hillary 40 yrsTaking after the example set by Barack Obama, Democrats bombard me daily with their snappy comebacks as to why they support Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. Amazingly, none of their little quips have any substance. Even the television news pundits and “Democratic Strategists” don’t have a real clue as to why they’re supporting her but they sure like talking about it.

Here are some of the fine comebacks they’ve fired at me just in the past two days:

ME: If I’m delusional supporting Mr. Trump, tell me where I am wrong. Enlighten me.

DEMOCRAT: You’re a b*tch. You’re not a journalist. Hahaha!

ME: If I’m wrong I’d like to know where.

DEMOCRAT: Trump’s a liar and a bigot.

ME: Okay, so what has Hillary done for the country?

DEMOCRAT: She’s for women’s rights. She supports LGBT. She’s not a racist.

ME: If that’s true, why is she paying women less than men? What bills has she passed supporting any of these causes? If she’s not a racist, why is she hugging the KKK Grand Wizard?

DEMOCRAT:  Trump’s a racist. He’s a wild man.

ME: How so? What did he say that’s racist?

DEMOCRATS:  He wants to deport all the Mexicans and Muslims.

ME: When did he say that? Can you show me a video or some sort of quote on that?

DEMOCRAT: You’re delusional.

benghazi-hillary-unfit-presidentThis is just about the gist of the way it goes when dealing with a Clinton supporter. Exactly where is the substance here?

Asking them questions is impossible. Obama said yesterday, while using tax payer money to stump for Clinton, in a speech that Trump supporters don’t know why they’re supporting him. Really? I can assure you, not only has Obama not asked, he and his mesmerized, Kool-aid drinking followers wouldn’t listen even if you told them.

So far, Clinton butt kissers like Julie Roginsky, Jessica Tarlov and Kirsten Powers, Democratic contributors on Fox News, can be told over and over again the substance of Trump’s policy views and it just goes over their head. You’d think reading comprehension would at least be a qualification for a pundit but for these three, it’s a no-go.

Just taking one day out of the last year, example yesterday, Roginsky actually said in her commentary, Clinton was supportive after the 9/11 attacks and since she was there, she knew. She failed to recognize not only has Trump supported New York City after the terrorist attacks, he’s given millions to various charities who directly relate to Sept 11. Clinton has barely given any money to any charities other than the Clinton Foundation which puts money right back in her pocket.

These three “strategists” refuse to actually stay on subject when directly asked questions about Clinton. Each time, they brush over the question going directly for a lie perpetuated by media propaganda, inability to decipher plain English and the lack of comprehension or any skill relating to absorbing knowledge of what Trump is saying.

To them, whenever Trump talks they hear, “Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah” which renders their brain cells useless should they even have anything to rub together to catch a spark. When Clinton talks, they hear, “All the world is lollipops and if you’re a really good girl, I’ll give you one for free!”

That being said, I’ve yet to hear anything from the Clinton supporters that makes a compelling argument to change my mind.

Bringing up Benghazi, Democrats say it didn’t happen although we have Clinton herself, lying on video and addressing the issue. Not only is there evidence she ignored repeated requests for additional security by Ambassador Chris Stevens, she lied about the entire incident on camera, to the families and to the American people. Facts don’t matter to Democrats.

hillary-clinton-scandal-emailgate-poll-numbers-dropping-private-servers-private-email-scandal-620x435Then there’s the private server Clinton deliberately and methodically ordered setup to usurp having to send her emails through the government. It’s obvious she was running money through her Clinton Foundation laundering it as “speeches” to various enemy governments. Her communication regarding these events needed to be guarded closely. She was more cautious with her own business dealings over national security with our classified information. Of course, Democrats wont’ deal with this. Instead, they point fingers at a few people in the Republican party who used private emails a couple of times, not as a rule or habitually and didn’t have their own server. It’s much easier to deflect than answer the question or believe their precious criminal could do anything wrong.

How Clinton brainwashed so many people is beyond me. I was taught to think for myself and use common sense while doing it. Democrats are apparently void of any ability to learn anything of substance. They’re especially lacking in math skills.

When shown the figures on raising the minimum wage will actually kill business, they just flip their noses in the air, swing their dreadlocks over their shoulders, smoke a joint and  through a puff of weed smoke say, “I don’t care. We’ll make more money.” What?

Newsflash: You can’t make more money when you’re bankrupting businesses. One or the other is going to give. Either you’re going to lose profits or you’re going to raise Cost of Goods Sold. They don’t get that part. They just think money grows on trees, kind of like Obama who’s run the national debt up to almost $21 Trillion with the help of both Democrats and Republicans.

Their reasoning is completely ridiculous. The bottom line is, they’re actually wanting to vote for Clinton because she’s a woman. They didn’t learn anything when they voted for Obama because he’s black. Sorry to burst the Democrat’s bubble but those aren’t reasons or qualifications for President of the United States.

In actuality, Trump not only has true successful experience in every category relating to the office of President, out of all the candidates who were running, he is the only person who is qualified.

Trump rally 7NOTE TO OBAMA:

Since you’re lacking in knowledge as to why I’m supporting Mr. Trump over Crooked Hillary, I’ll let you know.

Business experience: Trump has built a successful multi-billion dollar business which includes over 400 businesses running to this day. He had 4 bankruptcies over 30 years ago however, bounced back strong even after the setbacks. He currently employs over 22 thousand people, including legal immigrants as well as Americans. He’s created more real jobs with real living wages than Obama or Clinton combined. Because of his business savvy, he supports other businesses by using their goods and services, using outside vendors, putting money in their pockets so they can employ even more people. He’s revitalized neighborhoods which would have died had he not bought the real estate and developed it. Trump also has businesses in other countries which requires diplomatic abilities to negotiate with other countries from real estate to business practices fitting the local economy. He’s employing people in different countries as well as bringing tourism to the people in that area which generates their economy.

Budget experience: Trump graduated from the Wharton School of Business which taught him very well including budgeting. He runs a multi-billion dollar budget across a global business network which is profitable. He’s also run his campaign on a tight budget, trimming the fat. On his campaign staff he employs around 70 people efficiently, while Clinton has over 900 who will lose their jobs once the race is finished.  He’s spent way less than Clinton who is spending around 50 million per day on negative ads against Trump and she’s still losing. He’ll trim the fat from the government spending while Clinton wants to expand government. It’s basically a no brainer to vote for Trump.

doanld trump scotlandForeign Experience: Around the world, Trump is very well known and has negotiated business deals in various countries. When dealing with these countries, you’re dealing with their government officials. It’s not like doing business here in America where you go before a planning commission, pay a few fees and then build your enterprise. There are customs in other countries which need to be adhered to. He already knows these customs and is respected in these countries. Although Vladimir Putin and Trump have mutual respect, Putin is very aware, don’t cross him or it will be hell to pay. That’s the way our enemies need to be thinking. We’re tough, but fair. Cross us and we’ll retaliate. Stay in your corner and we’ll be just fine. Don’t bully our allies or we’ll come to the rescue. Under Obama, there’s a mobile line in the sand which is constantly moving. None of these countries care about Obama’s ridiculous pandering and rhetoric. He’s made us a laughing stock and Trump will squash that like a bug. Trump also wouldn’t destabilize any countries like Clinton and Obama did when they opened the door to create ISIS.

Economy: The Democrats and sitting Republicans have made bad trade deals which have sent manufacturing overseas because the cost to do business is just way too high. Clinton doesn’t get this. In fact, she wants to raise minimum wage which forces businesses to either raise prices or take a lower profit margin. Most people are not in business to break even or fail. Even Clinton likes to make a tidy sum on the backs of other people. Look how much she’s paid to give a boring speech. Personally, she’s not worth a penny so she’s paid way too much. If she was so caring and giving, she’d do it for free. That will never happen. Trump has been forced to send his manufacturing Donald Trump 9overseas because of the high taxes he would have to pay which in turn prices his goods out of the market. He wants to lower the business taxes so he and everyone else can bring their manufacturing back to the United States. When he’s elected, he will be making better deals for our country which will allow people to have their jobs back, make a living wage, be able to build businesses and the economy will flourish again. The false numbers put out by the Obama Administration don’t reflect the number of jobs lost. Those numbers far outweigh any creation of jobs. Also, these “jobs” Obama and Clinton keep pretending exist, are low wage, part time jobs.

Education: Trump believes education should be controlled by the local communities rather than a government which has nothing to do with the area. There are different issues which need to be addressed on a local level. Local schools should have parent input as to what their children need. Local dollars should stay in the community to help the kids get a proper education. We should also be teaching kids Patriotism which isn’t happening because the Obama Administration thinks someone might be “offended” by being an American. Trump will have none of it!

There are so many more reason to vote for Trump over Clinton, I could go on all day. These are just a few issues. There’s also our 2nd Amendment rights and the Supreme Court Justices. Those are important to preserving our country and the United States Constitution. Clinton will destroy the entire fabric of our country with false promises and a bunch of lies.

Clinton track record: no accomplishments and a pack of lies.

Trump track record: employment, business, large network of global contacts, successful, truthful.

Oh yes, the Democrats like snappy comebacks and name calling, but substance? There is none. Just a bunch of pandering to their constituents and handing out lollipops.

You can’t run a country on candy.




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