gop-elephant-630-530x298I don’t know about you, but the local GOP is really getting on my nerves. The last two meetings I attended with our “new” board members were fiascoes. We asked them reasonable questions which received the same hostility we’ve been getting for the past few years.

Do these questions seem unreasonable to you?

“Are you going to give us a detailed projected budget so we can look it over and know you’ve got a plan? We want to contribute financially, we just want to know you’ve got a road map for fundraising, candidate grooming, community outreach, etc.”

Wow – you’d have thought I knifed them! The 1st Vice Chair of the local GOP had told me at the meeting prior, they didn’t need a budget because they don’t have any money. He’s a banker.

mad 1I prefaced that question with, “Since — is a banker, I’m pretty sure he knows about loans and wouldn’t approve a loan without a projected budget and financial papers to go along with the business plan. We’re asking you for a proposed budget.” Of course, the banker had nothing to say at that point since I called him out in public.

After a volatile back and forth exchange from the board and a few of us, we basically gave up since it was obvious they didn’t think we deserved to have answers to legit questions.

The chair did say however, he’d have a two year budget done by June 15th. That hasn’t happened, still hasn’t happened. They presented a 1 yr budget at the last meeting and told us they were under no obligation to give us a two year budget although the bi-laws clearly say they are to give a two year budget plan. Pompous asses if you ask me.

hostile 1Next we tried to ask them how they were going to do community outreach. We wanted to know what their plan was to further the Conservative agenda within the community. The reason I asked the question is because the last chair said they don’t do any community outreach unless it makes money. Obviously, the goal of the GOP is supposed to be community education which is the only way to recruit people to the cause of Conservatives and Republicans.

Since the previous guy was in charge and the 2nd Vice Chair kept calling him the boss, it was obvious they weren’t going to make a move without making money.

I happen to read the bi-laws of the local party and know the 1st and 2nd Vice chair are in charge of certain committees. It’s also obvious neither of them have a clue what committees are supposed to be under their umbrella. That being said, when asked about community outreach, the Secretary piped up and started talking about parades and a few booths here and there.

annoyed 1At that point, I asked them what about the 14,000 or so Conservatives living in the county? Out of that many they have a mailing list of around 550 people. Most of those people don’t participate in anything and I wanted to know, how we were contacting the rest of the people in the county to get their email addresses. That was another push back filled with hostility.

Every suggestion we had to facilitate the contact information, they shot down. It is a known fact, mailing pieces do work especially in political parties, however the mailing piece has to be the right one. You can’t just send out random things and hope they work. When they shot down the mailing question and said, we’ve tried, it doesn’t work, I asked what kind of mailer and what was the response? They ignored me completely.

Not only did they ignore me, they wouldn’t even address the question. I tried to ask them if they knew the response rate of a mailing piece? What kind was it? Did it call for action? Was it just a campaign piece? What was it? They acted like I hadn’t said a word.

pompous-2Another guy in the audience told them he wanted to know the answers to my questions and they ignored him too. I had lots of questions but they just kept ignoring us on the Community Outreach trying to talk about parades and a few booths. They just wanted to do a bunch of “fun stuff” with no real work involved. No Voter Registration Drives, nothing to engage people or any volunteers they could have gotten. Nope, it’s a tight circle and they could care less about the rest of us in the county or the city for that matter. It’s party of 5 board members and a few “friends” who get any emails or notice. They won’t even send me an email about a meeting! I’ve repeatedly asked about getting an email and still no dice. It’s selective. The Secretary has to like you or you’re not on the “list.”

Not only that, I was asked in a formal letter sent to me by the Chair that if I couldn’t “respect” the board, I was not welcome to attend. Of course, I ignored that ridiculous BS and went anyway. Who are they to tell me I can’t go and ask legitimate questions? I didn’t yell at them and I didn’t over talk anyone. I asked regular questions while Senator Cory Gardner’s Durango assistant kept mumbling under her breath about how I was being ridiculous. I’m paying her salary to be rude to me asking legit questions.

That became another dead issue and we moved on.

silenced 2Next came a slight discussion on Social Media and trying to recruit younger people. Statistically speaking, Facebook is growing by leaps and bounds in the Senior Citizen category while Instagram is outdoing them with younger people. The 1st Vice Chair gets up and starts talking about how wonderful they’re doing with their Facebook page with 536 likes. Um, hello – that’s only about 3.5% of the people in La Plata County. I’d say that’s pretty bad considering I’ve got over 2200 people on my FB who are just friends.

So I asked the pompous 1st Vice chair banker dude, if they are trying to recruit younger people why are they using Facebook since statistically speaking it is used more by Seniors while Instagram is used by college kids? After a little song and dance and a dismissal of the facts, he put his tiny foot down and said, “because that’s what we’re going to do.” The Chair interjected, they had other social media platforms and some day they might develop them.

We tried to ask them about the upcoming elections for 2018 and if they had any candidates. Nope. No candidates. They lost every election I’ve seen over the past few years because they won’t groom candidates and won’t even consider planning. They already know what their doing according to them, so I guess that’s why they keep losing.

That meeting was basically another dud of what the board is going to do without the help of any people in the county, no outreach and no budget.

dictatorship1Now comes this month. I didn’t go because I was out of town on business, but still, I know what happened. More hostility when questioned. Gave a budget which was meaningless but here’s two more ridiculous things added to the last fiasco of a meeting.

The board said they were going to set a fundraising goal of $3,000. Whoop! Whoop! As long as the board writes a check for around $600 each, they should reach their goal. They also appointed a guy to head up an “ethics committee” to investigate a woman on the county commissioner’s board who is going to be out of her chair before they can get this done. Not sure what they think they’re going to pay for that with but apparently $3,000 is enough to fund campaigns, do community outreach, fight a democrat on the Board of County Commissioners, try to gather emails of the 14K people in the county they have no clue how to reach and fund all their “fun times” activities of the board members.

democracy-vs-dictatorship-types-of-government-3-638If I was anyone on that board, I would have made sure these questions were answered. These are legit concerns. This isn’t play time and these folks are in the wrong position if they’re going to be hostile about sound questions they should already know the answers to. Frankly, I’m appalled at their pompous behavior and their lack of leadership skills. There’s no game going on here and losing every issue and race isn’t cutting it.

And this is what counties are reporting all across the country. These people are the exact reason why it has become necessary to oust this type of leadership which shows itself more as a dictatorship and why Conservatives are losing on a local level.

Well guess what guys, we’ve got a solution to this problem and it has nothing to do with the established elitists in the GOP. In fact, we’re going to start training candidates to run for these local offices and train local people to assist them.

If you want to know how, contact me. I’ll be happy to tell you all about a comprehensive plan my partners and I have put together. It’s pure genius and we don’t have to deal with any of the people in the above category of inept leadership.


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