Being a Conservative all my life, just like everyone else except those who are running the puppet show, I thought the Republican Party reflected this ideology. Now, I’m finding out they’re so far left, they’ve resorted to Communist propaganda and created a dictatorship over their members.

Passing around the rhetoric ball, Reince Priebus, Karl Rove, Laura Ingraham and Rush Limbaugh have been some of the loudest in telling Coloradans and the American people, “the rules have been in place since August” and your vote doesn’t count and never did. It’s about the delegates.

“The rules” are in reference to the RNC’s The Rules of the Republican National Committee which is posted on my site for everyone to download and read if you like.

Acting as if it’s hilarious with their pompous attitudes, these four in particular, put smug smiles on their faces as they discuss the stupidity of the American people and Donald Trump’s campaign also saying, “the rules are fair.”

Since I’m very aware Donald Trump is extremely smart, I have every confidence he knows exactly what the rules are, knew we’d get to this point where Colorado would be in the forefront of a voter corruption scandal, and he let it fly so he can call them out on it now. Remember, you can’t call the GOP out if they haven’t fallen in the hole yet. Also, people won’t listen so until they experience something and bump their heads, you can’t get through to them. Look at 9-11 for God’s sake.

That being said, Colorado voters have tried since August to get the state GOP leaders including the Chair, Steve House to take a phone call, return a phone call, read and respond to an email, letter, anything, to voice our opinions on this matter. All of this was to no avail.

So we have commentary all day long about how the Republican rules are so fair and reflect conservative ideas and that’s the way the game is played. Coloradans shouldn’t be whining and neither should anyone else whose vote will be taken – i.e. Wyoming and Nebraska.

In Wisconsin during the primary there, we could see the blatant propaganda used by anti-Trump camps on the GOP and Democrat side who wanted to utterly destroy the front runner in the GOP race. They spent millions of dollars and a couple of weeks letting the propaganda fly. I totally resent this ridiculousness. Where was Ted Cruz on this?

Oh yes, Ted was part of the problem promptly denying his gal pal, Carly Fiorina’s attack on Trump’s wife, Melania, with a shrug and a “I don’t respond in kind” then double talking himself with more lies confusing voters on the truth. If you’re actually following this stuff, it’s easy to spot a lie.

As far as I have always known, Conservatives have stood up for the Constitution, honesty, trust, morality, ethics, family and treating others with kindness if possible, defying our enemies, protecting ourselves against evil while denouncing oppression.

We promote equality of all men regardless of their ethnicity and believe everyone should have a chance at life, liberty and happiness. We also believe in obeying the laws of the land and enforcing them. That’s pretty much what Conservatives do in a nutshell. These principles we live by are based on the Christian Bible. It’s not rocket science, just common sense.

communist americaSo I ask again, where is Ted Cruz? What does the Republican Party stand for? Neither one of the previous are abiding by this type of Conservative philosophy.

Ted Cruz has been lying so much it’s become a joke of a compilation on YouTube to see how many lies he’ll say and how long the video can be. Everyday Pinocchio’s nose seems shorter while Ted’s grows a foot a speech. Lying isn’t a Conservative philosophy.

Then we see Cruz adamantly and constantly talking about how the Constitution is so important while denouncing Trump and his supporters in Chicago when thugs and criminals from Black Lives Matter and other Nazi-like groups threatened and violently assaulted people wanting to attend the rally.

Cruz of all people, should have stood up against this type of tyranny and oppression which is clearly against the Constitutional rights of Trump and people like me. I thought the GOP would come out and say something in support of the voters.

Instead, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Priebus decided they would take the opportunity to bash all of us. Cruz jumped on that bandwagon also. That’s not a Conservative position. We don’t just pick and choose when the Constitution is upheld. It’s upheld all the time. These guys failed again.

Then in Wisconsin, there was a cooperative group effort of media and politicians including television, talk radio, mailers, etc., which modeled Communist Red China and Cuba with a bombardment of negative ads and commentary all day long to sway voters. It appears to have worked, but the polls online certainly didn’t match those being propagandized by the media.

dems repsThat being said, to me, this proved quite successful to give the votes to Cruz. Alt
hough, Teddy doesn’t seem to have a problem with cheating, I wouldn’t be feeling so awesome about a manipulated win. Advertising is one thing. Propaganda is another.

I don’t appreciate that at all, but of course the GOP doesn’t seem to care about being compared to a Communist/Fascist government as long as they win. These tactics aren’t American Conservative ideas. True Conservatives like to lay out the rules and play within them so people can have a fair chance at making up their minds and running for office. True Conservatives don’t change the rules at whim.

Later, Colorado voters were feverishly trying to get our vote back and along comes the caucus which was itself, conducted against the rules, violating all kinds of laws.

This entire debacle lead up to a bunch of fraud and corruption taking all the Trump delegates and placing them in the back of the stack at the Congressional District meetings. They also mysteriously began losing Trump delegate’s registrations and name info,  blatantly denying them the right to vote at the State Convention.

truth lies 1Conservatives don’t like backroom deals and underhanded tactics manipulating votes. That’s not a win, that’s cheating and that’s not what true Christian Conservatives ever do.

Cruz just loved it! He knew the people of Colorado don’t matter. They never did matter to him. They still don’t matter to him. He didn’t come to Colorado to speak to the people. He came to speak to the delegates and sprinkle a little glitter to clinch what he already knew.

Instead of denouncing the dirty GOP taking away the voice and vote of the people, Cruz just laughed and mocked the American people and Trump acting like he had 65,ooo votes in Colorado when in fact, not one candidate had a vote. We were denied the right to vote. Again, of all people, Cruz should have been on the “we the people” bandwagon. He wasn’t there.

And now that the cat’s out of the bag,  the entire voting public is beginning to see the real fact the GOP is made up of elitists with pompous attitudes telling us “the rules are fair” and they’ve been there forever.

In truth, they would be correct. The rules allowing the changing of the rules whenever they want to and continuously favoring their friends and cronies have been there pretty much as long as I can see. These elitists are just hoping we won’t revolt and are stuck in a rut like those people who say, “I’ve been a Democrat all my life, no need to change now.” That’s a stupid statement and shows a real lack of common sense.

But here’s the reality! True Conservatives aren’t going to write up rules that can be changed after a game is played to manipulate the voting public into an endless cycle of run-around games favoring a rigged Presidential candidate ensuring the power of the people is usurped.

That’s not Conservative. These tactics are actually a dictatorship and the puppet masters in the Republican Party are just allowing the people to vote as a courtesy. Yes, I said allowing. Under their rules, they don’t even have to do that much.

unfair-rules-06-18-13Their rules are written so if they want to amend the rules at any time, they can first, make up a rule, put it into the Rules Committee Magic 8 Ball and see if they like it. If they do, it’s approved. If they don’t, you’re denied.

Then, if any of these rules need to be changed and are past the deadline, they can usurp a disastrous outcome which would hand the power to the people, give themselves a waiver and instate some new rules, last minute, as long it’s for the “good of the party.” This is literally what the rules say.

Say what? Yup – that’s not Conservative either. It’s a manipulative system designed to squash the people’s voice, get rid of any resolutions the people might bring which would change the rules in the favor of the people and shift the balance of power.

Trust me. You’re never going to see the GOP give the power to the people. Usually, in the United States of America people aren’t so blatantly corrupt showing their hand. But hey, the Democrats do it all the time and they still have people lining up to drink the Kool-Aid.

Liberals are following so closely behind Hillary Clinton, she could literally take a dump in the middle of Times Square and tell them it’s dinner and they’d go get a fork. That’s stupid.

cropped-criminals1The only thing that could possibly happen this year to thwart the death of the GOP is if the establishment butt-lickers allow the people to win and nominate Trump as the Presidential candidate. And again, I say allow. They’re trying to call our bluff right now, using scare tactics against us as if we care anymore.

We’ve had seven years of a bumbling terrorist sympathizer in the White House which included Hillary Clinton, the Benghazi Butcher. We’ve got two candidates on the Republican side who are establishment ass kissers . On the Democrats side we’ve got a liar and a moron. Do they really think we can’t handle this? We’re fine with walking from a party of disloyal dictators in the GOP.

And there’s only one guy running on the American ticket spanning across the diverse voters and actually running on the Republican ticket. He’s the only real Conservative and that’s Trump.

He believes in America first. He believes in fair practices benefiting all. He believes in majority rule. He believes in making money. He believes in beneficial trade deals. He believes in working hard. He believes in family. He believes in strong military. He believes we should be taking care of our veterans and elderly and those who are less fortunate.

He also believes we have the right to worship freely as we please even if it’s at a mosque. He believes in legal immigration. He believes in equal opportunities for blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians, whoever.

restrictionsYes, we have national security at stake with ISIS and the Muslim community and that’s not rocket science either. They’ve stated from their own lips their intentions so it’s not like it’s a secret they want to kill us. We can’t be idiots.

And do you really think the government doesn’t watch the KKK and the Nazi Party in America? Please! You can’t be stupid unless you’re in the Obama Administration and pressing your lips firmly to the brown eye.

But, Trump also believes we should be educated and protect ourselves against our enemies. Nothing wrong with that. These are Conservative values.

He also believes the Founding Fathers founded the country on the Bible and Christian values which don’t include transgender idiots, gay marriage, abortion or lying – did you get that note Lyin’ Ted?

caution-evil-conservativeIt doesn’t mean we’re going to string up stupid people or those who are completely off their rocker promoting this type of behavior. People have the right to be wrong. They just don’t have the right to push it off on me or force me to be quiet against evil. The First Amendment didn’t specify only liberals can talk.

We play fair. We tell the truth and we uphold the Constitution of the United States.  So does Donald Trump all the time.

So which are you you? Conservative or Republican?

I’m Conservative!


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