The headquarters of MedCure, one of the nation's largest body brokers is shown outside Portland, OregonLaw enforcement is hot and heavy on the trail of Democrat crooks. Just today we’ve had more sealed indictments bringing the count up to about 100 now. Not only that, the FBI raided a cadaver clinic according to the news out of Oregon.

MedCure in Portland, Oregon is a cadaver clinic and distributes human bodies supposedly for science – however, the FBI says they’re concerned about where those bodies have been going and how they’ve been used. These types of clinics are supposed to be keeping thorough records of every transaction and create a paper trail. We’re going to find out more about this in the coming weeks.

And on the back channels Q Clearance is using more clandestine language, connecting the dots between the cadaver clinic raid and the indictments being handed down. It’s a round up of high powered Democrats, liberals and celebrities who have been participating in the Spirit Cooking rituals and the DC pedo ring we were talking about yesterday and which was discovered from the Podesta Emails released by Wikileaks during 2016.

And if you haven’t heard, Comet Ping Pong, the pizza place in DC owned by James Alefantis, the ex boyfriend of David Brock, founder of liberal propaganda machine Media Matters and other fake news media outlets who heavily supports Hillary Clinton, is under investigation by the DC cops.

We’ve been saying this pizza place is the center of the DC child sex trafficking ring for over 2 years and if you haven’t heard the interview with the hacker, I’ve got a link below you can listen to.

This hacker confirms the report I did about Pizzagate and the child pornography which was on Comet Ping Pong’s website. I saw the hidden files myself but by the time we were trying to investigate this further and preserve the evidence, Alefantis had dismantled the files and shortly after that, staged the rigged shooting conveniently took down Alefantis’ computer.

What we’re learning from this back channel source is Mueller’s investigation has never been about the Russian Collusion. He’s been working feverishly to gather evidence against this crime syndicate of the Democrats headed by Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Crime Family.

Now, I’m fully aware there are some Republicans hooked up in all of this corruption so before you start making idiotic comments that I’m biased, I have never met a Democrat who wasn’t corrupt or a total moron but I have met Republicans who are sincere in trying to right wrongs and expose corruption regardless of the party. There are no Democrats in the world who can take you from zero knowledge of their position to a full understanding. It can’t be done. When pressed, they just start making personal attacks.

And then we’ve got the incident in Brentwood Tennessee where law enforcement took down a sex trafficking ring. This just happened today! These were rich people. They could have anything they want and they were hooked up in this.

Folks this stuff is happening all over the United States and it’s all linking right back to the DC pedophile ring.

The major take down of the Democrats is proving President Trump is brilliant. Not only did he make a deal with Robert Mueller, who is the Special Prosecutor in the supposed Russian Collusion case,

between President Trump and Mueller, I believe Mueller has been given some sort of immunity on the Uranium One deal in order to throw the Democrats off the trail of this huge take down that has nothing to do with Russian Collusion. It’s always been about Draining the Swamp and this little play that’s been put on for the Democrats and main stream media is a brilliant way to throw these career crooks into a frenzy. I’m actually having a lot of fun watching the take downs. Finally, victims will receive their justice as we watch the dominoes fall, one by one.

By the way, it’s not against the law for Mueller to be investigating this huge crime ring and pretend he’s on the trail of some imaginary Russian collusion. We know there’s never been any Russian collusion between The Trump Campaign and the Russians.

All fingers and evidence point to the Democrats on that end, but that’s nothing compared to the rest of the corruption going on in the Clinton’s camp.

What is going on here is a major round up of corrupt Democrats and their associates. This mass indictment dump is to get these people to start talking. This is serious folks. People are going to be killed here. Evidence is going to disappear if the Democrats have anything to do with it.

The Clinton body count is going to rise. Here’s the difference we’re seeing right now. President Trump knows these guys are underhanded crooks and in order to catch a crook, you have to use a crook. I’m in favor of Mueller investigating all of these people.

He’s the key here. He knows the depth of what’s going on. When the Democrats saw Mueller was going to be the Special Prosecutor, they just relaxed and kept pushing their same agenda of destruction.

Donna Brazille is very in tune with what’s going on and knew her time was limited and instead of going down with the rest of her crooked croonies, she decided to write a tell all book about the deception and deviance of the Democrats.

These things aren’t by accident folks. There’s so much crime in the government and so much deception, what you thought you knew about these people is not true.

The reason the crime is so diverse is because people have different vices. Whatever the vice is, whatever is going to get you involved in criminal activity, the Democrats will provide for you. They’ll also take pictures, gather evidence and use it as collateral against you. That’s how this stuff works. This isn’t the Truman Show – this is reality people.

We don’t live in Leave It To Beaver Land and have Andy Griffith as our sheriff. This is hard ball. Politics is a dirty game. It’s always been a dirty game and Comet Ping Pong, the DC Pedophile Pushers, drug trafficking, money laundering, prostitution, murder, it’s all part of the political game played by the upper echelon of the political elite.

You can not work in Washington DC and be in politics whether you’re a politician, a reporter or someone working at one of the offices as a close adviser without knowing what’s really going on. There are many people in DC right now working for people they despise because they have no choice.

Jason Chavatz got out of the swamp because his family was threatened. He wasn’t going to put his children at risk. He knows what’s going on and wasn’t willing to pay the price which could cost someone in his family their life. It was a good decision but he’s not going to go into details since high powers know where he lives.

All of this crime is linked to the Clintons. Ever corner links back to the Clintons. Whether it’s rigging an election, the child sex trafficking, money laundering, murder, disappearing evidence like 33 thousand emails. All of this has a continual link which leads right back to Hillary Clinton.

The Saudi’s, Uranium One, Benghazi, Comet Ping Pong, Anthony Weiner, John Podesta, Tony Podesta, David Brock, the take down of Bernie Sanders, raids of Democrat offices because of voter fraud, the Qatar-Turkey Pipeline, the disappearing children every time a country has a disaster the Democrats are right there to “help,” the Priests of the Catholic church hearing “confessions” and relaying the information to whoever covers up their own sins.

What a mess these people are. And now, their House of Cards is falling down and it will be a great day when the full extent of this evil is extinguished.

Pay attention people – there are going to be major happenings all over the country and on the back channels, they are saying Yemen nationalists who are really CIA operatives gone rogue are about to strike somewhere in the United States. Get ready – it’s coming.

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