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Dominion Voting Systems isn’t just a quiet little company providing service to various counties in the United States of America. On their website under the heading “Our Customer Footprint,” they state they are serving over 40% of the United States voting population. This includes 28 states, 9 of the top 20 counties boasting 4 of those counties served are in the top 10 in the nation. Since those 4 counties are in California, Illinois, Texas, Florida, New York and Arizona it’s safe to say those are the counties where many Americans fear if the Electoral College is abolished, these counties will run the country.

Since most of the independent media has focused on Dominion, the lesser known voting systems are being overlooked. For example, Smartmatic was the system used to switch votes for Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro to win the Presidential election in Venezuela, according to both Sidney Powell and Rudi Giliani, attorneys for President Trump’s legal team challenging the vote in various states.

Dominion is used in 28 States in the US.

According to the attorneys, vote switching has been happening for years and the ability to write computer programming to do so is relatively easy.

In the micro-documentary, Fraction Magic by Bev Harris, she talks to Benny Smith who discovered votes were being counted as money. He was able to hack into and switch votes within 3 minutes. His program proves it is possible to hack a voting machine, switch votes and it would be difficult for anyone to detect unless they were looking for it.

Digital voting systems which are named in this documentary are GEMS, Dominion, Hart and ES&S. He shows how simply these systems switch votes.

Eric Coomer, VP of Dominion Voting Systems next to a screenshot of his Twitter feed.

In another video, an analysis of an on-air broadcast of CNN during their election reporting in 2016 shows in real time, how the exact number of votes are taken from one candidate and “switched” to another. During the slow motion replay, you can see 560 votes evenly go from one candidate to another.

The 2020 Election isn’t the first time the issue of Election Fraud has come up. Apparently, both Democrats and Republicans have known about this type of voting software Dominion has had for years. Both sides have been using it.

Interestingly enough, it appears as if Powell and Guiliani can link these voting systems back to the CIA. So when Powell says she is going to “release the Kraken,” she’s not kidding.

Dominion removes Eric Coomer from it’s website.

Because of what is happening now in the 2020 Election, many people who have worked in government are coming forward to testify under oath that politicians have been recruiting programmers to build systems to “switch” votes pre-programming the winning candidate for decades. These tactics have essentially rendered elections invalid but since the public was unaware, no one actually challenged the outcome as aggressively as President Trump.

For example, in 2004 Senator John Kerry was running for President against sitting President George W. Bush. The results of the election were disputed but you didn’t really hear about it since Facebook was just getting started and few people had heard of social media. The American public was relying heavily on main stream media for news in the country.

Eric Coomer posts Antifa propaganda and manifesto on his Facebook page.

Computer programmer Clint Curtis, featured in the documentary Murder, Spies and Voting Lies, testified before the U.S. House Judiciary Members in Ohio 14 years ago that he was recruited by Republican Congressman Tom Feeney in 2000 to build a “prototype” software package to secretly rig an election. During that hearing, he explained how it would take only 100 lines of coding and be virtually undetectable to anyone. The criteria Feeney asked for was for a result of 51%- 49% with Feeney winning the election.

At the time, Curtis worked for the company Yang Enterprises which has ties to China. He was working on programs for NASA and ExxonMobile as well as other government departments while there. In his testimony, he states his employer “Mrs. Yang” specifically told him they were going to work on stealing an election. His job was to insert “fraudulent code into touch screen voting systems.”

Joe Oltmann is banned from Twitter reporting on Eric Coomer

In his statements and interviews, Curtis says he contacted the CIA, FBI and the Florida Department of Transportation who opened an investigation led by Raymond Lemme. After digging deep into the election fraud alleged by Curtis, Lemme was found with his wrists slashed, at a motel in Georgia, just over the Florida line. The investigation halted and the death was ruled a suicide although many believe Lemme was murdered for his knowledge of the plan.

Then 4 years later, during the 2004 Presidential election between sitting President George Bush and Senator John Kerry, several state’s votes were in question including Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Iowa, Ohio and Florida. According to journalist Brad Friedman, exit polls conducted at the time did not reflect the official vote count in Ohio making it look as if Kerry should have been the winner but somehow, late at night, Bush ended up the winner. Sound familiar?

Eric Coomer was on the Dominion website

The biggest story about a “recount” of any kind on news channels had been the 2000 Election between Al Gore and Bush. It was called the “Hanging Chad” incident. No one had really paid any attention four years later to the Kerry and Bush scuffle. The silencing of the challenged election faded into the background until recently.

Democrats and Republicans knew about the voting software. A few sitting Congressman raised issues but as is the history of politics, nothing was done about it. In fact the problem seemed to grow worse.

Vulgar posts of Eric Coomer on Social Media.

Fast forward to Dominion and the 2020 Election.

The same scenario is playing out before our very eyes. The difference is we have social media and a President in office who isn’t afraid to win an election fair and square.

This also brings us to a guy named Eric Coomer, Vice President of Dominion Voting Systems. You can see Coomer in various videos on YouTube giving seminars with his colleagues about Dominion and giving a statement to a county commissioner meeting.

Joe Oltmann posts Eric Coomer’s Antifa statements online.

Who is Eric Coomer?

Stumbled on by accident by Joe Oltmann, Eric Coomer quickly came into the spotlight because of his ties with the domestic terrorist group, Antifa.

In published bios online, Coomer is an uber educated PHd from Berkeley with a doctorate in Nuclear Physics. In addition, he is the Vice President of U.S Engineering for Dominion in 2010, later becoming the Director of Product Strategy and Security. Seems impressive, right? Great credentials.

However, there is a dark side to Coomer just uncovered by numerous independent journalists, that should alarm just about everyone with common sense in their head.

Before trying to scrub his social media from existence, he not only supported Antifa, the domestic terrorist group in the United States, he is currently one of their leaders. On his social media accounts he posted the Antifa Manifesto as well as a Public Letter from Antifa to President Trump.

Twitter blocks users from sharing information about Dominion deleting Eric Coomer’s profile.

In various posts on Twitter, his tweets are bizarre often showing his disdain for President Trump. Bordering on psychotic, you can see in the images captured from his Facebook and Twitter accounts which have now been deleted.

Listening in on a phone call with members of Antifa, CEO of PIN Business Network and FEC United Founder, Oltmann, in a signed affidavit, several video interviews and on his social media states he accidentally found Coomer through investigating another matter related to Antifa.

He states during the phone call, Coomer openly said, “Don’t worry about the election. Trump’s not gonna win, I made f****** sure of that.”

His statement supports what he said during his presentation at the Voting Systems Expo: Dominion Voting Systems Presentation video at the 22:18 mark. He’s explaining just one way anyone with access can mark a ballot for a “voter.”

Google search for Eric Coomer linkedin

Coomers Antifa statements also support what he said during the Q&A portion of the Dominion presentation at the 41:00 mark where the question is asked, “Does this system allow alterations of the images after the election?” He answers, “Only through the adjudication system…because I’m making adjudications on the records. We update the audit mark, we never update the actual image of the ballot front and back.”

Furthermore, he tells the audience they don’t have to worry about pre-printing ballots as they can be printed at anytime if more are needed. He demonstrates this at the 28:53 mark where he tells them they can “print them on demand.”

This demonstration explains why Coomer and his associates have several patents but two patents are for the ballot paper itself which carries embedded encryption codes.

Clicked link from Google search “eric coomer dominion linkedin”

The first patent deals with ballot authentication systems stating, “The voting unit of the ballot authentication system can be configured to verify and confirm that the various security features embedded in and/or printed on the ballot is correct for a particular precinct of an election.”

In the second patent, it includes the printing of the ballot, presumably “print-on-demand” as Coomer describes in his Dominion presentation to the audience. It reads, “A ballot authentication system uses a plurality of security features embedded in and/or printed on the paper stock used to print a ballot…”

Wayback Machine from Internet Archive screenshot of Dominion Internet history.

After the explosive background of one of it’s key players, Dominion has vanished from it’s offices including the in Canada which was next door to George Soros’ office. The company has deleted Eric Coomer from it’s listed staff and he has not been seen or located since.

Also, even more disturbing than the above information, Dominion seems to have strong ties to powerful Internet controls such as Google and Internet Archive.

OANN Chanel Rion posts Ron from CodeMonkeyZ Twitter about Dominion.

Searching for “eric coomer dominion linkedin” produced the following screenshot which resulted in “3 ‘Eric Coomer’ profiles | LinkedIn” which led to an unusual error. The error states, “request URL too long.”

In order to verify some of online chatter, I usually try to verify what I’m saying by looking at the cached version of a site at minimum. In the case of Dominion and the Internet, the company has been around for 18 years according to a Google search. In that time, the Internet Archives Wayback Machine should have taken many snapshots of their website.

This would be something normal when a website changes it’s content periodically and a web-crawl is initiated. A snapshot of what the site looked like would be stored in the archives. In this case, it appears as if the timeline has been scrubbed with only 7 snapshots from November 12 – 15, 2020.

Since they say “the Internet lives forever” it is clear both Google and Internet Archives were able to scrub the online profile of Dominion and Eric Coomer in record time. Unfortunately for them, savvy Internet users, independent researchers and journalists are familiar with the tactics used by these companies and screenshot to safeguard online material prior to reporting it.

Posts on background of Eric Coomer’s background

Google’s participation in election interference is well documented but Internet Archive’s role has not been seen until now. With this unusual activity and the inability to see the company’s prior web pages, it became necessary to see who is on the “team” of IA.

Without much research, it is clear the “team” at the Archives tries to remain as neutral as possible but if you look at their social media, you can clearly see more liberal bias in what they do. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see these companies working hand in hand to deceive the public.

So what’s the deal with Eric? Why are so many companies trying to coverup his profile or footprint?

My conclusion – merely from my own ability to connect the dots from published video testimony of high level retired CIA and government officials including Dr. Steve Pieczenik, former United States Department of State official who was interviewed by Owen Shroyer.

In the interview Pieceznik says there is a watermark on the ballots and President Trump is in control. He doesn’t say the watermark is there via the Trump Administration, he just refers to the ballots being marked in some way so they are trackable.

Although this interview leads one to believe the Trump Administration has direct involvement in the coding of the ballots, with the addition of Dominion’s Coomer demonstrations and presentations as well as the strategic placement of White Hats, it wouldn’t be surprising if there was some sort of involvement from the inside leaking information to the President regarding the embedded coding patented by Coomer and company.

I believe our elections and politicians have put on a grand show for the American people and our votes haven’t counted for decades. With pre-planning and great theater productions in Congress, the manipulation of the people has been so mammoth, we cannot comprehend the depths of our society it has effected.

This has been the biggest psyop in world history if everything we’re finding out is true. Everything is rigged, everything is manipulated and it’s about to come crashing down around us if we don’t finally stand up for our rights.

It’s time to re-read the United States Constitution, in particular the Bill of Rights and start using them to get these dirty politicians and companies out of our lives.

Now is our opportunity. The more you know, the better your decisions for your life and your family.


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