Recently, I was the Precinct Chair Person (PCP) in one of the Colorado precincts and we were discussing Donald Trump as a candidate. I let them vent and talk about their candidates and didn’t interrupt them while those who were against Trump kept talking about him not having any substance.

Finally, when it was my turn to talk, my first question was, “How many of you have read Donald Trump’s book, ‘Art of the Deal?'” No one raised their hand.

My next question was, “How many people have read the book ‘Crippled America?'” Again, no one raised their hands.

That made my point for me. These people were just repeating the same media hype that the pundits and establishment Republicans have been saying because they’re afraid of Trump and his supporters. I proceeded by asking them how they can possibly judge the substance of the man without even doing the research?

Crippled America 1So far, it looks like the haters of Trump are only wanting the sugar coating of the average politician preferring the perceived truth over the actual truth. Wow – in the Republican party itself this is what we get. Blind people following the average candidate and being totally hypocritical condemning Trump for being blunt saying he’s vulgar while their candidate of choice has perpetuated lies and sexual innuendo to try and further their candidacy.

As I was just listening to Representative Adam Kinzinger speaking on Fox News just now,he said the only thing he heard from Trump was “I, I, I, I” and the comment about Romney being on his knees. He also said Trump has no substance which tells me either he can’t read or doesn’t want to read.

What Kinzinger failed to mention was his candidate of choice, Rubio keeps saying, “When I’m in the White House…” and “I will not” and “I’m going to…”  – the true “I, I, I, I, I” guy is Rubio. And, he also apparently forgot about Rubio talking about Trump’s appendage in a family oriented setting. And what about Rubio not showing up for work? What about Rubio conning the people of Florida into voting for him and then using their money to run for President skipping his job while getting paid to do it? Seems pretty hypocritical.

SIDE NOTE:  I just called up Kinzinger’s office and let Connor know what I thought of his boss. You might want to start calling these people at their offices too because I intend to make sure the American people are heard and these guys loose their jobs if they continue failing to listen to “we the people.” It will be my new mission.

This is typical of these Trump haters. They are the ones with no substance and I feel no need to do their research but I can certainly point them in the direction of where to find the information. Simply clicking on Trump’s website which is and then clicking the “Positions” tab would be so easy and yet, for some, so hard. They just might learn something and apparently ignorance is bliss to fuel their fire.

Click the Links for Policy Positions:

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Healthcare Reform

US-China Trade Reform


Veteran’s Administration Reform

Tax Reform


Second Amendment Rights

Immigration Reform


And for an even more in depth look at the policies of Donald Trump, one can simply purchase the book, “Crippled America” which costs under $20 at Wal-Mart. Frankly, the Democrats don’t really care about issues. If they don’t care about their candidates being liars, murderers, criminals, mob families and Socialists, why would they care about actual issues.

donald trump make america greatThen we also have these Trump haters pretending his supporters aren’t aware of all the past issues. We’ve already dismissed them as non-issues. They’re non-issues because they’re not relevant today. These haters continue bringing up things that happened over 30 years ago and acting like maturing and gaining wisdom is some sort of flip-flop bad thing. That’s a laugh. Flip-flopping is what Hillary Clinton keeps doing if she thinks it’s working for others, she changes daily.

Are people not supposed to change their minds as they mature? I realize Democrats grow much more stupid as they get older and I would have used the term “mature” but they don’t mature. They just look older. You can’t mature if you don’t learn anything along the way. Therefore, if you’re really that stupid it doesn’t really make any difference what party you’re in if you don’t even have two brain cells to rub together.


It’s not hard to find Trump’s policies and to know they haven’t changed much. It’s also not difficult to understand Trump hasn’t really changed much over the years. There are Democrats in their party who still think they’re like John F. Kennedy Democrats. They can’t wrap their minds around the fact Elvis has left the building and they’re still sitting in the seats.

Republicans can’t move forward because they will loose their power and if fired from their political careers, may have to get a real job and get their hands dirty in a different way.

So, if these haters can’t do their homework, they’re no better than the Democrats. If they’re going to hate people because they tell the truth, I’d rather be on the side of truth with Trump than in the ignorant pile of denial.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


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