Donald TrumpObama has a lot of nerve commenting on the qualifications of Donald Trump for President. This inexperienced 1st time Senator Boob from Illinois has managed to destroy the United States in 8 years after it took 200 years plus to build. Based on Barry’s track record, why would we listen to him on who’s qualified for the position and who isn’t?

And then we’ve got Hillary Clinton who’s only qualification is she’s been in politics for the past 35 years according to what she says. She’s made a mess of every office she’s ever held including First Lady when she looked like she just rolled out of the trailer park every day. You can’t use any “experience” since there’s nothing good that has come out of her experience.

Clinton’s even saying Trump’s not qualified to be President of the United States. And I ask you again, who is she to talk about a person’s qualifications when everything she’s ever done is either screwed up or messed up? She’s even gotten at minimum 4 people killed, has ties to 48 more “convenient” deaths, gotten huge payouts by laundering money through the Clinton Foundation from foreign enemy countries, is constantly under indictment for one thing or another and is labeled as the worst Secretary of State in the history of America.

Let’s just look at this from a logical, non-emotional, panties in a wad, standpoint.

We’ll start with Foreign policy. What was Barry’s foreign policy experience when he ran for President? Well, he traveled around to 3rd world countries with his mom and he….uh, nothing else. Oh yeah, he talked to a lot of Communists, Socialists and Fascists who mentored him to the point he is today. Sounds like a lot of achievement to be the dictator he’s become.

obama-and-puttin-cartoonWhat’s Barry been up to since being in the President’s seat? He’s negotiated a devastating nuclear deal with Iran, a trade deal which ensures companies take their work overseas, allowed refugees to come into the country to kill us and given American dollars to illegal aliens. He’s also apologized to Japan for Hiroshima and Nagasaki being bombed which ended World War II with an iron clad, “Don’t mess with us!” Just recently, Barry thought he’d pay a little visit to the United Kingdom and tell them to stay in the European Union, like these people give damn what he thinks.

And what’s Clinton’s foreign policy experience? Reading her emails, she’s been to a lot of meetings. She’s shook a lot of hands, did a lot of nothing, pretended she was important and then decided to act as if she was doing something while gun running into Mexico and the Middle East. Not to mention somehow, some way, she’s also tied to Uranium mysteriously being sold from Oregon to Russia. That’s her experience?

So we’ve got two traitors to the United States, our Constitution and our history, saying Trump isn’t qualified. Hmm.

Now let’s look at Trump. He’s negotiated successful business deals in various countries which isn’t easy for an American based company. There’s quite a few customs, paperwork and diplomatic relations you have to use to get business done. Anyone who’s ever done business overseas, already knows you have to be very political for this to happen. He’s also put people to work in various countries, creating jobs where his companies are and adding to the economy of the local area.

Sounds like Trump has more experience than either of these other two blowhards. And yes, I’m still looking at the facts. Has Trump been killing people overseas? Has Trump stuck his nose into a mess and wreaked havoc? No, he’s actually helped the people who he’s done deals with.

DeathbyChinaTrump’s been forced to take some of his manufacturing overseas to China because of the ridiculous taxes and stipulations put on him by liberals including Obama and Clinton. This is why he knows the ins and outs of working in foreign countries. It’s also why he knows giving tax breaks to companies to stay in the United States heavily taxing their goods when they are made overseas coming in to our country makes them rethink their labor and costs of goods sold.

All they have to do is do the math and they’ll figure out it is more cost effective to open a plant in the United States, hire American workers and provide quality products.

Seems like Trump knows a lot more about Foriegn policy than either Clinton or Obama.

Let’s turn to the Military. Barry wasn’t in the military and had and still has, no clue about strategy or keeping our country safe. Although, if you read his book, “Dreams From My Father” you understand his actual goal is working quite nicely. He’s managed to weaken our Armed Forces to the point of crippling, allowed ISIS to reign and infiltrate the United States and given a pass to anyone who is against the American ideology.

Obama’s also fired every military general who disagreed with him putting men in skirts in their place. He’s “bombed” ISIS territory halfheartedly choosing sand dunes as targets to make a show to the American people while purposely not targeting strategic locations which would have crippled these terrorists.

Basically, Barry’s just let criminals run wild and praised them and apologized because the American people are so “mean.”

Let’s look at Clinton. She had plenty of opportunity to provide assistance to Ambassador Chris Stevens after months and months of sending emails to her “private server” requesting security. They had six CIA mercenaries but that wasn’t really enough protection and then when the terrorists attacked on Sept. 11, 2012 she just turned her back on the whole thing, going to bed. Then she lied to the American people during a funeral service blaming the terrorist attack on a YouTube video after clearly emailing her daughter the truth of the matter.

benghazi 3Clinton also lied about being under fired while in Bosnia during a visit where she actually landed safely and had flowers brought to her. Seems like you wouldn’t be forgetting something like that. As far as I can tell, she’s never been under actual fire, only political fire. I’d like to remedy that, but it’s against the law, so we’ll just let her rot in prison if possible or at minimum, get her out of politics altogether.

And then there was Trump. Although his intention was to go into the military, once he was out of Military School and college, he was denied based on a problem with his foot. I’ll agree, Military School isn’t the actual “military,” but a guy playing “Risk” has more experience in the military than Barry or Clinton. And if the person won the game, they’re more qualified than either buffoon on the Democrats side.

It’s obvious, Trump takes the advice of generals with common sense and those who have come before him and been successful. That’s what makes him smart. He also does have a Military School background which is more than Barry or Clinton once again. Besides, everyone with a brain in their head can understand exactly what Trump has laid out in his book, “Crippled America” which has his policies right in there.

So, experience wise, Trump trumps both of them!

Economically is a real no brainer. Trumps been running multi-billion dollar budgets for years. That’s what he does. He graduated at the top of his class from the Wharton School of Finance. For God’s sake, there shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to this.

national debt presidentialBarry’s managed to run up a ridiculous tab of over $19 TRILLION dollars in debt which is more than all the Presidents combined in 200 years of existence. Clinton’s managed to launder money through the Clinton Foundation while pretending she’s the “common man.” I think this pretty much disqualifies both Barry and Clinton from running a budget.

And then if you look at every member of the House, collectively, they haven’t been able to run a budget in my entire lifetime and then some. In fact, they just keep voting themselves raises and rather than make significant cuts and policies to balance a budget, they raise the “debt ceiling” patting themselves on the back for a great deal. Wow, if companies ran like this, there’d be no companies.

And healthcare? Trump deals with the healthcare issue with his businesses providing benefits for employees. Yes, he’s created jobs with benefits and has employees. Two more qualifications for President which Barry and Clinton don’t have.

In fact, Trump has 22, 450 employees currently not to mention how many people he’s kept in business by using their goods and services within his business and cities he supports with taxes.

Barry creating jobs? LOL – good one.

Clinton creating jobs? LOL – again, good one.

These two are actually advocating to cut jobs and then use the creation of menial monkey jobs which are cut in thirds so no one can work full time as their “creation of jobs.” They never talk about how many people they’ve put out of business. In fact, under the reign of this ridiculousness, Clinton and Barry have tried to put the coal companies and gas and oil companies out of business pretending they’re protecting the environment while being hypocrites using cars, electricity, and all kinds of products which are made using coal, oil and gas as well as other fossil fuels. Typical liberals.

trump coal minersAnd then there’s Trump. He knows being a responsible user of our resources means there needs to be rules and regulations, but not to the point where we’re being unreasonable. He’s fully aware almost every product liberals pretend is “green” uses gas, oil and coal as well as fossil fuels to be made.

Trump also believes we should be self-sufficient because it puts you in a better position in the world. If you’re self-sufficient, you don’t necessarily have to trade with another country if they’re doing something wrong. We trade with them to help their economy and their communities because we want to, not because we have to.

Clinton and Barry want to work with both arms tied behind our back and our legs shackled.

Just on these few points, Trump is and always has been more qualified to be President than anyone running, has run or most likely will run in the future. And frankly, it’s about time.

Yes, I’m still on the Trump Train and encouraging as many people as possible to take a ride all the way to the White House!



Crippled America by Donald Trump

Art of the Deal by Donald Trump

Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama

Hard Choices by Hillary Rodham Clinton



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