Suing a gun manufacturer for the act of a criminal is just ludicrous and if this case is won by the families of the Sandy Hook School mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, we can expect a windfall of lawsuits to hit the courts.

Logically this is a stupid argument because guns don’t commit crimes, people do. Therefore under the logic of this stupid lawsuit you’d have to ban cellphones because they are used by terrorists to detonate bombs. You’ll have to get rid of plastic toothbrushes in prison because they can be used as shanks. Might as well thrown in kitchen knives too because those have been used in numerous murders.

So Johnson & Johnson better keep a close eye on this lawsuit and so should Apple, Nokia, AT&T, Calphlon, and pretty much any car manufacturer because in the eyes of the law, if this suit is lost – you’re going to be owing a lot of people a lot of money.

The Feds decided to move the case to state court much to the delight of the attorney’s representing the Sandy Hook families who said now they can get a sympathetic jury who will be swayed in their favor. Hmm. Sounds like a Baltimore issue just like the cops getting railroaded in the Freddie Gray “I’m a complete moron” case.

Hillary Clinton has even advocated for gun manufacturers to be sued. Well Hillary – what will your armed guards be equipped with now? Slingshots? How about Airsoft Marshmallow Guns so the criminals just get distracted and not hurt. In Hillary’s world, all the money goes to her, she is the Queen of the Kingdom, criminals just need a hug and all the peasants live only to server her needs. Oh, and Benghazi never happened.

The Second Amendment is in the Constitution and second for a reason. It’s so important to the function of our country and the rights of our citizens it’s placed in this position. This guarantees government will not outweigh the people’s rights. We’re about ready to go down the tubes here and if people don’t step up and get these loudmouthed Democrats out of office we’re doomed.

When people fear the government there is tyranny, when government fears the people there is liberty. – Thomas Jefferson

Seriously folks? This is why we need judges on the bench with not only common sense but also a real grasp of the Constitution of the United States. This is what made Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia so important to the judicial system. He understood the Constitution and the laws which govern it.

At this point it appears as if we’re just making it up as we go along and criminals are getting the benefit of the doubt with “rehab” and “Sanctuary Cities” covering their lethal and criminal behavior. We’ve even got the “Affluenza Teen” who killed four people, got a slap on the wrist, couldn’t handle mere probation, ran and is now going to serve 120 days in jail. Boo hoo. They should be glad liberals are in charge because if Conservatives were in charge – this stupidity would cease to exist.

However in the world of tolerance, no one is responsible for their crimes anymore. We have a “mental” disease for everything. Disease we’re calling it now. You just can’t be an alcoholic because you drink too much and have no self discipline. Gambling is a “disease” now too because God forbid you just can’t stop yourself. We’re phobic and chronic and psycho and schizo. Great – no wonder we’ve got a bunch of liberals falling off the deep end to the left wondering why there was no one there to catch them while they start feeling the flames of hell.

So here we are today. Suing the manufacturer of an inanimate object which can’t function without the assistance of a person behind the trigger. What?

Are we going to sue farmers if we die from an allergic reaction from eating too much corn? Are we becoming an insane society?

Wow – if we don’t turn around soon we’re all going to have to wear helmets as soon as we get out of bed and while we’re at it, all beds are going to have to add bed rails to the sides so no one hits the floor on the way out. And we might just add a little bit of padding to that floor otherwise we might have to sue the manufacturer of that wooden floor because it’s too hard and we bumped our stupid heads.

It will never end if we keep going on this path. Hopefully, the court will have some sense in their heads and dismiss this case against a legitimate gun manufacture and concentrate on more valid criminals like Hillary and her treachery to the United States of America.


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