govt-censorshipIn the last week, I tried to give you a comprehensive view on the way the Colorado GOPe squashed the vote of the people, why the parties could care less about the people and what the difference is in Ted Cruz’s campaign compared to Donald Trump’s campaign.

As we’ve seen, the people don’t matter and really never have.

Recap: whether you’re casting a vote in a caucus or a primary, ultimately, you’re vote means diddly squat unless you’re a delegate or party favorite. Delegates are only bound to a candidate through a certain amount of national votes, some are first vote, some are bound through the third vote.

A bound delegate is someone who is supposedly representing the people in their state, Congressional District, County or Precinct with a vote of the people passed on to the next level of the process if they’re elected to continue.

The fake process is supposed to be the people vote for a candidate and the delegate takes that majority vote to the next level. HALT! That’s not what really happens and it’s not what happened in Colorado.

The people couldn’t tell delegates their Presidential preference. They had to rely on corrupt political pawns called “delegates” to hopefully cast a vote for President eventually which was, according to the State of Colorado GOP, at the National Convention.

dems reps same 1Somewhere along the way, this changed. We know in a closed door meeting Colorado’s state GOPe leaders including Chair Steve House and Vice Chair Derrick Wilburn,  both advocated taking away the voice and vote of the people in this debacle. However, they, along with the party officers, unanimously voted to get rid of the caucus votes and the primary votes of the people in the Republican party in this state.

Alright, in comes the Cruz campaign along with a strategic plan to work with the State GOP, squashing our votes and blaming the mishaps on “clerical errors” and “computer glitches” miraculously effecting Trump delegates. To this date, we’ve still not gotten any messages, calls, emails, nothing from any Cruz or Kasich delegates. I can confidently say, it only effected Trump’s delegates.

It’s been rumored, the Cruz Super PACS are offering to pay for the entire delegate expense package for these people to go to the National Convention. It’s perfectly legal under the current system and directly reflects, to the “T” how lobbyists work.  This is the regular corrupt system of schmoozing politicians to sway their votes. This adds up to, at minimum, a $10,000 expense per delegate.

lies 1Now, what we see is not a “representative government,” we see delegates are micro-politicians, spending thousands of dollars to “campaign” to be a National Delegate trying to reach out to those who might vote for them with “perks” of their own.

Prior to the Colorado State Republican Convention, mailers from those delegates with the money were sending out campaign materials to try and rally County Executive Board members to tell the people in their areas vote for this guy or vote for this gal. They were even making phone calls and sending emails to these people to keep their names in the forefront of the minds of anyone who could possibly sway the vote in favor of one delegate or another.

That being said, there’s nothing different between being a delegate or a candidate for a political office. Same thing, different day. Not representative of the people, but supposed to be neutral if “unbound” as was the gist of the idea in Colorado.

If you look at it, it’s like having a bunch of delegates standing in front of you and you have no idea what any of them think. They get 10 seconds to make a pitch and you’re supposed to decide which one of these guys will be representative of your viewpoint and vote.

This is quite interesting since the candidates have spent the better part of a year so far and millions of dollars to tell us what they think, participated in debates on a national stage and held various rallies and town halls. But yet, we’re supposed to cast a vote for a delegate who just gave a 10 second pitch who we don’t know?

This is where the schmoozing begins and the Cruz campaign, knowing this is the game, by-passed the people because they don’t matter, going directly to the state convention, never campaigned to the people since there’s no reason and “razzle-dazzled” the Cruz delegates.

stop lying 1It’s legal for Super Pacs to give just about any perk they want including paid vacations, dinners, gifts, paying off mortgages, cars, pretty much the sky is the limit and Cruz knows it. He’s not an idiot. He’s just a liar and there’s a difference.

What Trump has done was allow the system to play itself into a public scandal so the people can get what’s going on here. Gloaters, including Cruz, are mocking the people of Colorado and pretending as if everything is fair. On the other hand, Trump is telling the people what they should have known had they done the research, the system is rigged, refusing to wine and dine and bribe delegates.

It’s a lot more honorable to get a delegate through the people they represent, rather than through the very process Cruz calls the “Washington Cartel.”

Trump learned this process because he’s a businessman and knows if you don’t pay, you can’t play. I learned the system because of being in the news media. If you don’t play nice with politicians, they won’t give you the juicy story all journalists covet.

On my side, I rely on people who are sick of the corruption to give me the information with documentation or at least if push comes to shove, will allow me to reveal who they are so I can verify what I’m telling you.

Wolf Sheep 1Unfortunately, we’re talking about very dangerous territory that can sometimes get a person physically hurt or in extreme cases, killed. Politics isn’t a pretty game. It’s mostly dirt and grime. It’s backroom deals with underhanded tactics designed to manipulate the people into thinking they’ve elected someone to an office.

In bigger cities, it’s even in City Council positions. Tit for tat, favor for favor and it’s been this way for a very long time right under the noses of the people who believe their votes count.

The only way to change the system is to scrap the system since the rules in both the Democratic party and the Republican party don’t favor the people and never will. It’s a rule run-around circle the people can never win no matter what they try to do through a legal means.

We can’t join the Libertarians because this party is so lackadaisical it makes the unorganized Republican party look like a well-oiled machine. Sorry, can’t have a pot-smoking, uncaring, total hands-off person as my representative.

dishonest 2I can totally understand why some don’t like the Tea Party since they’ve been duped by Cruz, supported Rubio and then act like overcharged battering rams. I have to say though, I prefer this attitude over the others but still, is this really a “we the people” type organization or just another Republican party trying to rule the roost?

On that note, I would highly suggest “we the people” follow the lead of the only candidate telling you the plain, simple, really ugly, down and dirty truth, and that’s Trump. You might not like the way he says the truth but it’s still the truth no matter how you stack it.

It’s what I’ve known for years and been saying for years against all the pundits in main stream media including Fox News. So far, there’s only one guy on Fox saying the same thing I’m saying and that’s Eric Bolling. He’s even harsher than Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly.

Hannity is way too nice to Cruz and Kasich, especially when he could really be pounding the hammer on both of these guys. Cruz’s lies are so blatant he’s not an option at all. Along with his Dr. Jekylle and Mr. Hyde double talking rhetoric, I can barely stand him.

Kasich is hell-bent on draining Social Security, has found a new love of the transgender bathroom laws and is a Democrat in Republican clothing, so this isn’t an option for a Conservative.

sanders muppetIt’s time Independents and Democrats got off the fence. Although I don’t like the Republican party and think it’s a real load of crap on a pointy stick in the ass, we have to be Republicans until Trump goes third party.

We are united despite what the media tries to pretend. Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Partiers, Independents, Democrats and Libertarians are flocking to Trump.

We far out number voters for Hillary Clinton, the Benghazi Butcher; Bernie Sanders, Waldorf of the Muppets who is lacking math skills; Lyin’ Ted Cruz, the Bad Preacher and John Kasich, the Double Dipping Democrat. Collectively, we can win for Trump regardless of the party.

This is what the parties really fear. They don’t really fear any of the candidates. They fear the people of the United States sticking together and moving against the parties.

Let the blind people gather in groups to support Sanders, Clinton, Cruz and Kasich pretending as if they’re votes count. They can drink the Kool-aid.

The majority has woken up and we’re not having it. It’s up to each of us, supporting Trump, to spread the word through logic and reason and vigilance. We can do this and we can take back the country.

tom jeff 1I encourage all the fence sitters to hop down and join the Republican party or if already registered, stay in the Republican party specifically for Trump. Until he changes parties, I’m still a Republican. The day Trump changes, is the day I’m done.

The party has never been loyal to me and I’ll be damned if I’ll be loyal to a party filled with politically corrupt delegates who don’t care about “we the people.”

Regardless of what the party hijackers think of “we the people,” we matter!

Every American citizen matters and we can make our voices heard as long as we remember our Constitutional rights and continue forward en mass. There may be a point when this becomes a real civil war and we have to take our country back physically from this corrupt government.

At least the Founding Fathers thought about “we the people.” I believe they would be very proud of Trump and cast their votes for him, the one true American candidate.

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