The headquarters of MedCure, one of the nation's largest body brokers is shown outside Portland, OregonLaw enforcement is hot and heavy on the trail of Democrat crooks. Just today we’ve had more sealed indictments bringing the count up to about 100 now. Not only that, the FBI raided a cadaver clinic according to the news out of Oregon.

MedCure in Portland, Oregon is a cadaver clinic and distributes human bodies supposedly for science – however, the FBI says they’re concerned about where those bodies have been going and how they’ve been used. These types of clinics are supposed to be keeping thorough records of every transaction and create a paper trail. We’re going to find out more about this in the coming weeks.

And on the back channels Q Clearance is using more clandestine language, connecting the dots between the cadaver clinic raid and the indictments being handed down. It’s a round up of high powered Democrats, liberals and celebrities who have been participating in the Spirit Cooking rituals and the DC pedo ring we were talking about yesterday and which was discovered from the Podesta Emails released by Wikileaks during 2016.

And if you haven’t heard, Comet Ping Pong, the pizza place in DC owned by James Alefantis, the ex boyfriend of David Brock, founder of liberal propaganda machine Media Matters and other fake news media outlets who heavily supports Hillary Clinton, is under investigation by the DC cops.

We’ve been saying this pizza place is the center of the DC child sex trafficking ring for over 2 years and if you haven’t heard the interview with the hacker, I’ve got a link below you can listen to.

This hacker confirms the report I did about Pizzagate and the child pornography which was on Comet Ping Pong’s website. I saw the hidden files myself but by the time we were trying to investigate this further and preserve the evidence, Alefantis had dismantled the files and shortly after that, staged the rigged shooting conveniently took down Alefantis’ computer.

What we’re learning from this back channel source is Mueller’s investigation has never been about the Russian Collusion. He’s been working feverishly to gather evidence against this crime syndicate of the Democrats headed by Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Crime Family.

Now, I’m fully aware there are some Republicans hooked up in all of this corruption so before you start making idiotic comments that I’m biased, I have never met a Democrat who wasn’t corrupt or a total moron but I have met Republicans who are sincere in trying to right wrongs and expose corruption regardless of the party. There are no Democrats in the world who can take you from zero knowledge of their position to a full understanding. It can’t be done. When pressed, they just start making personal attacks.

And then we’ve got the incident in Brentwood Tennessee where law enforcement took down a sex trafficking ring. This just happened today! These were rich people. They could have anything they want and they were hooked up in this.

Folks this stuff is happening all over the United States and it’s all linking right back to the DC pedophile ring.

The major take down of the Democrats is proving President Trump is brilliant. Not only did he make a deal with Robert Mueller, who is the Special Prosecutor in the supposed Russian Collusion case,

between President Trump and Mueller, I believe Mueller has been given some sort of immunity on the Uranium One deal in order to throw the Democrats off the trail of this huge take down that has nothing to do with Russian Collusion. It’s always been about Draining the Swamp and this little play that’s been put on for the Democrats and main stream media is a brilliant way to throw these career crooks into a frenzy. I’m actually having a lot of fun watching the take downs. Finally, victims will receive their justice as we watch the dominoes fall, one by one.

By the way, it’s not against the law for Mueller to be investigating this huge crime ring and pretend he’s on the trail of some imaginary Russian collusion. We know there’s never been any Russian collusion between The Trump Campaign and the Russians.

All fingers and evidence point to the Democrats on that end, but that’s nothing compared to the rest of the corruption going on in the Clinton’s camp.

What is going on here is a major round up of corrupt Democrats and their associates. This mass indictment dump is to get these people to start talking. This is serious folks. People are going to be killed here. Evidence is going to disappear if the Democrats have anything to do with it.

The Clinton body count is going to rise. Here’s the difference we’re seeing right now. President Trump knows these guys are underhanded crooks and in order to catch a crook, you have to use a crook. I’m in favor of Mueller investigating all of these people.

He’s the key here. He knows the depth of what’s going on. When the Democrats saw Mueller was going to be the Special Prosecutor, they just relaxed and kept pushing their same agenda of destruction.

Donna Brazille is very in tune with what’s going on and knew her time was limited and instead of going down with the rest of her crooked croonies, she decided to write a tell all book about the deception and deviance of the Democrats.

These things aren’t by accident folks. There’s so much crime in the government and so much deception, what you thought you knew about these people is not true.

The reason the crime is so diverse is because people have different vices. Whatever the vice is, whatever is going to get you involved in criminal activity, the Democrats will provide for you. They’ll also take pictures, gather evidence and use it as collateral against you. That’s how this stuff works. This isn’t the Truman Show – this is reality people.

We don’t live in Leave It To Beaver Land and have Andy Griffith as our sheriff. This is hard ball. Politics is a dirty game. It’s always been a dirty game and Comet Ping Pong, the DC Pedophile Pushers, drug trafficking, money laundering, prostitution, murder, it’s all part of the political game played by the upper echelon of the political elite.

You can not work in Washington DC and be in politics whether you’re a politician, a reporter or someone working at one of the offices as a close adviser without knowing what’s really going on. There are many people in DC right now working for people they despise because they have no choice.

Jason Chavatz got out of the swamp because his family was threatened. He wasn’t going to put his children at risk. He knows what’s going on and wasn’t willing to pay the price which could cost someone in his family their life. It was a good decision but he’s not going to go into details since high powers know where he lives.

All of this crime is linked to the Clintons. Ever corner links back to the Clintons. Whether it’s rigging an election, the child sex trafficking, money laundering, murder, disappearing evidence like 33 thousand emails. All of this has a continual link which leads right back to Hillary Clinton.

The Saudi’s, Uranium One, Benghazi, Comet Ping Pong, Anthony Weiner, John Podesta, Tony Podesta, David Brock, the take down of Bernie Sanders, raids of Democrat offices because of voter fraud, the Qatar-Turkey Pipeline, the disappearing children every time a country has a disaster the Democrats are right there to “help,” the Priests of the Catholic church hearing “confessions” and relaying the information to whoever covers up their own sins.

What a mess these people are. And now, their House of Cards is falling down and it will be a great day when the full extent of this evil is extinguished.

Pay attention people – there are going to be major happenings all over the country and on the back channels, they are saying Yemen nationalists who are really CIA operatives gone rogue are about to strike somewhere in the United States. Get ready – it’s coming.

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Cathy Jo Corso-Plank · November 11, 2017 at 7:23 pm

I agree with a lot of what you’ve said here, but just as there are good, decent Republicans there are also good, decent Democrats (I am registered Independent). That’s just being realistic.
I don’t believe in trashing an entire group of people just because of a few despicable ones.
The Clintons and the Bushs are neither; they are their own party out for themselves and have committed more crimes between them than can be measured.
It was a real shame to see Jason Chavetz go, though I fully understand; he needs to do what is right for his family. He did a LOT of good work. Thank goodness Trey Gowdy is still around; I’m hoping to see some Justice from him when the Dominoes fall and entrap the Clintons.

    April LaJune · November 11, 2017 at 7:32 pm

    That is a ridiculous statement. You’re telling me that you can be part of a crooked party like Democrats, founded on slavery and oppression, still pushing crime today and oppressing minorities minute by minute and you can’t see a problem here? That’s like saying,”I know a lot of Satanists who haven’t murdered anyone and are good guys.” What the hell? You can pretend to be good when the entire premise of the group you are trying to pretend is good is actually evil. It’s time to wake up and stop coddling this kind of BS!

MEL · November 24, 2017 at 3:20 pm

April LaJune …. if everything you are saying is true … God Bless America …. it’s too bad local law enforcement wasn’t in the loop and listening to families …. not only would homicides been called correctly (for what they are – a homicide, not natural cause or a suicide) and had they looked for a motive … they could have taken down this serpent years and years ago. How or why someone became a “target” is still not known. I imagine some were so dense they targeted and killed their own party members presuming they were Republicans (white/wealthy). Random. Being the crimes aren’t being solved … it’s difficult to say for sure what the motives were (they attack with such viciousness with so many crimes at once … I’d imagine to cause confusion with no clear trail to anywhere to escape being caught or prosecuted … police give up or don’t even try.)

You’ve name some major areas and places …. thus, I know whom ever is FINALLY on the right trail to something.

P.S. Cathy Jo said SHE is a registered Independent … thus, your comments are some what harsh … you can’t be blind and say a ‘party’ or someone REGISTERED under a particular party is “the” problem. I registered in a shopping mall at 18 while in high school … I’d never heard of the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. (I guess schools didn’t get into that level of conversation.) All I knew was that our country was based on a Democracy.

True … it’s possible that most of this will lead back to the DNC party. Never before have we seen what is going on like we have in the past 10 years. (That is more than obvious from what everyone can see and what others know personally not known by those now in charge.) But, for areas that are majorly corrupt going on no less than 25 years (involving sex crime cover ups … adult and children … some related to Freemasons … and NOT being raped by Freemasons … nor protected by anyone) …. and the leaders in the community are both Republicans and Democrats … and there is reason to suspect ONE or BOTH could be involved … or related to something … then what?

What’s worse is when you can tell someone has been “tapped’ and being “groomed” to rise up to the top pretty soon … (Maybe even the WH … and gross sexual misconduct has suddenly become buried for ~ 25 years; about the time they showed up into town) …. should it be ignored simply b/c they aren’t Democrat?

We ALL know SOMETHING is out there … you and I know Democrats are heavily involved … but, I (we) can’t rule out some Republicans. Nor, do we know if they will be looked at, protected … or held accountable if involved. (No wonder people believe he had ‘mafia or gang’ connections … and wonder where his money came from?) But, he could also simply be “clueless” and innocent – wrong place/wrong time.

Sex crimes rose in the early 1990’s … thus, there may be no purposeful connection. Or, ‘someone’ keeps covering up sex crimes (and destroying victims, witnesses and the uninvolved) … to advance his career to DC?

It’s difficult to tell all the players in the Haliegh Cummings case. And, even more difficult considering someone may have tried to plant evidence and know one was EVER arrested/charged for passing around the nude raped photo of a KNOWN missing child. Much less if the child went “missing” for child custody reasons (photos were already about in the CFS department – thus probably POLICE dept.) or to throw off the Caley Anthony case?! How sick are these people? When were photo(s) taken? Before and after the child went missing or only before? And, is the child alive?

Is Casey right … did her dad kill Caley? (Why does the grandmother now believe Casey had a “seizure” and can’t remember – that doesn’t account for what/where Caley went to; much less found how the father buried family pets.) Ever wonder how Casey learned how to be a liar?

How does FLORIDA have so many sex crimes …. so many missing children … and yet NOT on the list? Sex crimes – rapes are constantly looked over … not investigated …. why are law enforcement not trained properly …. or scared to death to do their job professionally?

Someone needs to clean up all of these sex crimes …. PERIOD …

In one case a newly single parent moved back to their (Florida) home town … became a victim of a violent rape by a prominent person in the community …. terrified of what to do (one, who could imagine someone that educated would commit such and an act and second due to BOTH of their professions only made it more complicated to report). Eventually the victim did. (Nothing was ever done. The victim was ostracized.)

Soon after the victim’s own child went “missing” from elementary school for over a month …. day care swore the child got on the bus to be taken to school … the school had no record of the child ever arriving? (Almost every day for a 9 week period … noted on report card via attendance records.) The principal never investigated … probably to protect his career. The teacher never reported the absences and or late arrivals to the school’s office or the parent. (No one considered … the bus driver day care employee … elementary school janitor.) Swept under the rug … report card records changed … no questions asked. Thus, the (original) victim ignored and abused again. Coincidence or Warning?

(*Eventually, the teacher was demoted and day care was torn down for no apparent reason. Large chain/nice neighborhood.)

Flash forward (~19 years) … the original victim decides to write a book exposing the crimes and rape culture of the town … exposing people not by their real names or necessarily the real name of the town (to protect the identity of the victims) …. halted by a bizarre family death in said town of not the author but a family member that goes by the same name. No matter the amount of bizarre events that surrounded that death (before, during and after) …. AGAIN refuse to investigate … not only the death itself … but, all crimes before/after related to. Even a neighbor saw a person standing at the victims home the day before (called 911 – believe they may even know who the person was). Police won’t even interview, question or investigate … not even to protect the family … (past victims) who have to now settle the estate.

But, with all the violent crimes be committed under the Obama administration …. (especially in this town) who’s to say what happened and why? And, with NSA being involved (allegedly) who’s to say …. does that point back at the Dems … for an entirely different reason? Could simply looking up (googling/texting/discussing with their family members) possible publishers’ names send some psycho into a panic? If an author only wants to write one book but, have it reach millions of people to change the hearts/minds/souls on rape and rape culture might the publisher of To Kill A Mockingbird be a good choice? One and Done. [Note: The author Harper Lee may/may not be related to Robert E. Lee]

I mean it’s possible FLORIDA is being “looked at” … but, it was surprising to see that 8 indictments were only for Miami? And, none in the capital city. But, then again the FBI is still investigating. But, that could be correct? As most of us are not on the criminal side …. only the victim side in these gross atrocities.

P.S. The known female victim(s) in this 25 year long crime spree were upstanding Democrats (and please not past tense) who never caused anyone harm, not raised to be racist and the original known victim was the grandchild of a Freemason. Who was an upstanding person as well. No sexual exploitation of anyone. Not known if the Freemason adult was Democrat or Republican as he passed away almost 45 years ago. Ironically, the grandchild grew up to become a nurse. Not because of Freemasons or Shriners. They never understood that Shriners had any connection to hospitals at all until a professor mentioned something to that affect after 9/11. (And, barely understood the gest of the comment based on all the chaos the country was under.) But, the well “respected” physician/rapist was thought to have a drug habit; thus who knows what contacts he may have had. But, he died crazy, broke and without his medical license to practice. As he should. Poetic Justice.

There are or may be things still going on that we don’t yet fully understand. Starting with the sex perverts and MS-13 & CIA (ISIS) is a good start.

The organization was previously known as Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (A.A.O.N.M.S.) or Shriners North America. The name was changed in 2010 across North America, Central America, South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.
Shriners – Wikipedia

Did this have anything to do with the sudden climb in Racial disparity and separatism and Black Supremacy extremism?

Because currently only the other Freemasons are under investigation …. for their sexual perversion. As they should be? But, let’s not forget the Dallas, Texas BLM protests that was the largest law enforcement mass shooting in US history and how Obama and Hillary blamed officers and the white population in general …. not brutality ON officers (by anti- police and anti- white hate groups). And, you won’t understand that unless you know Tracy Martin was also a Freemason … Trayvon Martin’s dad. Who had connections all the way up to DC after his son’s death. Could they have harmlessly killed police officers in Dallas, Texas by not knowing what their false rhetoric would cause to happen? IDK

But, we do know dark skinned; Freemason looking individuals who were prejudiced/racist were talking about ambush police shootings in 2011?
But, Obama and Hillary said we were all “fine” … and called Republicans racist for not believing that to be true. Lied to nothing was happening.

IDK … I’ve been too busy trying to solve a death (followed by a mountain of financial crimes coming out of a very suspect town) going on 6 years. And, can’t get police to become involved in ANYTHING that’s going on … keep losing documentation, file 13 or what ever they do.

Thank God for SUV, The Closer, Monk and now Bosch … people don’t ask for these jobs but, realize if no one else will … at times one has to help themselves. But, glad to see that the Trump Administration is starting to lighten the load of many American families …. whom ever shakes in their boots.

No telling how deep and wide corruption is …. nor, to which the degree they have ALL been operating under.

The sex crimes are real, Dallas, Texas was no accident … and everything has exploded after Vegas … and witnesses/victims are NOT fools.

And, if the media, the SWAT team and the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) could pull off that STUNT for live TV what else might they do?

Trayvon’s death (or character) has snowballed into a mountain of unrelenting crimes being committed … but, it was already happening as well. The ambush murderous police shootings were PLANNED while Obama was in office but, way BEFORE Trayvon Martin died who died in 2012. BLM (Black Lives Matter) formed in the summer of 2013. The Dallas, Texas shootings and many others didn’t happen until 2016. (Could be why so many assumed George Zimmerman was guilty without looking at any evidence what so ever … because of who Trayvon Martin was … Tracy Martin’s son – a Freemason. No it was only a coincidence. And, no known reason why his son had been wanting a gun for a really long time – even BEFORE he moved to go live with his father; so, we can’t presume he was a black supremacy extremist. Possible he only wanted to become a part of the street life. But, we know he was willing to beat someone within an inch of their life for no other reason than to one-not get caught breaking into homes/or just being at his father’s girlfriend’s home uninvited … or two, he possibly saw/wanted the gun after the fact?)

But, other black nationalists and supremacists …. have certainly …. gone out of their way … not to be apologetic to Zimmerman in any way. Of course not … that group lives by the false philosophy that …. “The White Man is The Devil”. Thus, possible some will never understand self defense and being in fear for one’s life. Apparently white privilege must also come with some invisible shield or something. No wonder Zimmerman didn’t make it out unharmed … huh? (eye roll)

April LaJune there have been many evils going on …. not party/race specific. Just pray they get enough of them to make most call it quits. And, weed out infiltrators not in it for the sovereignty of this nation but, their on personal narrative and agenda to destroy this great nation.

And, the sexually deviant fell for it … hook line and sinker. Now, look what they are all caught up in. I’m not sorry for them. They all knew what they were doing and agreeing to when involved. But, putting the focus on the child sex ring/trafficking is the logical way to go to avoid a war.

No one in their right mind … should ever be okay … with THAT … and MS-13 and CIA/ISIS needs to be cleaned up as well. A LOT was going on if truth be told. It’s absolutely disgusting if rumors are true that NSA and FBI and CIA were all involved as well as politicians. No wonder local law enforcement have been unable (or not allowed) to conduct proper investigations. They’ve probably been stopped at every turn.

And, we may never know how many suspicious deaths were what others refer to as “suicided” or “natural caused” … to cover up a homicide!?

We may be surprised to find out …. whose body counts deaths really belong to … and those that carry them out might not be fully aware. A pyramid with many tentacles. But, if we can get people to quit hiding secrets quit putting themselves in positions to be blackmailed .. then maybe they can stop ordering the innocent to be killed (or raped or what ever)?

April LaJune you are more correct than most … keep doing what you do. And, Thank You.

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