Donald Trump Exposes The Obstructionist Swamp Politicians

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President Trump rally in Michigan

President Trump rally in Michigan

If the 2016 election didn’t show you people are sick and tired of career politicians, the last 6 months of President Trump exposing the obstructionists should have gotten your attention. Over and over again, voters have cast their ballots for the same old people wondering why nothing ever gets done in Washington, DC. With the short amount of time since the Inauguration in January, Democrats have vowed to obstruct anything and everything coming from Republicans. This is a given.

What isn’t a given is on the Republican side. These people are just as bad as the Democrats. Seriously? What’s the difference? Republicans say they want to work together. They also say they’re listening to the American people. In truth, they’re not doing either of these things.

Speaker Paul Ryan double talks everyone to death whenever he holds a Press Conference. He makes a bunch of promises, does exactly nothing, when called on them, he says it’s someone else’s fault. Typical Democrat move.

Then there’s Senator Mitch McConnell who can’t close a deal to save his life. He should be asking the direct question, “Are you voting to repeal or repeal and replace Obama’s disastrous bill?” Here’s an even better question, “Do you want to keep your job?” His final statement should be, then I’m marking you down as repealing this and I’m going to let everyone know. There you go. They’re either in or their out. We’ll vote out the ones who won’t comply.

Democrats In RINO Clothing

6Next, we’ve got Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator John McCain who love to think they’re God’s gift to politics, obstruct everything under the sun on the “I’m right because I’m morally superior to everyone” attitude acting like President Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing. Both are extremely resentful of the President, wanted to be him and have spent their lives trying to be him. Sorry guys, it’ll never happen because the majority of Americans can’t stand either one of you.

There’s also the Junior League of pompous self-righteous Republicans like Senator Ben Sasse who has joined the “moral majority” and actively spoke against the common sense policies of President Trump failing to recognize the people are in charge, not him.

It’s a given Democrats need to be voted out. They supported Hillary Clinton who is a career crook, covering up her crimes and colluding with foreign governments to manipulate our election which didn’t work because we were smarter than they were.

However, the constant collusion of the left wing wackos with the demented media hell bent on cutting their own throats, continues every day. Just take a look at the Russian story.

Democrats Planned Russian Story For Months

trumpjordonald_041717gn4_leadPlanned months before Donald Trump Jr. met with any Russians to try and get dirt on Clinton, Democrats and the Clintons were already planning the Russian collusion story. This should be a dead give away of their modus operandi. Regardless of evidence, Democrats have brainwashed their side so much, these Zombies can’t figure out fact from fiction anymore. They’d rather shoot their mouths off than actually do a little research. Even their elected officials can’t seem to crack a book to get a fact straight.

Democrats stand for everything that could possibly be against civil rights, human rights and common sense. There’s really nothing further to say about why they need to be gotten rid of unless of course you want to mention their creation of pussy hats, safe spaces, offense over gender, gender confusion and murdering 1000 American babies monthly.

The lying goes on from both sides and Conservatives need to stand up and start running for these offices, voting for regular people who can represent them in Congress. That’s the way it was supposed to be in the first place – of the people, by the people. Term limits could stop the nonsense but so could just plain voting them out of office. If a guy is doing a good job, why cut him off at the knees?

On and on we can go, but one thing is very clear – if they’re not on the Trump Train, they’re not with the people and must go.





Richard Staszak · October 2, 2017 at 11:32 am

If this is the right way to ask a question?

All Birth certificates must be certified?

Need four?

All Birth Certificates need to be Authentication?

Tried to get info from Education2000, could not find any info. Did they remove it.

    April LaJune · October 22, 2017 at 10:39 pm

    I don’t think educationcenter2000 ever had all the info on there. So far, I’ve only noticed one has to be authenticated. The rest are for something completely different. But yes, four are desirable.

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