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Colorado Democrats experiencing decline in voter rolls after 3,000 illegals jump ship.

Colorado Democrats experiencing decline in voter rolls after 3,000 illegals jump ship.

Looks like President Trump is winning again. Scared their information will be revealed, over 3,000 illegal voters have withdrawn their voter registration as Democrats in Colorado. If they stay on the rolls, their data will be given to the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity which requested voter information to weed out the fraud.

Who knew the Democrats were so stupid they would have these people register to vote using their real names and addresses  while getting welfare from the state fund which has been reported to be around $1.5 billion in assistance to illegals coming from Mexico. All over the state of Colorado, various organizations like the San Juan Citizens Alliance vow to help illegals get driver’s licenses, housing, food and clothes. They’ve even fired teachers who don’t speak Spanish in the school system favoring bi-lingual employees.

This is a huge problem in Colorado.

images (1)Democrats keep saying there’s no voter fraud, however they advocate for no voter ID calling it “discriminatory” and “racist” as well as push illegals into criminally registering to vote in order to procure their allegiance to steal elections on every level across the state. They’ve setup the system in Colorado to provide support and guidance to illegals to evade law enforcement and shelter them in Sanctuary Cities.

Liberal leadership is also trying to salvage their dwindling numbers by pretending these illegals should keep registered as Democrats so they can “fight” against the Trump Administration. Since the party is not concerned with the actual welfare of these people, finally, the crumbling of their agenda is being seen, illegals are jumping ship and Colorado looks to be their first casualty.

This should help with elections from this time forward and assist Conservatives to gain ground in the mostly liberal run state.

imagesThe majority of counties within Colorado voted for President Trump while the larger, densely populated cities voted for Hillary Clinton who only won by 136,000 votes. If the trend continues, Conservatives will outnumber liberals in the state flipping it to red.

This will be a huge victory across the United States thanks to President Trump and breathes new life into Colorado which once advocated for Spanish to be it’s official language.

It’s definitely a good time to be a Conservative in Colorado.



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whisperingsage · February 13, 2018 at 7:00 pm

Saw your bid on mortgage fraud. I owner financed and own free and clear. However, since I am simply a ” tenant” on my deed, how do I go about getting a land patent which would give me real ownership? Since you do the social security thing, I figure that is even more complicated than gaining real ownership of my land.

whisperingsage · February 13, 2018 at 7:03 pm

Franklin Graham is your sponser? Look him up relating to the Bohemian Grove, he’s part of the swamp

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