Donald Trump is a winner! The people are speaking loud and clear and yet, the media as well as the government establishment don’t seem to get it. In fact, they keep making excuses and try to reason as to why Donald Trump is winning.

The fact is, people are so fed up with being lied to they can’t stand it anymore. They knew the government was lying to them. That was pretty much a given. What they didn’t realize was the media is lying to them on every turn and so are the political parties.

The manipulation of the system by both entities which fuel people’s thoughts has outraged millions of people and the only person who is calling them out on it is Donald Trump. That’s why he’s so popular. Whether you agree with him or not, he is telling the plain, non-sugar coated version of the truth and people like it.

This started back at the first Presidential debate when Fox News tried to pretend they were still “fair and balanced” and the Republican National Committee (RNC) was pretending like the audience wasn’t stacked. Unfortunately for them, 24 million viewers tuned in to watch Donald Trump take on the establishment and the media in one fell swoop.

Donald Trump 15Right from the start of that debate, Bret Baier asked the Republican Candidates on the stage who would remain loyal to the party even if they weren’t the nominee. Clearly this question was aimed directly at Donald Trump under the cover of pretending to ask everyone. It was a baited question to see what Donald Trump would do.

And in true Trump-like fashion, Donald Trump was the only person to raise his hand causing a few astonished outbursts from the audience. Everyone watching that debate knew right then they were going to go after Donald Trump because he said he’s not going to commit to support a candidate he doesn’t agree with. I would have done the same thing. How are you supposed to commit to support a guy like Governor John Kasich from Ohio? This guy should be a Democrat!

And then, we saw Megyn Kelly ask another baited question while she was just about to laugh. She seriously asked Donald Trump about his calling Rosie O’Donnell a pig and continued to say he’s said derogatory things about other women also, but she couldn’t name any. In fact, Trump corrected her during the question and said, “Only Rosie O’Donnell” and the crowd laughed because it was funny and we already know that. But in smug Megyn Kelly pompous fashion, she said, “no it wasn’t” but failed to list anyone else and still hasn’t listed anyone else. Again, this was inappropriate.

The rest of the night was filled with Chris Wallace, Baeir and Kelly continually asking Trump questions in a smug, pompous, disdainful way treating him like he wasn’t worthy of being in the debate when he was and still is the Republican frontrunner.

The entire baited and biased debate showed the entire viewing audience Fox News was not “fair and balanced.”

Then, Reince Preibus, the chair of the RNC has said on numerous occasions Donald Trump will not be the Republican nominee and has tried everything he can to block Trump’s rise to the only nominee the people will have. He’s gone on air saying he will call for a brokered convention, through his “strings” has been able to squash the caucus votes of the people in Colorado and now they just have to blindly choose a “delegate” who can pretty much say whatever they want. Colorado is a swing state and can vote for anyone they like since it’s about equally divided in thirds with Independents being the majority.

Donald Trump 18The American people aren’t stupid and they certainly aren’t deaf. It’s been very clear the Democratic party is completely corrupt and no longer Patriotic. They don’t uphold the Constitution and continually advocate to stifle the rights of the people with over-regulation and government taking over our rights and ability to choose.

People in all parties including the Independents are feeling the devastation brought upon us by the Obama Administration and the pathetic policies in every aspect of American life that used to keep us safe, flourishing and also respected in the world.

The missing piece to this puzzle are the Independents and Democrats who will be voting for Donald Trump when the General Election comes around. They will put this election into a landslide and pundits and politicians dismissing their votes is frankly, annoying and these voters should feel insulted.

These people won’t commit to the Republican party because they don’t believe it’s any better than the party or category they’re already in. Why should they change? If the states offer a Primary rather than a caucus, they should be able to vote either way, however each state is different.

Caucuses are the most corrupt of the system when it comes to voting since it’s so easily manipulated and elected delegates don’t really have any way to track from the actual caucus to their vote that can be verified. Delegates are stupid because as we’re well aware, there’s digital technology now and people can just cast their vote and don’t need a middleman. Primaries are alright as long as we have a “party” system, but are still completely unnecessary in the age of technology. At least with Primaries, the state runs them and you don’t get the voter fraud you do with caucuses.

That being said, the Independents and Democrats who will be voting for Trump are looking to the people of the Republican party to get their choice for President to the top so they can vote for him in the General Election.

Is this a good thing? Yes and no.

I’d switch my party to vote for whoever I want to be the nominee so I don’t have someone telling me who it’s going to be without my voice being heard. However, some Democrats have their jobs on the line and since Voter Information is public information can you imagine how many Hillary Clinton staffers would be fired immediately if she knew they switched parties just to vote for Donald Trump? I’d laugh, but talk about some Hell fire from the Devil! Her claws would be out and some might even get a hit put out on them.

In just the past three voting events, we’ve seen establishment guys going down in flames while those who are a thorn in the side of the government are doing quite well. Hillary’s got her side rigged so Bernie’s not going to get past the corruption of the party. That’s just a given.

The Republican members are little bit more savvy than the Democrats so we’re watching this so closely we’ll spot voter fraud when it happens – kind of like Iowa. Seriously? Little pieces of paper? LOL – are we in 1776?

And then we’ve had two Primaries which couldn’t be manipulated because it was a State run event with digital data and up-to-the-minute reporting. Can’t really manipulate that very easily although it is possible.

Amazingly, out of these voting events, the only one which didn’t match the polling data is Iowa. Hmm, the only voting event which was clearly messed up by little pieces of paper and Ted Cruz sending out lying tweets was Iowa. Seems like a fraud to me.

What do they say? If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s most likely a duck. Iowa is a duck.

All of these events and the rebellion of the people against the media and the government should be telling them something. Instead, they continue to be amazed, burying their heads in the sand trying to over analyze and calculate how many votes might go to Trump verses Cruz or Rubio.

It’s really very simple. The people don’t trust the government and they don’t trust the media. They want a guy who is going to take his boot and clear the room. That person is Donald Trump. He will get the job done and is a proven leader in every respect of the office of President.

Any Republicans who do not stand firm, support Donald Trump and tell Obama and his thugs to back off, we’re not buying what they’re selling will be out of office too. Frankly, Washington needs to be changed in the Senate, the House and the Administration. We need people who will uphold the United States Constitution and not pander to those who are not Patriots and continue to destroy the country.

Just because the majority wants to jump off a bridge, doesn’t mean the rest of us should also. But in this case, it looks like the majority is going to not only elect the person in the room with the biggest boot, they’ll strap their boots on too and join him.




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