Meme_Liberal_StupidWatching the daily circus AKA the Democratic Party is delightful! President Donald Trump has once again caused liberals to show their true colors which is yellow. Not only are they cowards, they’re constant harping on “the Russians did it” scenario is not only tiring, it’s become comical.

The firing of James Comey as FBI Director was a big blow to the whiny liberals who have been calling for his resignation since he began exposing Hillary Clinton’s crimes in detail at a very controversial press conference last year. Frankly, I thought the firing was one of the best decisions made by President Trump in his first 109 days in office. If he’d done it earlier, liberals panties would have still been in a wad but after Monday’s testimony by Sally Yates, former Assistant Attorney General and James Clapper, former National Intelligence Director, saying, “there’s no Russian collusion” between Trump’s campaign and the previously mentioned country, there was no more reason to wait.

Proof Democrats are out of their minds and will resist anything and everything President Trump does is their quick bait and switch rhetoric after Clinton said last week, she blames Comey for her huge landslide loss of the Presidency on the former FBI Director. Getting what they want still doesn’t make a difference to the leadership of the Toddler Nation of Brats and Cupcakes. My question to those who voted for these pathetic losers to represent them in their districts, are you still going to vote for these poor excuses for legislators?

comeyJust exactly what does this “opposition” represent? They represent pink V-hats, scantily clad gays, whining college kids used to getting their way and a lawless society like Antifa hellbent on shooting themselves in their own heads. Apparently, they think America was founded on the principle, anything goes and Chaos is King.

I’m listening right now to more “Russians” rhetoric by another Democrat, Sen. Wyden of Oregon, hound various people testifying at the FBI hearing. I’d like to know if these Democrats lay awake at night making up stories, theories and conspiracies just so they have something distracting and stupid for their next sensationalized TV appearance. I think that’s a fair question.

As to how Comey was fired, I think it was a brilliant move on President Trump’s part. Not only was he swift, he also blindsided the entire FBI bureau, every liberal and pretending Republican, he also ensured every file, document, audio, video and anything else in Comey’s grasp, was preserved.

Donald Trump 51Acting like the CEO we knew President Trump was, he fired Comey exactly like any high powered executive who is an obstinate child should be fired. Whether Comey knew what he was doing or not, this action paves the way for the downfall of corrupt politicians in any party. My guess is right now, Democrats are scrambling to hide any and all evidence of their collusion and corruption before the ax falls on their own necks.

Comey’s firing is just the beginning. President Trump can’t drain the swamp alone. It’s up to each person eligible to vote, to rid our government of self-serving politicians like every sitting Democrat and any Republicans like John McCain, Lindsay Graham and Ben Sasse. We need people in office who will call out the corruption and make decisions based on the people. Lining their pockets with cash is over. It’s time to take back our government.

In the meantime…

I love watching the utter destruction of the evil Democrats. Don’t you?


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