Amazingly, over the past several months, reporters have asked Democratic Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and former Secretary of State and Democratic Candidate for President Hillary Clinton what the difference is between a Democrat and a Socialist and neither of them could answer the question.

Due to the inability of the main leadership in the Democratic party to answer the question, some media have taken to the streets to find out if anyone on the liberal side of politics can answer this relatively simple question. And they can’t either.

Basically, the difference is Socialism means you’ll work and have to split your income and property with everyone. Being a Democrat today is certainly different than it was in John F. Kennedy’s time. Today, it means you’ll support just about anything which is politically correct, devastating to the United States and against the Constitution.

Although some Democrats would disagree with the above definition, reading through everything they support, it’s pretty much a given they will disagree with common sense and logic.

Socialists push this further by taking everyone’s hard earned income and property and spread it around.

Clinton is neither a socialist or a Democrat. In fact, she is a Capitalist when talking about her own income and wealth. For everyone else, she is fine with Socialism.

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Typical liberal response to facts

Typical liberal response to facts

In a recent interview, Clinton said she was a “progressive Democrat” which – just in terminology – is an oxymoron. In truth, Democrats would have us digress back to the 1700s when this country was fighting for it’s liberty from a tyrannical government. Clinton supports government taking over the very lives of citizens within the United States and controlling their every move from income to healthcare, living spaces to education. In her “plans,” people would have only the options given to them by the government in just about every aspect of life.

Then there was Bernie Sanders, pure Communist/Socialist. He doesn’t make a whole lot of money so he wants what Clinton has made in her lifetime, along with John Kerry’s income, the highest paid person in the Senate. He wants everyone to have free everything and then he’ll tax you pretty much your entire paycheck to give you that “freebie.”

In reality, there has never been a successful society which is governed by Socialism, Communism or anything other than Capitalism. Unfortunately, liberals don’t like fact, opting for fantasy rather than reality.

So here’s the main differences between a Socialist and a Democrat. Socialists want you to work hard so they can take your stuff. Democrats aren’t really sure what they want except the like to play Candyland and wear tin hats.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


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