence of Clinton’s utter disregard for the agreement she signed to preserve and protect government communications could see the crimes she’s committed. She destroyed government property. She deleted government emails. She compromised our National Security. She made deals in her own interest which were bad for our country and got four Americans killed in Benghazi. She lied about everything she did and then tried to cover it up.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know the FBI is now a compromised organization under the direction of a corrupt Democratic administration who has enlisted the aid of a crime boss named Comey.

Jason Chaffetz 1With direct questions from Chaffetz, Gowdy and others, Comey kept trying to hammer the point that no crimes were committed by Clinton. Even after Gowdy pointed out it is not the job of the FBI Director to recommend prosecution, Comey still pretended as if there was no case against the former Secretary of State. He even tried to insult Chaffetz and Gowdy by saying, “no reasonable prosecutor would take this case.” Whenever Comey says this it makes me laugh because of the absurdity with which he speaks.

Comey even acted insulted by the questioning of his integrity saying he didn’t want people calling him a “weasel.” Well, Comey not only are you a weasel, you’re a corrupt politician pretending to be a law enforcement officer. You’re nothing better than scum from the gutter and the American people do not have any respect for anyone who will let a career criminal off the hook with clear evidence against her.

A layman can see Comey is lying and corrupt. Both Chaffetz and Gowdy pointed out the statutes governing the illegal conduct of Clinton, point by point, included other cases which were similar and precedents set by previous people who have not only done almost the exact same thing as Clinton with mishandling classified information, but also are currently in prison for such behavior. These guys didn’t even destroy the evidence. They just mishandled it.

Chaffetz-and-Gowdy-Alex-Wong-GettyChaffetz stated Clinton not only had an illegal server which was against the law in the first place, she destroyed government protected emails after being served a preservation subpoena she refused to comply with. He pointed out dates and times which Comey denied and continued to selectively “not recall.” He said the dates must be wrong and the information faulty. He refused to admit the government documents in Chaffetz hands including emails between staff members admitting they knew about Clinton’s compromised server were correct.

If you’ve ever seen Dinesh D’Souza’s films 2016: Obama’s America and Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party, watched the pathetic display of lies from Clinton during the Benghazi Committee hearings. Comey’s statements about the FBI investigation and his last hearing, in addition to yesterday’s Comey grilling, you can see a direct correlation of corruption between the entire system bringing down America as we have always known it and as stated in the United States Constitution.

In other words, law doesn’t apply to Democrats if they strategically place themselves in a position which is beneficial to their party and their agenda which is the destruction of minorities and power over the people to make them the fat cats of the country pulling the strings. We’re mere peasants to these people and those supporting the Democratic party are sorely mistaken if they think they’re going to gain from any of the corruption. If you’re not in the “circle” your money and your vote is all they care about. Your livelihood is not of their concern. Lining their pockets is the main goal as well as superiority over the masses.

hillary clinton benghazi 1Because of Donald Trump running for President, the exposure of the deep corruption has been enormous. The clear bias of the news media is astounding. The blatant crimes of politicians are being defended. Law has become a side note and crime has risen substantially. The oppression of the people is so obvious but Democrats sugar coat the issues with distractions like “Climate Change” and false numbers. These entities go hand in hand with the crimes being committed behind the backs of the American people and on their dime.

In fact, if you think about it, Clinton and her husband have been paid huge sums of money from American tax payers who have been funding their corruption for years. Through the Clinton Foundation, Clinton found a way to get people to “donate” large sums of money she could later use for her family’s own personal gains and do “favors” for those donors through the State Department.

No one in the history of the United States has had so many convenient coincidences of coordinated donations, positions in government and miraculously timed deaths of witnesses who were going to testify in cases, money in pockets and dismissal of charges as the Clintons. Every time they get their hand caught in the cookie jar, they just say the don’t know, don’t recall or weren’t there. Even with video, audio and documented proof, the Clinton’s just use what is now know as the “Clinton Defense” of “I don’t know.”

Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C Groundbreaking CeremonyTherefore, after a year long investigation, Comey basically dismissed all evidence against Clinton’s mishandling of Classified information, her total disregard of National Security, compromising information which could potentially get our operatives killed and said it was all a big, “Oops.” The penalty for mishandling classified information is a fine, imprisonment or both. Clinton skated with a bid for President of the United States endorsed by Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Obama.

Turning to the main stream media, rather than report the truth of the matter which is Comey is lying, inept and obstructing justice, they keep honing in on Clinton wasn’t charged, all investigations by “Republicans” are a “witch hunt.”

Fortunately for America, citizens are watching this completely absurd Democratic government cheating, lying and covering up crimes for Clinton, thanks to Trump. For years, I’ve known all of this was going on but no one would listen.

This linked corruption has been going on for my entire 30 year journalistic career. This manipulation of the public between government and media was apparent when I worked at the ABC affiliate in Colorado Springs and thus the reason I quit and went on to radio.

MSM-logosMy editors in the newsroom would push stories under the table the public needed to know. They would send us out to get sound bites of politicians they didn’t like. They’d tell us what they wanted the person to say prior to going out and asking questions. Once we got to the person, we’d ask the same question over and over again until the person said what the news director wanted them to say, thank the politicians and run back to cut the sound for the nightly news cast.

That’s the truth and that’s how news works. When the news director or station owner had a “friend” in a certain government office, we were to angle the story to make that person look good and the opposition look very bad and scandalous.

I did an experiment to see how the news director and the management would react if I sensationalized the news headline, did a tabloid tease and then made the story really juicy with either sex, drugs or some sort of diabolical scandal conspiracy. The juicier I made the story, the better they liked it.

All I had to do was take a story, find a person to video how would exaggerate the facts and WaaLa! I had a hit. The problem? It wasn’t news. It was a twisted version of a situation which we presented as fact.

This is exactly what Democrats are doing now. They are emailing schemes between themselves, the Clintons are using their pawns like Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin and Bryan Pagliano to do their dirty work so they can innocently say, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” These puppets don’t do anything on their own without the direction of the control freak, Hillary.

It’s also very clear, Clinton has instructed her “people” on how to lie til they die and stick to the story. You have to remember both Clintons are lawyers. They may not have licenses anymore, but they are still lawyers.

Bill Clinton 2When Bill Clinton was elected, I watched his Presidency and it seemed like all he wanted to be was a rock star. He didn’t care about the actual office of President. He just wanted the glory, the money and the power. Hillary was the person pushing all the buttons and making the decisions while she stood behind him with her chops licking the chair in the Oval Office.

If you noticed, most First Ladies will do charitable work after they’ve vacated the White House. But not Hillary. Her ambitions went beyond Bill who could now sit back in the lap of luxury, gained his Rock Star status and could skate the rest of his life.

She, on the other hand, was just getting started. She bid out her Senator position to whoever had the most advantages for her, landed in New York, collected a paycheck to put something on her resume, did basically nothing and then as planned, put her hat in the ring for President.

Hillary hadn’t counted on Barack Obama, a black guy, to play the race card and usurp her chances at the most powerful position in the world. So, making a deal with Obama, she gave in, saw it as an opportunity to put one more thing on her resume, add some money to her pockets through shady deals and bide her time until now.

This is her last chance at the Oval Office and through dirty politics, she took out Bernie Sanders who never had a chance. Has used her “power” and “intimidation tactics” on others including the MSM and is trying to ensure she gets what she wants no matter what she has to say or what she has to do.

Clinton is the very essence of the word “Democrat” with every corrupt, criminal act that goes with it.

Hillarys America 1She’s got such tunnel vision, that she has set her sites directly on the President’s chair and forgot about her health and Donald Trump.

Trump is the one person who can take her down, put her out of our misery and correct the destruction of Obama, the Democrats and the liberal agenda which is plaguing our nation. He doesn’t need any donations, doesn’t need the power and doesn’t need the position. That’s the most dangerous kind of politician Clinton can face; an honest man championing the American Constitution and the people of our country.

My suggestion from here is to not only do the research yourself, look at the emails, review the government documents, listen to witnesses and check their credibility. Don’t just take CNN or MSNBC’s word for anything. Don’t take the word of a reporter.

This year it’s up to the American people to rid our government of this filth including Clinton, Obama, Lynch and Comey. We can do this if we join together and ensure the American philosophy, Constitution and way of life is put back in order so everyone can be secure, have the ability to prosper and pursue their own happiness.

Vote Trump to end this corruption and deceit!


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