Putin_did_itEveryday, mainstream media bombards the public with “The Russians did it” regarding the hacking revealed by Wikileaks in the Podesta emails, DNC emails, Clinton emails and the Global Intelligence Files. This is in direct contrast to what they know, what the pubic knows and the evidence which supports a variety of hackers who are not Russian but in fact American, Romanian and German-Finn. As I’m seeing it, these guys aren’t Russian, they say they’re not Russian and they’ve admitted with evidence, they’re the hackers.

In fact, Marcel Lazăr Lehel aka Guccifer (the original) is Romanian and was the person who is now in prison, sentenced to 52 months for hacking Sidney Bloomenthal’s emails revealing Hillary Clinton’s private server. Without the first hack from a Romanian guy, we wouldn’t have known about Clinton’s illegal private server.

John Podesta’s emails were hacked through a phishing scheme which is pretty easy to do and by now, most people who have working brain cells would know, you don’t click on these links. It wasn’t rocket science for that hacker to get into a Gmail account. This is typically a Nigerian scam, not Russian. This revealed the passwords to the DNC emails because he had them stored in his account. And again, the claim to this is from an unknown source and there’s no evidence it was a Russian hacker in this instance either.

guccifer-2.0-clinton-docs-575x383Then we turn to the Clinton Foundation emails. Those were hacked by Guccifer 2.0 who is a Czech. Again, not a Russian.

And let’s take a look at Julian Assange. He’s Australian and also said he didn’t get any of his information from Russia. He did say he got some information from Seth Rich, an American, who is now dead.

In the great big world of hacking, Russians aren’t even in the top ten on the list. The United States and China are the biggest hackers with Microsoft leading the way in hack attacks. They aren’t Russian either.

Next on the list are Ukraine, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Netherlands, Vietnam, France and Mexico. Hmm. Doesn’t look like Russians to me. Does it to you?

liberalargumentDemocrats are deflecting from the real problem which is their total party corruption with a crook for a candidate trying to dupe the American people, lie, steal and cheat, murder and hack to win an election which was not altered, rather controlled by hackers for a fair election.

How’d they do it?

Hackers first gave us the information on the corruption of the Democrats starting at the top with revealing Hillary’s crimes. <— Romania.

Then hackers gave Wikileaks’ Assange Podesta’s emails which showed us even more corruption and collusion by the Democrats with main stream media. <— unknown hackers most likely from Czech Republic in cahoots with Guccifer (Romania.) Why? Because Clinton was such a lying piece of crap she pissed off the hackers globally who can’t stand her. Had nothing to do with any “government” as Democrats want us to think. It’s because these hackers can’t stand lying politicians who keep getting away with crimes against the common man.

naziI don’t have to have government motivation to write about Clinton’s crimes or the filthy, disgusting habits of pedophile Democrats. I can do this all by myself without “government” influence. It’s my writing, my information and my work that gathers these reports.

Now we add on top of Clinton’s crimes and Podesta’s slimes, the DNC emails which revealed even more pathetic collusion between the media, Democrats and foreign governments.

And what’s even more annoying than anything else is the whining the Democrats are doing isn’t about the American people finding out the truth about Clinton and the attempts by the liberals to rig our election, plans to physically harm citizens who don’t agree with them and blame Trump supporters. They don’t care that we found out the truth through a variety of hackers from various countries.

libfitNo. They’re hyper mad because we used the information we had which was the truth to vote against them and influenced over 65M people with reality. Democrats can’t understand how we could possibly not be influenced by celebrity razzmatazz and little songs and dances about how we’re racist, sexist, homophobic and Islamaphobic.

Then came election day and hackers took down the machines so voters were forced to use paper ballots. Democrats don’t get this either. How could the machines they so carefully installed rigged software on possibly go down and become unusable?

Because hackers had the backs of the voters and they weren’t Russian. Nope, they were Czech, German-Finn and Romanian among others. They didn’t alter the vote in anyway. Voters cast their ballots on paper and Democrats couldn’t manipulate those ballots this time because we were watching constantly. Hackers just helped us make sure our votes counted for real this time.

Democrats have no clue why their constant bullying, harassment, losing our jobs, landlords throwing us out, vandalizing our property and physical threats of death from liberals didn’t work and we voted our own way.

5Now we’ve got “electors” who want to alter the democracy of our country by voting against the people in their state. You know what’s going to happen in this case? You want to see a civil war? That’s where we are. These electors want to hijack the vote of the American people because they think they’ll send the choice to the House.

You know what the House will do? They’ll vote the way the American people told them to or they will be looking at our boot in their asses as we kick them out of office and take back our country county by county, district by district, state by state. It will be ours and we the people elected Donald Trump as our President.

Under normal circumstances, they might have actually intimidated voters into total destruction of our country. Fortunately, we had several things going for us including Barack Obama’s 8 years of failure, liberals taking everything American out of schools, society and the continual annoyance of living daily wondering which liberal is going to sue us for what because they don’t like what we said, did or how we live our life.

We’re tired of them ruining our society – the one it took 200 years to build and Obama 8 years to destroy.

Christians are rising up and we’re going to start saying “Merry Christmas” no matter what Atheist is offended. We’re going to put out our crosses out and use our Bibles in college because that’s who we are. We’re also going to stop tolerating all kinds of crap just because liberals tell us we’re racist, sexist, bigoted, misogynistic, homophobic and everything else under the sun.

merry-christmas-nativity-nativity-merry-christmasLiberals want to tell us what to say, where to go, who to support and what to do. They want us to rely on government. They want us to work all day long, give our lives to the government, live like the rest of the impoverished nations so we can pretend we like it and say, “We feel your pain.” What?

What the hell did we work for for the last 200 years if it wasn’t to be a free nation and be able to live our lives without dictators like the liberals?

And here’s just a little FYI for those liberals who can’t read. The United States Constitution guarantees us freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion.

I have zero tolerance for liberals anymore. They’ve overstepped their boundaries and half the nation is over it.

Just think of the possibilities of 65M people getting together under the Constitution of our nation against the 62M liberals who want to run and hide under a table, dial 911 and wait for Daddy Government to help them defeat us.

Good luck with that!

And no – the Russians didn’t do it – but I’m grateful for the hackers who told us the truth!





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