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U.S. Attorney General-nominee, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) reacts after the inauguration of President Donald Trump in Washington, January 20, 2017. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

U.S. Attorney General-nominee, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) reacts after the inauguration of President Donald Trump in Washington, January 20, 2017. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Democrats keep putting up fights which are essentially, losing battles, against President Trump trying to stall and block his nominees for the Cabinet. However, forgetting they’re the minority in every aspect of both the House and Senate, they’re temper tantrums are not getting them very far.

Just yesterday,  Jeff Sessions was confirmed as the Attorney General. Two days before, Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the Education Secretary.

In an historic move, Vice President Mike Pence cast a tie-breaker vote of 50-50 to confirm DeVos because of two Republicans who refused to vote for her. Republican Sens. Lisa Murkowski, of Alaska, and Susan Collins, of Maine, sided with every Democrat and two Independent senators opposing her confirmation.

The reasoning of Democrats and those opposing DeVos was her lack of knowledge of the public schools system and the her support of school choice. Failing to convince others, the statements which were put out basically stated, “I can not support her.”

Not a very convincing argument for most, however the two Republicans opposing DeVos are going to have to face their constituents for re-election at some point. Alaskans voted for President Trump by 51.3%-52.9% while Maine was overwhelmingly a pro-Trump state with every county going for the Republicans. The question is re Murkowski and Collins actually representing their states? Most likely the answer is no, but in order to find that out, we’d have to know if these two asked their constituents what they think of DeVos and school choice.

Betsy Devos A

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is one of the most controversial Cabinet picks in recent memory. Carolyn Kaster/AP

With Sessions, Democrats put up a fight calling him a racist and a bigot supporting a racist bigot of a President. Sen. Elizabeth Warren tried to bring in a letter written by Coretta Scott King regarding her thoughts on Sessions. She was quickly silenced for breaking the rules of the Senate which clearly state it is not allowed for Senators to impugn each other on the floor. Despite her objections, the presiding officer told her to take her seat.

The parlor tricks of the Democrats aren’t getting them very far. To be fair, Republicans have to listen to arguments of the Democrats against any of President Trump’s nominees, however when all they can say is, “they’re a racist” it’s getting very old. There are no valid arguments which prove any of the nominees of the President are racist or bigoted. In fact, by stating this continually, Democrats are looking like the racists and the bigots.

The continual push to cry “racist” and “white supremacist” against every white person in the Cabinet is ludicrous. Democrats are known for starting the KKK, being against anyone trying to give minorities better education, advancing minority position in society and refuse to acknowledge their constant obstruction of civil rights for blacks and other minorities. It’s their history and the only rhetoric coming from modern Democrats is, we’re not like that anymore.

Proof of their bigoted position can be seen daily in protest against anyone who doesn’t agree with them. While wearing peace signs, hearts and vagina hats, Democrats beat, burn and vandalize businesses and people who support President Trump.

Thank God Republicans are ruling the government right now. If they weren’t we would still be dealing with the failed common core and a corrupt political system continually fighting against the Constitutional rights of the citizens of the United States.


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