The recent terror attack in Istanbul, Turkey is a perfect example of the two sides of the liberal Democrats which show the hypocrisy of the left. For the victims in another country suffering from a terror attack, they have no problem saying it’s “terrorism.” Turning to Orlando, they want to push their Gun Control issues.

Looking at both of these situations, you have to wonder what is going on in their tiny pea brains that they refuse to see what’s right in front of their very eyes.

Comparing the two, both attacks included guns – according to reports – assault weapons which aren’t really assault weapons or “weapons of war” – in particular an AR-15 which is pretty easy to get. The perpetrators were wearing similar suicide bomb vests. In Turkey, they went off. In Orlando, no one has ever said if it was a real bomb or just a fake. Although we’re not sure if ISIS was involved in Turkey, it’s pretty clear in Orlando since the terrorist pledged his allegiance to the organization’s leader and “Allah.” Both the attacks were in “gun free zones” and the citizenship were unarmed and easy targets.

orlando 2The difference is one had strict gun laws which read like a Liberal Handbook, the other has the 2nd Amendment to fall back on. Neither of these two situations, gun control or 2nd Amendment stopped the terrorists from attacking unarmed citizens.

If you look back on the terror attacks since 9/11, and even those throughout the last 60 years, not one terrorist attack has ever happened in an area where the citizens are armed. It’s always a “gun free zone” where people are supposed to be “safe” according to the liberals. The countries with the attacks have had some of the strictest gun control laws and it didn’t do a bit of good.

Another thing liberals want to sweep under the rug, especially the Democrats, is guns are smuggled daily and sold on the black market. The Orlando terrorist pushed the government of Obama to see if he could legally purchase a gun before going that route. He fell through Barry’s Politically Correct (PC) cracks and I didn’t hear anyone talking about that.

Instead, the liberal media kept showing angry leftists yelling at the cops and FBI saying it was their fault the guy had a gun. In reality, it was because of liberal politics and not wanting to “offend” a Muslim that they took him off the Terror Watch List. You can’t have it both ways, libs. Either these guys are on the Terror Watch List because they’re suspected of terrorist activity and we leave them there or you get Orlando. Which do you want?

democrat-sit-inThen we had the stupid ridiculous “sit-in” of the Democrats trying to chant about “gun control” calling for a ridiculous vote to make more laws criminals can break. That was really lame and I basically laughed. I would have just shut off the lights and went home for a sandwich. Not playing kid games with morons. At least Paul Ryan had enough sense to adjourn until after July 5.

Another thing that really made me laugh was B.O. (I call Obama that because he stinks!) delivering another mind numbing speech to scold Conservatives on the gun control issue and take swipes at Donald Trump. Now, every time the Clown in Charge speaks, I just roll my eyes and get ready for him to do his Mac Daddy routine knowing it will be another pompous speech about how bad Americans are and how we need to grasp the concept of Global Warming because it’s causing the terrorists to fry their brains and chop off people’s heads.

The only thing B.O. needs behind him is a choir from the Southern Baptist Revival  when he starts getting his ghetto on and treating us like we’re a bunch of unruly children he needs to put in the corner. He might even add a little halo for effect if he thought of it. Of course, he has to pretend he’s Lord and King rather than a President, but his days are numbered and I can’t wait.

obama choirTry telling this to a liberal who wants to believe “guns kill” rather than “people kill.” It’s impossible for a liberal to admit people are bad. Not all people, but there’s quite a few and it’s growing daily. Doesn’t mean we have to live in fear, but we can’t be stupid either.

What completely floors me is how you can point out not one terrorist attack has ever happened at an event where people are armed and still, liberals just look bewildered like you just smacked them up side the head with a reality so true, you’ve disturbed a brain cell.

Seriously, there’s never been an attack at an National Rifle Association (NRA) meeting has there? I’ve never heard of one and that’s a place you would naturally think everyone is carrying a weapon. Never heard of an attack at a gun show either.

guns welcome signThere’s been no terrorist attacks in neighborhoods with “WARNING: WE’RE LOCKED AND LOADED” as you enter the area. Can’t remember any terror attacks at any hunting events either. Seems like we’re on to something here.

I just sat in my living room the other day with a liberal who is literally terrified of guns. Her reactions to my guns made me laugh because I thought she was 1) an idiot and 2) over dramatic and then of course, 3) completely void of common sense.

Of course we don’t go around waving our guns in the air, riding horseback and shooting up the saloons like liberals think. We also don’t go around randomly shooting up places because we’re mad as hell and we won’t take it anymore. Those who own guns legally, are law abiding citizens who regularly go to the shooting range to make sure they are still up to par with their firearm and know how to use it.

The notion that “gun totin’ Conservatives” are a bunch of wild west out of control, hoopin’ and hollerin’, rootin’, tootin’ Americans hating immigrants and are white supremacists is just ludicrous!

What is true, is we are living in reality that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama made a mess out of the Middle East opening the door for ISIS (Islamic State of  Iraq and Syria) when they didn’t have a leadership structure in Libya when Muammar Gaddafi was killed.

CLINTON security team1Because of Obama’s policy of “we don’t want any wars” and taking our troops out of the area way too soon, the terrorists have taken over and now spread like a virus that is out of control. Yeah, sure, Clinton’s right when she says we can’t control the Internet – like we would even try – but what we can do is stop being pansies and growing a bunch of kid weenies too afraid to think for themselves and give them a sense of right and wrong.

Although I agree, everyone has the right to live their lives, they don’t have the right to infringe on the rights of others to live. When you have that type of cancer, you have to identify it and eliminate it.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch gave a great view into the mind of a stupid liberal when she implied we need to spread “love” around the world and that somehow would take care of those who would like to murder us.

So here’s some advice for Clinton, Obama, Lynch and the rest of their pantywaist Democrats and liberals:

  1. Get rid of your armed security and equip them with Walkmen.
  2. When attacked, press “PLAY” and let out a big “Kum By Yah” or a “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing”
  3. Duck under a table and dial 911
  4. Wait while the terrorists roam the room looking for a good target.

life matters 12If you can survive that, we’ll know it works.

Otherwise, I’m calling it like I see it. Terrorism is real, it’s called Islamic Terrorism, Hillary’s a dope and should be on a rope, Obama’s a treasonous liar who should be tried as such and I’m going to stay armed, locked and loaded.

That’s why we need Donald Trump like yesterday. He’s got his boots on, ready to go. He won’t make a weenie out of the military and we’ll be able to defeat our enemies rather than get our heads cut off.

This new mandate from the Pentagon about the “transgenders” now being open in the military is just another blow to making a strong defense. Now we’ll probably see military issued lipstick, high heels and a strap on. No thanks!

How ridiculous can we be?


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