comeyToday was a disgrace to the American people perpetrated by FBI Director James Comey. Not only did he present evidence of Hillary Clinton’s complete incompetence and criminal activity while in charge of the State Department, he concluded by saying he wasn’t going to recommend any charges be brought against her. He locked and loaded and shot justice dead.

Anyone else in any other position other than a high level Democrat would have been put in the slammer long ago.

Not only did he state every violation of Federal Law committed by lawyer Clinton, he said she was grossly negligent in her handling of classified information. He forgot to mention the detail that she signed an agreement with the Federal Government to safeguard our national information. She violated that trust which is against her agreement and federal law.

guilianiRudy Giuliani, former Federal prosecutor and Mayor of New York City, said in an interview with Fox News Kimberly Guilfoyle, no intent has to happen to prove gross negligence. He said statute 18 United States Code Section 793 is very clear and has a 10 year prison term along with it. The definition, by Comey’s own admission, is there is extreme gross negligence.

CLICK THE LINK TO READ THE STATUTE: Statue 18 United States Code Section 793

Giuliani also said, “The way prosecutors prove intent is not [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=”yes” overflow=”visible”][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type=”1_1″ background_position=”left top” background_color=”” border_size=”” border_color=”” border_style=”solid” spacing=”yes” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” padding=”” margin_top=”0px” margin_bottom=”0px” class=”” id=”” animation_type=”” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_direction=”left” hide_on_mobile=”no” center_content=”no” min_height=”none”][when] somebody says I intend to do insider trading, or I intend to give a bribe. We prove intent through circumstantial evidence. So, we have thousands and thousands of documents that she handled carelessly – that she handled with no regard for what the rules of the laws were. Then we have 34,000 documents she destroyed. That alone is evidence of guilty knowledge.”

This isn’t rocket science when it comes to the fact she violated just this one statute. Clinton was so negligent in her handling of the email, Comey even said any reasonable person would have known this especially being in the position as Secretary of State.

Laying out his case against Clinton, Comey continued by saying there were multiple violations including 110 instances of classified and top secret information through 52 strings, sent and received via email on her private server. Clinton lied when she faced the American people and said no classified information was ever sent or received by her on her private server.

gucciferTaking into consideration Statute 18, Clinton violated this 110 times minimum. Comey couldn’t even look at the rest of the emails that have been lost forever. This is another violation of federal law which includes the preservation of public records for our National Archives.

Clinton has stuck by her statement of never sending or receiving classified emails through her server declaring she had made mistakes in her handling of email but continued to deny her culpability.

Comey furthermore said, it’s possible her servers, of which she had more than two, could have been hacked, there’s no evidence. This while Marcel Lazăr Lehe, known as Guccifer, the hacker who first exposed Clinton’s private server, private email address and was extradited to the United States, is sitting in prison for hacking her server, is a Romanian and admits he hacked her server. Seems like there’s evidence right there.

The other thing which is a total disgrace is Comey double talked himself while he was listing the crimes committed by Clinton, both felony and misdemeanor, and then said “no reasonable prosecutor” would prosecute this case. Comey basically just decided he wasn’t going to recommend any charges. He told Loretta Lynch if she prosecutes the case, which everyone knows she won’t, she would be unreasonable.

This announcement happened so fast after the meeting between Lynch and Bill Clinton where Lynch came out and said she would take whatever recommendations the FBI had for her. It’s clear Bill said something to Lynch and visa versa. I would even venture to guess, Lynch told Bill what the FBI was going to do.

Loretta_Lynch_and_Bill_Clinton_meet_in_P_0_41315067_ver1.0_640_480Anyone who believes these high level Democrats don’t talk amongst themselves laying plans to manipulate the system are seriously fooling themselves. I’ve seen way to many times when government fleeces the people to get their way. This is just another time, the government has decided to usurp the law, change the law and ignore criminal activity by a Democrat who is a career criminal.

This is an ongoing saga of Clinton. Commit a crime, blame it on someone else and then kick the American people in the nads telling them it’s all a bunch of hype by Conservatives.

The system was rigged long ago and Clinton knew she would get away with anything and everything. This gives a black eye to any justice the American people could have hoped for.

Over and over again, we see people like Clinton usurp charges against them by strong arming various people, or coincidentally the person testifying against a Clinton miraculously dies. You think Lynch wasn’t threatened? What about Comey?

I believe they were threatened and so were their families.

Just take a look at their history. Bill Clinton was impeached, knew he didn’t have to leave office and decided to thumb his nose at the American people. What about White Water? They skated on those charges to because mysteriously some of the witnesses met their demise in one way or another.

American-Flag-Distress-signal_rt1Clinton is completely incompetent and unfit to be the President. She ran the State Department like a mess, meddled in the Middle East and ruined that, opening the door to ISIS. She exposed our national secrets to our enemies and then said, “sorry” which doesn’t cut it for anyone else.

No way is she fit for leadership. She’s a hack. America will be dead if she’s elected and it is up to us, as American Patriots to make sure this incredibly dark evil person does not get to be the President.

This is the day the justice system has died.

Our only hope now is Donald Trump. Since there will be no indictment on this case, he can appoint a new Attorney General of the United States, someone like Chris Christie or Trey Gowdy, who will go after Clinton with both barrels loaded. The evidence is there and very clear.

The only thing good about this right now is there is no double jeopardy applied and no pardon from Obama coming to save Clinton from the inevitable.

Republicans have a real advantage here and should take this and run with it. Those in the Never Trump camp need to stop being baby whiners and back Trump so we can put the Supreme Court back together and Hillary in prison.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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