Antifa-Protesting-TrumpDemocrats are aggressively and deliberately pushing a coup against President Trump and the American people. They’re using fascism and McCarthyism through organizations like Antifa and Traitor44’s Organizing for Action-Saul Alinsky Training Camps.

Left wing radicals like Representatives Maxine Waters (D-CA), Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), House Minority Leader, Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Tim Kaine (D-VA) are just a few of the pawns involved.

Since Democrats want to keep throwing around the word “collusion,” here’s some:

The real collusion in politics is between Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. Consequently, Clinton used her position in the State Department making deals hurting the United States and putting money in her pocket.

Petro-Poroshenko-Hillary-Clinton-getty-640x480While Clinton was colluding with foreign governments like Russia (Urnaium One deal) and orchestrating the Russian collusion story with Ukraine in 2016, the media was feeding her questions to debates. They were also trying to get stories approved by her campaign manager trying to make sure Clinton was seen in the best possible light. They colluded to cover her crimes from the American people.

Between all of these corrupt entities, the collusion story blaming Russians for hacking their emails began. Not only did they plan and carry out sabotage efforts against President Trump’s campaign, they actively setup Donald Trump Jr. Through a naive staff who clearly didn’t know how dirty the Democrats really are, the coup has begun.

Trump Jr never colluded with anyone which his emails reveal. He didn’t break the law by taking a meeting with a Russian attorney. In order to collude, both sides would have to participate in an exchange of information and plan to implement some sort of strategy, then execute that plan. This never took place in the Trump camp.


ofaIt is the Democrats and Clinton Campaign, with their underhanded dirty games who planned and executed collusion. Through a series of emails Wikileaks posted on their site, it is clear, Clinton’s campaign is deep into collusion.

In addition to Democrat collusion, Traitor44 is actively undermining the Trump Administration by churning out anti-American protesters. Using his Organizing for Action modeling Saul Alinksky’s book Rules for Radicals, left wingers are violent against Patriots.

Traitor44 took the opportunity to establish a racial divide that had almost disappeared. Using Ferguson, MO thug, Michael Brown as a poster child for the creation of another radical left wing group based on a lie, he supported Black Lives Matter. If black lives really mattered to Traitor44 and this anti-American left wing radical group of bigots and racists, they’d recognize cops aren’t the problem. Gangs are the problem. They’d be focusing their efforts in their own neighborhoods instead of pretending there’s some white supremacy and privilege going on.

images (1)The truth is blacks and minorities are privileged in the USA. Every fund you can think of gives them everything except a job. White people don’t have that kind of privilege. Whites don’t have the White People’s College Fund and don’t go around telling minorities they are irrelevant. Black liberal extremists are saying whites should be exterminated.

Liberal extremist Linda Sarsour preaches hate against Americans, especially white Christian Americans as many times as she possibly can. She’s even got a verified hate account on Twitter. She constantly spews her hate messages in 140 characters or less whenever she feels like it.


Setting up her messages of hate, she uses left wing radical women who are so stupid. Mesmerized by Sarsour’s words, liberals made hanging out with a Muslim wearing a jihab, “cool.” These idiot liberal women think female mutilation is cool, too. They’re for beatings, rapes and murders of women, gays and Christians. Sarsour is a Muslim, with terrorist ties who pushing Islamic beliefs on Americns. She’s anti-American and should be arrested for her treason against our government.

a323c2c3f5eabea1e9d1a0f57471461d--rules-for-radicals-hypocriteClinton did her college thesis paper on Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. She and Obama list Alinsky as their mentors and have communists, socialists and fascists as their influences in politics. They are dangerous, lying their way to the top of the Democratic party. Their double talking manipulation and word games have lulled liberals to sleep.

This is no longer just a whim or a fantasy. It is not a conspiracy theory, it’s reality.

As a result, groups like Antifa initiate and carry out violence against Conservatives using fascist tactics. Soros funds the violent fight against Republicans and Conservatives. Radical groups paid by Soros to commit violence are being provided attorneys after their arrest. This behavior is treasonous and harsh punishment is required.

Soros’ groups advertise on Craigslist in the local Community sections to find people willing to protest and commit violence. Furthermore, he pays up to $1500 in a single week to liberal protesters. Since he’s a multi-billionaire, his funding sources are deep.


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Women's March 2017

Women’s March 2017

In addition, Democrats pretend to be the moral side of society in front of the cameras while they make dirty deals behind our backs. Committing crimes including bribery, illegal wire tapping, extortion, voter fraud, they use corrupt mayors to raise Sanctuary cities to get illegals to vote. They help criminals and terrorists with weapons pretending they’re for gun control. Liberals literally murder 1000 Americans every month using abortion. Chaos is their friend. Interfering in our personal lives, liberals are in favor of deviant behavior showing their immorality.

Democrats are against Christianity, ethics and morals. For this reason, they get in your face, wearing disgusting costumes or parading around naked in public. They’re not above setting up people to appear as if they’ve commit a crime and they run away when the heat starts They’ll hold it over your head and threaten your family.

images (2)Another issue is, Republicans who join them, like Senators John McCain (R-AZ), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Ben Sasse (R-NE) and Represenative Paul Ryan (R-WI) pretend to be Conservatives trying to destroy President Trump. It’s time to vote RINOs out of office and replace them with true American Patriots.

In fact, judges like the 9th Circuit court in liberal areas on all levels, are just as corrupt as the Democrats who’ve elected them. Liberals are actively trying to destroy American by infiltrating our government.

Ultimately, this happened while Conservatives turned a blind eye and did nothing. Conservatives voted for the guy with an “R” by their name because they thought it was better than a Democrat. There was no vetting, no studying of who should be a candidate and certainly no grooming or strategy. They just voted blindly for the so-called “Republican” and didn’t study exactly who they were voting for.


b7877a27d1ff0a8fe4cf013bbe363d1d--adolf-hitler-quotes-new-presidentDemocrats planned to take down American and put in place a dictatorship before President Andrew Jackson who was a slave owner and racist. Jackson is the founder of their party. People like the Clintons and Traitor44 saw they could gain power by lying and moving farther to the left to extremism.

Democrats have wanted all the power and money forever throwing out right and wrong. However, it’s the same wolf in different clothing.

Finally, my suggestion for American Conservatives, the true Patriots, is to make sure you reach at least one person every day and wake them up. This pathetic plan of the Democrats is taking away your rights. Tell them liberals want to put in place a tyrannical government designed by Alinsky and his philosophy.

Democrats are following the advice of Hitler who said, “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”



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