Yesterday, I was watching “The Five” on Fox News and Eric Bolling, co-host of the show was talking about how the Republican party is going through a revolution and the “establishment” doesn’t like it. Snapping back at him, Dana Perino, another co-host, acted like she was astonished and had no clue what he was talking about saying, “What’s your source on that?”

I found this extremely stupid for Perino to act so oblivious to the obvious, but expect it from her since she is very against Donald Trump and the process in which the Conservatives are bolting from the “same old, same old” calling for a major change.

Her denial of an “establishment” was even more stupid since she has been in the government realm for a long time working as the White House Press Secretary to President George W. Bush.

So, just for Perino, I’ll try to make this as clear as I can.

good old boysThe “establishment” is the “Good Old Boys Club” of the Republican party. Although it does include a few women such as Perino, it’s those stuffy backroom Republican men who’ve formed a click. You’re either in or you’re out and they’ll decide if you’re worthy to be in “the club.”

It’s that snobbish “upper-crust” elitist Republican attitude that looks down their nose at anyone not playing their game by voting their way, taking monetary payoffs and lobbying for their cause.

The “establishment” are the power positions in the Republican party who refuse to listen to the people, their ideas or won’t vote for someone they “don’t know” who is approved by “the club.”

It’s the manipulative money hungry, power grabbers who’ve been in their Senate and House positions so long there’s a permanent butt-mark on the seat with their name on it.

And the young people under 50 now being pushed by the “establishment” are kissing the asses of these guys, running around after them like little dogs hoping someday to grow up to be just like them with money, power and influence. They’re programmed to what “the club” wants them to say and have been promised money and power if they’ll only back them and vote their way.

These “establishment guys” don’t care what the people want. They’ll double talk you just to get elected and justify their deals wrapping them in a package just to be jerks and pass a bill they’ll shove down our throats and say, “It’s good for our society.”

They’ll talk you to death, oblivious to the fact their jobs can be on the line. They think the more they talk, the more they’ll wear you down and eventually you’ll be a zombie and just give in to whatever they say. They fail to recognize the American people aren’t listening anymore.

They also try to pretend they’re you’re Best Friend Forever because who’s going to vote against their friend?

That’s what the establishment is Dana, and you’re right in the thick of it.

gopleadershipThe establishment is you, Dana. Turning your nose up at the thought of a maverick like Trump can come along, listen to the voice of the people, wants to save the work he’s done all of his life, looks at the utter destruction the Establishment Republicans have allowed from bad Democrat policies and he wants to change it.

It’s so outside the realm of who the “establishment” has worked since being part of “the club” is how people play the game. First, you make the right friends. Then they scrutinize you, covering up anything they deem “not electable” and groom you for a position they’ll choose for you within the Republican party.

That’s you Dana. You and your cronies are the “establishment” who have betrayed the people and strayed from the Conservative principles which originally governed the Republican party. So the true Republicans, the true Conservatives are the “revolutionaries” like Trump and his supporters.

So, do I expect you to be able to look yourself in the eye and know it’s you who are part of the establishment?

No. I do not.

But at least the majority of us, including Trump himself, are able to recognize this “establishment club” and can call it by it’s name.

And there you have it Dana – fully explained.

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Pearl · April 10, 2016 at 4:31 pm

Well said! It’s a wonder to me that you appear to be the only one who took the time to address that late night episode. With dropped jaw, I witnessed the unbelievable exchange between Bolling and Perino – her shrill denial of the existence of an establishment (reinforced by the insufferably arrogant Gutfeld), treating Bolling as if he were a card-carrying member of the Flat Earth Society. It seriously irked me, and I’m not even a Trump or Cruz supporter as none of the candidates are Libertarian enough for me. I’ve looked for a video clip of that indignant scene but haven’t found one. Seriously, it needs to be passed around and seen for what a useful tool she is, let alone FOX as a whole.

In a similar vein, did you catch the “adorable” Megan Kelly’s performance the other night making fun of the very reasonable concern of a “shadow” movement pulling strings in the likely event of a contested Republican Convention? Same snotty thing. I’ve learned so much this last year: FOX NEWS has shown their true colors, and the mainstream media, including the more popular “alt” sources (Breitbart, Blaze etc), have lost me forever. Sibel Edmonds (FBI whistle blower who published “Classified Woman” & “Lone Gladio”) of “Boiling Frogs Post” has become one of my new go-to sources for actual fact-finding news sans willfully blind, good ol’ boy party loyalties.

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