Apparently the Democrats can’t seem to wrap their minds around the fact the KKK was started by a Democrat, is continued today by Democrats and their ex-Grand Wizard, David Duke is a Democrat. Just look at his candidate history. It’s pretty easy to search online to see this guy is a Democrat and not a Republican.

It’s also very clear, Duke didn’t endorse Donald Trump but he did tell his radio show audience to volunteer for his campaign because they’ll “meet people” with the same mindset. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. They could meet people in any campaign who would have a meeting of the minds really. That’s not an endorsement.

What’s interesting though is this ridiculous KKK stuff being pushed by the liberals and the Republican pompous asses is so hypocritical.

David Duke 1Here’s Donald Trump, fighting for all of the legal citizens of the United States of America and then there’s Hillary Clinton who has the support of some of the most racist groups in our country.

Just take a look at the Black Panthers. Promoting violence against whites and Jews, they are continually marching and protesting anything that can be spun to be racist. They’ve even stormed into the Capitol building in Washington DC while tourists were being shown around and had their high powered weapons at the ready against defenseless people. It was just scare tactics but they thrive on an attitude of terrorism to keep their people in line. They are a terrorist group promoting hatred in the United States.They support Democrats and Hillary Clinton.

The New Black Panthers are even worse than the old Black Panthers. They run around scaring people and burning down people’s houses.

And then we’ve got Black Lives Matter. A group of ignorant blacks who think it’s awesome to uphold criminals and call for the killing of whites and police. They support Hillary Clinton also.

Now, let’s turn to the blowhard hypocritical Reverend Al Sharpton who continues to make racist remarks and is now calling for the Federal Government to make it a crime for a white person to kill a black person even in self defense. Hmm, we’re back to the 1950s except this time it’s blacks insisting on oppressing whites. And these people support Hillary Clinton too.

kkk black guysAnd what about the “friend and mentor” of Hillary, Robert Byrd who is another KKK leader. Oh what fun you Democrats can have burying this one!

This is just a handful of those who are racist supporting Hillary Clinton. The media doesn’t seem to care about that and they don’t care about the fact blacks are being lied to as to who really has advocated the breakthroughs and equality for minorities. It sure hasn’t been the Democrats.

So one guy who has never met Trump says to his audience, “volunteer for his campaign” and suddenly there’s an endorsement, Trump supports the KKK and all hell breaks loose.

These Democrats went so far as to put people outside a Trump rally with signs saying, “Vote for Trump” and they were actually blacks! They were from Black Lives Matter and not the KKK.

kkk black guyMy guess is they wanted to try to sway the vote to Hillary and it backfired. We can see your hands morons. I’d ask if you’re really that stupid, but I can see you are.

These are the dirty tricks of the Democratic party. This is normal. They are corrupt and hate the people who support them.

Get a clue you race baiting fiction lovers of Kool-Aid – the majority in the United States is so over it. You can whine, you can lie and you can cheat, but we know what you’re doing so you won’t get away with it.

Social media has exposed you crooks for who you are. Keep it up and you’ll all lose your jobs!

Reference: Those Trump KKK Supporters Were Black Lives Matter, Hillary Clinton Remembers “Friend and Mentor” Robert Byrd,

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SokemRokemRobot · August 25, 2016 at 11:05 pm

Is there anything that Crooked Hillary won’t try to do to rig an election? Bought and paid for through George Soros… former Nazi informant and enabler, as a 13 yr. old.

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