Donald Trump 40Pundits and Trump-haters keep saying over and over, Donald Trump doesn’t know anything about foreign policy and isn’t Presidential. Trust me, this speech of Trump’s dealing with foreign policy will be one for the history books.

First of all, what’s Presidential? There’s no script as to what is Presidential. However, the people are the ones who will determine who’s “Presidential.”

Secondly, Trump has been making deals in foreign countries throughout his lifetime. If you don’t think you’ve got to know about global finance and what’s going on militarily in each country you’re looking at, you really have no idea how business is even done.

This brings us to Trump’s speech he made in Washington, DC at the Mayflower Hotel just yesterday. Critics are still being idiots acting as if there was some “all over the map” and incoherent rambling going on throughout his event. Apparently, they didn’t get the five points which he said he would address in the very beginning.

He pointed out the problems with the Obama administration, their policy on finances in a global market, allies not helping with the financing of defending their own countries. We’ve been weak and not had these countries at least assist financially in their own defense.

We’ve also heard over and over again from Trump, Iran shouldn’t be having nuclear weapons. He knows this country is not to be trusted and called out Obama on the mess in the Middle East that was made by his administration with the help of Hillary Clinton.

hillary benghazi 1Trump called out Clinton for her failed stand in Benghazi. He called her out for her lies and the four Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens and two brave soldiers who were killed. She went to bed and didn’t even care what was going on in Libya on September 11, 2012. Trump called it like it was, using the truth then stating what he would do to remedy the situation.

How can these pundits not understand “America first?” It’s not really that hard, but it’s tough and needs to be done. Completely the opposite of Clinton and Obama’s policies.

Apparently, it’s also really difficult for these political commentators to understand military strategy and how to defeat ISIS. It was pretty clear to me and has been since Trump said he was running for President.

Trump is right. It is a dangerous world and we have to start realizing the world isn’t full of roses and cotton candy. The United States can’t afford to keep living in La La Land with Clinton and the liberals. This lack of common sense on the Democrat’s side is hurting this country and the entire world.

Speaking of military strategy, you don’t tell the enemy when, where, how and what when you’re going to get rid of them. Obama has done the warning crap and told ISIS every move we’re going to make. How stupid can a person be? How stupid can a country’s leadership be? This is what Trump has called them out on.

weakened military 1Trump also pointed out Obama’s idiot plan which has deliberately weakened our military and the equipment which is deteriorating before our very eyes. He called out Clinton and Obama for their stupidity on Global Warming as a problem causing ISIS rather than the reality of the Muslim philosophy which teaches to physically eradicate the infidel.

How can pundits not get this? It’s pretty much a no-brainer if you have a brain, which we can clearly see Clinton and the Democrats don’t have. Obama has done all of this deliberately under his plan which is laid out in the book, “Dreams From My Father” written by the current President.

It’s also very clear, when America is strong, the world is safer. Exactly what Trump said during his speech. That’s the bottom line and it’s again, not hard to comprehend. Rather than focus on the points being made during his 35 minute speech, I heard these rude, hardcore haters, talking about the mispronunciation of “Tanzania.”

So what if he mispronounced the country’s name? It’s not like we can’t look up the blooper reels of every single person on TV. Believe me – it’s there and frankly, focusing on that, shows they are biased idiots.

Trump knows exactly what he’s doing. He never said he would be friends with Putin. He said, “we’ll find out” if we can work with Russia. He said if we can’t, we’ll walk from the table. This again, is something the Obama administration refused to do during the talks with Iran regarding the nuke deal.

China was another point which was made during the speech. Trump clearly knows how to deal with them as well. He is a person very well educated on global business and the cultures which govern how another country does business. He’s well aware of how to deal with these people.

isis children 1For some reasons, liberals, Democrats, Clinton, John Kerry and Obama can’t seem to get it through their heads, Islamic terrorists don’t care about death, have a different outlook on women and children, are taught Islam as a “religion” which is ingrained in their culture. They are maniacs. You can’t deal with maniacs the same as sane people. This is completely lost on liberals.

Trump also said a line in the sand is not negotiable. When we draw a line, we have to enforce it. No longer will there be a movable line and terrorists calling Obama’s bluff. He’s very well aware also, the American patriots in this country believe in drawing a line, enforcing that line and will defend that line with our 2nd Amendment if necessary. Trump’s no fool.

How is any of this escaping the pundits and political commentators? They are so blinded by their hatred they can’t see straight anymore. And why all the hate? Because they know their days are numbered just like ISIS.

The majority of the American people get what Trump is saying. Not only that, we’re prepared to take our country back. We will fix this destruction Obama and Clinton along with Kerry and the liberals have brought upon our country.

During this speech Trump said liberals have failed to put America first and they have criticized those who want to keep us safe by closing the borders tight so we can control who is coming into this country. All other countries, including terrorist countries, make sure they know who is entering their borders. We have Obama, Kerry and Clinton representing liberal ideas, showing weakness against our enemies, coddling our enemies. This is the wrong way to run a country and we’re feeling the effects of this weakness right now.

donald trump am first 1A Trump Administration will be tough, competent and loyal to the American people, the Constitution and our American values. His Presidency would be truly Patriotic and Conservative, no longer pandering to politicians who have no clue how to budget, show strength, grow the economy and deal with foreign nations.

Trump is right on every point he made during his foreign policy speech. Critics are in denial. They say they want more details. Are they aware how long a speech would be if he gave every detail?

And frankly, I don’t want him to give every detail. Then our enemies would know what we’re doing and that would be stupid again!

Trump isn’t going to appease these pundits or politicians and give them what they want. He’ll give the people what they want – a strong, competent leader.

Also, here’s something to think about. While these pundits , political commentators and haters of Trump are talking, what does their commentary say about them?

donald trump 42To me, it says they are biased, unreasonable, hard headed, with an inability to get out of their own way to see what’s really going on. They are more interested in power and money than safety of the American people. They are more interested in being politically correct and pandering to the politicians than in creating a strong economy and military.

This is the difference between Trump and the rest of the pack including Cruz.

From this point on, the American people have a choice and that choice is to continue to be a weakened sinking ship or to regroup under a strong leader in Trump and pull ourselves up by our bootstraps.

Trump’s speech was one of the best in the history of the United States and will be studied, pulled apart, evaluated and quoted. This is my idea of “Presidential,” showing strength and leadership with a clear direction. If you can’t understand that, you’re probably not fit to vote for our country’s leader.

For me, the choice is clear. I’m supporting Trump and will be voting for him in the General Election.



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