It’s been made very clear the Constitution of the United States, our rights as American citizens and the Founding Fathers mean absolutely nothing to anyone calling themselves a Democrat. It stands to reason, because of their Communist/Socialist views, they are no longer Patriots of the United States of America which is a Capitalist society.

When a party has Bernie Sanders, self-proclaimed Socialist who later added “Democratic” to his political title and Hillary Clinton, a lying traitor who enjoys Capitalism for herself but wants Socialism for everyone else running as their nominee for President, you know the Democrats have clearly lost their minds.

first amendment flat 1Just examine the facts. The First Amendment guarantees we can’t make laws which tell people they can’t speak about their viewpoint. The Democrats and they’re stupid liberal college campuses are trying to squelch free speech by pretending to have “safe zones” and PC police coddling kids into being real lightweights when they get out of school.  We have the right to peaceable assembly and the Democrats think it only means them. We’re supposed to tolerate looting, destruction, trampling of the American flag and anything else Black Lives Matter wants to throw at the Conservatives.

Stupid people accosting with their intolerance of my beliefs shouldn’t be pushing their liberal ideas on me. Under the Constitution of the United States – liberals can go take a hike!

The Democrats are also trying to impede our right to be a Christian. They don’t want to hear about God, Christ, Jesus, sects of religions or anything else because it could be offensive. What a crock! Offensive? This is outrageous. They’re trying to get rid of anything suggesting Christianity in favor of everything else besides what our country was founded on. Our country was founded on Christian principles which say you have the right to be evil. You don’t have the right to push your evil on me. Liberals want to put everyone in a box and tie their hands, zip their mouths shut and accost us with stupidity on a daily basis.

Guess what cupcake kids – the world is mean and nasty out from under your parents wing. Get used to it. You can’t be sheltered all your life so grow some hair and tell the liberal loudmouths to sit down and shut up. Remember, you’re paying those teachers who are pompous and condescending telling you to self-teach yourself while paying them over $65 per hour per college student to skip class and have a Student Teacher run the show.

Just remember, all the Student Loans, Grants and Scholarships are going into the pockets of your Administration and Professors rather than investing in your education. If any reform needs to be done, it’s to where the money goes. Shouldn’t the students benefit rather than the faculty growing rich off the government telling them it’s for “tuition?”

And let’s look at the Second Amendment. Democrats would have you believe owning a gun is about hunting. Sorry, wrong again. Sure, target practice and hunting are fun, but the reason it’s in the second position in the Constitution is because the Founding Fathers just got out of a tyrannical situation and they didn’t want government being more powerful than the people.

This extremely important amendment is to protect ourselves against our enemies both foreign and domestic – got that? Domestic – and against a tyrannical government who would try to usurp the people who should be governing themselves.

Statistics show the safest societies in our nation are those mandating heads of household have guns or the people of the community make sure criminals know they’re armed. These are facts that are only denied by Democrats. It doesn’t even make any sense to make stricter gun laws which are only obeyed by law abiding citizens. It’s a stupid to think gun manufacturers legally building and selling guns are at fault. Guns don’t shoot themselves and apparently that escaped the brain cells of liberals.

gun free zone 1And let’s talk about the 14th Amendment which deals with the rights of the Citizens of the United States. Democrats would have ignorant folks believe “illegal aliens” are part of this protection, when in fact, the words “equal protection of the law” was meant to apply to those within the jurisdiction of the state meaning under the legal citizenship of the United States who fall under the definition of a legal citizen and live within the state. It didn’t and doesn’t have anything to do with illegals.

Illegals should be covered under the Geneva Convention which are a series of treaties on how to treat illegals, POWs and anyone who can’t fight. I mean, seriously, this isn’t rocket science and these rules would only come into play if the United States were such huge ogres we treated people with no respect.

And while the liberals are getting their panties in a wad while they’re reading this, our detention centers and prisons are a lot better than where the illegals actually came from. If you need an example, just take a look at Guantanamo Bay which is the lap of luxury for terrorists. Some prisoners don’t even want to leave the place!

We’ve got more problems also Democrats keep trying to push which are the blatant criminal and traitorous activities of public officials like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. They’re so embarrassed that they voted for these guys they blinded themselves by sticking their heads up the anal cavities of these two.

When you’re talking to Democrats you really have to get your waders out because the load of crap their shoveling is just about neck deep now.

They’ve plunged our country into a $19 Trillion dollar debt which grows every day, continually use hate speech against Conservatives but yet try to squelch them when asking real questions, weakened our military, lowered the education requirements of our schools, promoted abortion of babies (not choices – abortions), tell our enemies to come on in to our country and then make sure to turn their backs on Americans who are upholding their rights.

citizens 1There is a rising crime rate in Democratic run cities who have “Gun Free Zones” and “Sanctuary Cities.”  The continual bombardment of “Gay Rights” and “Tolerance” now allows us to be accosted by people continually spreading immorality in spite of the Christian principles this country was founded on.

Tolerance now means I have to be accosted by rallies for criminals like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown rather than upholding our police who put their lives on the line to defend our citizens from these loudmouthed punks.

We’ve pushed the tolerance level to a point where we’re even putting neutral gender bathrooms in schools, making sure there’s nothing about gender in how we talk at the schools, told kids they shouldn’t be proud of who they are thus denying their true gender, made it cool to be a lesbian, gay or “transgender” encouraging this behavior with celebrities like Bruce Jenner who they call a hero. Hero? LOL – more like a zero!

Bruce Jenner’s done nothing of importance except plunge a bunch of vulnerable kids into hating themselves and changing genders to try to be something they’re not. Some of these kids aren’t even claiming their gender as male or female, calling themselves “people.” How ignorant we’ve become as a society.

Democrats now want to tax us harder, raise wages, lower our ability to make money, kill business in the name of financial equality and reward hard work with protests by lazy people and Obamacare.

Common sense flew out the window and took off to another planet as soon as Obama was elected.

And then – to put the icing on the cake – there was Benghazi. A blatant lie from the Democrats with Hillary as the spokesman and Obama as the silent partner. Four Americans lost their lives and six brave Americans fought for the survival of the rest. They had no backup from the United States because Hillary and Obama didn’t want to give them any cover, assistance or help. It was a bloodbath and Clinton doesn’t care. Neither do her brainless supporters.

Here’s another interesting fact done by a liberal study in the United Kingdom. Republicans have a higher IQ than Democrats. It’s actually true although any liberal will race to a Google Search and satisfy their thirst for denial and find a liberal publication to support their stupidity with a liberal article with no facts and full of fluff, thus perpetuating what I just said.

At Democratic rallies, like the one in the video below, Clinton supporters booed a Marine veteran for asking legitimate questions during Bill’s speech. If this guy was at a Republican rally, he would have gotten a standing ovation! See the difference yet?



Watch the movie 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi and 2016: Obama’s America and read the book, “Dreams From Me Father” by Obama and if you’re still a Democrat after knowing the truth, you can get on that list of people who want to get out of the country when we elect our next Republican President.

The rest of us with sense in our heads, will once again have “common sense” and Christian values as our standard for living, the American dream will be the goal and God will be our guide.

Yes, we’d be happy if you vacate the premises immediately.


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