Jennifer Palmieri 1Not only is it bad enough Democrats are just plain lunatics, now Hillary Clinton’s Director of Communications Jennifer Palmieri says Donald Trump’s campaign was giving racists and white supremacists a platform negating the United States is made up of about 63-70% white people. Main stream media focused on a small gathering of approximately 240 white supremacists who held a meeting prior to the election where they endorsed Trump. That’s a really small portion of the 62 million voters who elected Mr. Trump.

Within a few days of the meeting, Democrats hopped on the race train saying, “All Trump supporters are racists and bigots.” Posts by liberal writers like Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post claimed many Trump supporters are against African Americans and frequently make racist comments. She has been on both Tucker Carlson and Bill O’Reilly, called out for no proof and still insists she has a bunch of proof we’re all racists. Seriously? What is we linked all Democrats to Comet Ping Pong and the child sex trafficking ring in Washington DC revealed in the Podesta and DNC Emails by Wikileaks? Would that be valid?

Kellyanne Conway 1At a Harvard forum last week Palmieri had the audacity to accuse Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s Campaign Manager of running a campaign backed by white supremacists. This was all started by liberal media idiots who can’t listen and get a sentence straight. They had absolutely no concept of what was being said by Trump for over two years, are offended by anyone who calls themselves a Conservative or Republican, refuse to hear what’s really being said and have the gall to make comments on what they truly don’t get.

Now I don’t know about you, but every comment of the Democrats which includes the race card is, in itself bigoted, racist and blatantly false. Palmieri and losing campaign candidate, Clinton can’t understand how a nation which is more than half white can vote for a white billionaire business man over a white millionaire career crook.

The lies perpetrated on the American people finally caught up with the Democrats. They can’t stand it, can’t handle the snub of the working class and have zero idea where they went wrong.

If you read anything they’ve said, nothing is their fault, they’re going to keep up with their strategy of “lie ’til you die” and will keep calling white people racists, bigots, white supremacists and anything else they can throw at us. What’s even more stupid is their whiter than whitey, Palmieri and Cinton are calling white people racists while being racist against blacks pretending as if minorities don’t get a lot of breaks denied to whites because of “affirmative action,” the NAACP and every other organization where a white guy or a white woman can’t get a break.

racist 1Seriously, do you see any Caucasian College Funds? Nope – it’s the Negro College Fund. Nothing wrong with it but if we had the same thing, we’d be called White Supremacists.

Under Democrat criteria, I have to like someone based on their color rather than whether I actually like them or not. Under Democrat criteria, I have to vote for a person based on their color, not their policies.

So if an African American or an Indian American (think India) ran for President and was campaigning on “Clown hats for all!” we’d have to vote for them or we’re racist. But of course, these two people would only be running on a clown platform if they were in the Democratic party.

Under Democrat criteria, we have to vote for a woman because she’s a woman. Forget it if she’s a crooked career criminal who’s been using her public office to fund herself, put American lives in jeopardy, lied to Congress multiple times, covered up and destroyed government property, Trump supporters are misogynists even if the only qualification is she’s a woman. Ok, well call me whatever you like, I am still against crooks regardless of gender or color.

If the cards were on the table and policy were the only issues in the last election and no one knew who was going to be under which column, Clinton would have lost just on policy alone.

eeny2Why? Because, Thank God, 62 million people in the United States had enough common sense to see the BS pushed by the Democrats and were able to see there were no policies on Clinton’s side which made sound sense in any capacity.

I thought the election campaign was stupid on the Democrat side anyway and clearly was corrupt. I also thought it might be possible when Clinton was defeated she’d crawl back in the hole she came out of. I was really hoping the Democrats would wake up and see evil for what it really is, but that was not meant to be.

Instead, the Democrats have taken their Looney Toon platform with all it’s lies and corruption and instead of licking their wounds and acting dignified, they are now using Palmieri and the rest of the Puppet Brigade along with their Toddler Nation of College Student cry babies and are pushing their white supremacist, race baiting agenda making complete and utter fools out of themselves even more so than when they kept hearing Clinton spew lies in public saying, “She’s not lying, she’s stating facts” while they pasted on smiles and failed to tell Clinton she was going to lose. Guess they didn’t want the screaming and hitting to begin.

colors 1Nope, the leadership in the Democrats knows they’re spewing a load of crap daily, but it’s what they do. They’ve gotten so good at saying, “The Russians did it” and “You’re a racist” they can do it with straight faces now looking like they mean it.

So what have we learned in the past year? Democrats are the stupidest people on the planet and the Puppet Masters are brilliantly duping half the nation into believing the Emperor has a beautiful new suit made of invisible thread spun from gold. The rest of us know these guys are naked and frankly, the rolls of fat are alarming to say the least!

Sorry, Democrats. You can keep trying to start a race war between the citizens in the United States but the only people who are buying into your narrative are those who benefit from your government handouts. The rest of us are tired of paying for your side and we’re going to be making your people work, we’re going to have pride in our country and we’re going to be proud of being who we are regardless of color.

That means if I’m a white girl, I’m proud of who I am and that doesn’t make me a white supremacist. That makes you race baiting fools for underestimating the American people who, along with Trump are going to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!




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