In the last few days I’ve listened to the pundits and critics, Republicans and Democrats lament over the fact Donald Trump can and will win the nomination as the Republican Presidential Candidate for the 2016 race.

What’s stupid is we keep hearing over and over how Trump won’t beat Hillary Clinton and how Hillary’s got so many more votes than any other person running which is all a load of statistical crap amounting to a bunch of media hype just to sabotage him and his supporters.

Even arrogant John Kasich, Governor of Ohio who has only won one state out of 29 is so stubborn he can’t see nobody likes him. How he won Ohio is beyond me except for the fact there are so many liberals in the northern part of the state it’s probably kissing Hillary’s butt right about now and Kasich doesn’t have a shot in hell to win anything including an election.

Let’s be very clear. Kasich should have run as a Democrat and most likely could have beaten Hillary in her own party. That’s why the pundits keep saying Kasich is the only one who can beat Hillary. The surveys are from Democrats asking Democrats who they would vote for between Hillary and Kasich. Are you getting the picture here?

Donald Trump 33In reality, Kasich hasn’t even scratched the surface in beating Trump. Ohio? Really? Looks like Kasich will be breaking that winning streak the state had for the past 60 years unless the underhanded GOP decides to fix the nomination which they are clearly whining about.

Then there’s the matter of Hillary saying she’s got more votes than anyone running in the race. Statistically speaking that’s true, however there are only two people on her side of the fence. Herself, Killer-at-Large and Bernie Sanders, Lunatic Socialist. The choices pretty much suck and the overall votes of the Democrats are millions lower (I believe it’s about 3 million lower than the Republicans) when it comes to these caucuses and primaries.

In fact, the total number of Republicans voting makes her votes look like a tiny portion of the total overall votes cast. Therefore, if all those Republicans who will not vote for Hillary vote for the Conservative Nominee she doesn’t have a chance in hell to win the Presidency, thank God.

And to qualify that last statement, I’m also not including the people in the Republican party who would prefer a lying killer to a person they just hate because he’s not a puppet.

Therefore, in reality, Trump can not only beat Hillary hands down, I would expect he can mop the floor with her and then throw her in jail.

What’s even more egregious is the Establishment Republicans like Paul Ryan and his cronies trying to actively look for a candidate who is not Trump. They’re clearly not supporting him after he signed their little piece of toilet paper pledging his support to the Republican nominee.

Not only were they insisting he sign that agreement, they pursued Trump, tried to embarrass him at the first Fox News debate and then have tried rubbing his nose in it asking if he was considering a run as a third party candidate. They’re trying to keep him in the party, but dissing him at the same time thinking they’ll keep him under control.

kasich 1This is why the Republicans are jumping ship and are voting American and not Republican. There’s a definite difference.

I’ve been a Republican all my voting life, but I’m not and never have been loyal to the party ever. I’m not voting for a party. I’m voting for a candidate.

As Trump stated, and again was twisted and misquoted, if the Republican’s don’t nominate him and ignore the voters then there could be protests for sure. Riots, not so sure, but definitely protests and the party will be done.

I’m fine with the party being done. I don’t like arrogant assholes telling me who I’m going to vote for regardless of how many Republicans are trying to tell me it’s a “process.” It’s a process because we have delegates who want to tell us what we’re going to do and like the power.

There’s nothing different at this point between the Democrats and the Republicans except Donald Trump who is the American candidate running for President on the Republican ticket.

And let’s not forget about the arrogance and lying of Ted Cruz who is clearly delusional. Out of 29 states with caucuses and primaries, he’s only got a whopping total of 7. This means he’s on the road to no where and came up with a big goose egg on Super Duper Tuesday not winning any states but with  27 delegates added to his coffer. Before that day, he was 99 delegates behind Trump. He’s racked up 19 loses so far and we’re counting. He keeps saying he’s the only one who keeps beating Trump consistently. Um, what?

Now, after the Tuesday Night Smack Down, Trump is 255 delegates ahead of Cruz, Rubio left and the annoying bug Kasich needs to take his toys and go home. He’s gotten pretty much nothing so far out of running for President and wasted a lot of money. If this is how Kasich does things do we really want him as a President?

Ted_Cruz_El_Cubano_De_Canadá_LARGEThe hatred spewed from the mouths of the pundits, Democrats and Republicans is frankly making me want to punch their stupid faces in. Shall we now call that a violent riot because I want to punch them? Let’s see if we can twist that into some non-existent charge of inciting a riot…really guys?

Again, it’s amazing how blatantly corrupt the GOP really is and from the politicians to the media, pretty much don’t care that we can see it all. That’s just how far we’ve gone over the edge.

Our only hope of winning this election and taking back the country and putting it back on the right track is Trump.

They better do what’s right if they don’t want to see this country not go into civil war and take it back by force under the 2nd Amendment.

Personally, I would love to see Ted Cruz and John Kasich shut their stupid pie holes. I can barely stand hearing their voices any more. It’s as grating on my nerves as Hillary’s noise coming out of her trap.

Get your gear, get your signs and get out and Stump for Trump! If you don’t get on the Trump Train, it’s going to be running you over!

FYI – Here’s a side note: I’ve gotten several emails from Ted Cruz and the GOP along the way and they are desperate. The emails are always acting like the sky is falling and the end of the world is near if they can’t squeeze the next dime out of me. Donald Trump’s emails are always cheerful, hopeful and he never asks for a dime. Just gives us updates. And yes, I decided long ago to support Donald Trump and I purchased my gear from his site and will continue to do so.



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Robin A Dilks · March 18, 2016 at 1:41 am

Thank you! You have hit how many of us feel about all the shenanigans that are going on. What there posing and caniving is telling me is that we need to dig in and get out the vote for Trump. We need to win the correct number of delegates and shut them all up.

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