Liberal whiners 1For the past 8 years, Democrats have plunged the United States into a spiral of failure while lying to Americans, fudging numbers and committing vandalism, violence and Federal crimes which they’ve never had to pay. Liberals have hosted cry-ins, sit-ins, violent protests while using hate speeches, bigotry and racist statements to sway brain dead Zombie college kids aka The Toddler Nation, pathetic celebrities and tit-sucking welfare recipients with nothing better to do because they have no job, to try and mow over those of us with real jobs, real bills to pay and real issues.

Liberal Whiners 2Frankly, this temper tantrum of the Democrats pushed by liberal media is completely ridiculous. No one is taking them seriously anymore. George Soros, a major donor to the party of disruption and destruction (Democrats) is funding anything and everything he can fund to destroy our country. When are people going to wake up? Most likely never.

The Democrats and media have two cement blocks on their feet, have jumped in the Hudson River of pollution and rather than admit they’re a bunch of pathetic loser stumps with zero brain cells rallying around a pile of crap, they deny their concrete shoes, pretend they’re crime ridden cities are the “bee’s knees” and white people are the root of any and all problems within ethnic groups.

The Blame Game is getting really old and at least half of the American people are sick and tired of their stupid statements. Everyday irresponsible “media” like CNN and MSNBC have a panel of idiots laughing and degrading common sense solutions without a shred of reality. They’re delusional comments show they are biased bigots who refuse to see we’re not buying the crap their selling.

Liberal Whiners 4People with common sense know Democrats are fudging the numbers and are blatant liars. It’s not rocket science to figure out the fake jobs reports put out by the Obama Administration are ridiculous and fail to include the amount of jobs sliced in thirds. Those who think the government under a Democrat is actually giving us the truth are too stupid now to even talk to.

We’re seriously living in a society where 1 in 2 people are complete morons and that’s what we’re dealing with now.

We’ve dumbed down schools, catering to the lowest denominator in the classroom, encourage people to be mediocre or less be giving them everything under the sun, write to a third grade level and refuse to see Democrats being loud have made it so confusing for kids we’ve got New York pretending as if there’s 30+ genders rather than the two which have been an established truth since the world began.

liberal Whiners 3Democrats can’t figure out which bathroom to use, which gender they are or the difference between truth and fiction. Why in the hell would we be having any Democrat in charge of anything when they have zero clue about the Constitution, civil rights, bigotry, what their party is, pushes or pretends to be?

Why do Democrats continue on the soap box of criminal platforms pretending all’s well in La La Land?

Their house is burning around them and they are too stupid to get a fire hose to put it out!

Personally, I hope they implode which it looks like that’s what they’re doing.

Liberal Whiners 5It’s time now to turn off the TV, get our noses out of the asses of politicians and let Donald Trump lead the nation under the rule of “We the people” rather than “we the Democrats of Destruction acting like total losers and crybabies.”

Media is responsible for spreading rumors using what used to be their power for swaying public opinion. The good news is, throughout the past two years we’ve seen the demise of the liars. We’ve also seen the only power Democrats and media have is what we the people give them and we’ve taken it away.

Now if we can get a social media source that will stop trying to interfere with our communication, we’ll be a First Amendment society.

FYI to you pathetic Democrats: When you threaten violence on us and we say we’re going to defend ourselves with our 2nd Amendment rights, that’s not us promoting “murder.” That’s us saying you can bring it if you want to but you’ll also suffer the consequences as a result of your instigated actions against us. It’s us defending ourselves against a bunch of childish crybabies who do nothing more than act like uncivilized, out of control morons who are trying to perpetrate violence on us and you think we’re just going to take it. It’s us defending ourselves against a truly pathetic bunch of evil instigators who have nothing better to do than suck the government tit and then whine about it.

We’re done. We’re through with your behavior.

liberal whiners 7You can bring 2000 busloads of idiots and have Madonna post pubic hair daily if that’s what you want to do, but the minute you start getting violent, expect us to defend ourselves, our country, our rights and our Constitution. It will happen and it will be because of your inability to reason.

NOTE TO DEMOCRAT JOHN LEWIS: You’re actually insignificant in the Civil Rights movement and apparently are one of those pompous politicians refusing to read history. Here’s a lesson for you – 600,000 white Americans died in the civil war to free the slaves. Not one single Democrat voted to free the slaves and not one single Democrat supported the Emancipation Proclamation which Abraham Lincoln – Republican – had to sign by Executive Order because the Democrats refused to free the slaves. I’m tired of your stupidity and lying to the American people and you should be ashamed of yourself as all Democrats should be ashamed of themselves.

When and if the liberal American people wake up, there will be hell to pay. People don’t like being lied to and they don’t like being manipulated.

Grow up Democrats and pull your heads out of your asses. We’re done with you!


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